TPCP – 11.2

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‘Lucerne, if you see this and get an erection, it proves that you’re a nasty child. Look, if you have a sincere heart, you should never get carried away. If you’re excited, you’ll have another illegitimate child like yourself and you’re a dirty, nasty seed who rebels against your family.’

Lucerne was sick and tired of seeing the priests swap women and having sex. He did not touch Lucerne’s body, but when Lucerne, who was getting to know the castle, reacted a little bit, he whipped him.

Lucerne first erection and ejacultion occured a lot later than others.

“Ha, ha, ha…….’

Lucerne remembered his first moment of rutting. It was the day that the priest who abused him was torn to death by the power of the shadow demons. It was his first day of liberation, he peaked for the first time in front of the cold corpse of the priest.

‘I haven’t had an erection in front of a woman since.’

He wasn’t homosexual as gossiped. However, he had a strange taste that he only got hard after a murder.

‘Why did I react to her?’

He couldn’t understand it at all. At first, he thought it was an illusion, leaving the laundromat behind, she had muddy water on her chest.

Then there was a body….and then Elisha appeared, so he thought it was definitely the excitement of the murder that made him stand up.

But the excitement did not end. He felt a desire that he had never felt before, as he squeezed his penis between Elisha’s tight thighs. He wanted to bite, suck, swallow, and fuck —have her completely. He wanted to fulfill his endless desire.

‘Fuck, I’m think it’s going to stand up again.’

Besides, there were many things that were interesting about her.

‘You brought information about my mother?’

Lucerne was dumbfounded, it was harder to think that she wasn’t a spy. It was like a full package box packed with interest and desire. He found it unbearable to not open it.

‘It’s unpleasant.’

Lucerne hated it. His rational judgment was paralyzed. She was sweet, fascinating and seductive—making him lose his edge. He had swore to himself that he would never be swayed by such sentimental feelings.

So he didn’t even fall for his mother’s story. Lucerne didn’t remember much about his mother. It seems she took care of him with loving and kind devotion.

He used to think of his mother a lot when he was young, but he trained himself to stamp out his feelings until his practice resulted in apathy. It was the end. She was dead and would never come back. That was all.


Born as an illegitimate child of a family that encompasses the world, he had to be rigorous to maintain his position. Curiosity and sexual desire were enough to make him lose his mind, but he did not.

Surely there had to be a reason for his actions. The reason to accept her at the risk of loss.

‘She should be worth using.’

Unfortunately or fortunately, she was worth the use.

He tried to suppress the horribly intriguing charm to appenage.


“I’m done washing. If you want to…….”

Elisha was standing near the bathroom with an embarrassed face. Lucerne doubted his eyes. She was wearing his shirt.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t have anything to wear.”

It was a big deal, he had wanted to see her wet appearance, even before the deal was even made. Lucerne grinned.

“Tell me more about Jacob’s information. What does he know about my mother?”

“I can’t tell you right now.”

“You said you were sure?”

“That’s what I have…Uh, I mean……. I can’t survive today’s disturbance without your protection. If you send me back, I’ll have to deal with Jacob’s anger. I’ll probably die of something terrible.”

Elisha licked her lips in anxiousness to read Lucerne’s blank expression. Lucerne glanced at her. He didn’t know why she was making such a fuss.

“And there’s another reason. I heard that General Lucerne de Kayas is a man who makes clear and cold verdicts. Even if I give you the information now, would you believe it if there’s no evidence? In the future, I want to give you information with conclusive evidence.”

“Are you saying there is no evidence of that now?”

“Yes, I don’t have it now. That’s all I can say.”

“Sounds like a fraud. They sell what they don’t have in their hands, they’re futuristic. It’s abstract, but ask for a price again.”

“At least you gave Jacob a blow tonight. Anyway, I’m known as Jacob’s collateral, so people will laugh at him for you taking me away.”

Elisha said. Lucerne wanted to laugh out loud.

“I’m more suspicious of this deal being deceitful when you say such attractive things.”


“Come here, Elisha.”

Elisha approached with hesitation. Lucerne pulled her into a chair.

“Okay, you’ll be willing if I’ll lend you the ransom?”

“Yes, I promise. All the women caught by Jacob have bad ends. If I’m lucky, I’ll be sold to a whorehouse and die.”

Lucerne nodded.

“Good. I’ll give you 30,000 gold coins.”

Elisha’s lips dropped open, her expression was very brief. She took a breath as if to calm her excitement. Her doll-like face had some life.


“Yeah, but I have a condition that you need to fulfil right now.”

Elisha fiddled with her hand as if she was nervous. Then she spotted something.


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