TPCP – 11.1

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Squeak, squeak.

Haaah, huh, uhhnn……Aaaaahhh

Haaaa, aaahhhh ….

Only lewd sounds and lustful moans could be heard beyond the door. Jacob’s men were speechless, their mouths dry. 

They were more afraid of Lucerne than they were of Jacob and didn’t dare to force the door open even before they heard the sounds of passion.

“What the hell….”

An awkward silence came and went. However, The High general was with a woman, and no matter how illegitimate he was, no one had the courage to intrude while a Cartier family member was doing it.


Then the door opened, people were startled. Through the half-open door, Lucerne appeared wearing only a robe and looking at them. The woman was hidden from sight.

“Lu-Lucerne. Uh, err, according to the wizard, the woman Jacob was protecting… Uh, that woman’s name is Elisha. She’s in Jacob’s possession…….”

Jacob’s guard, who was overflowing with confidence until now, was rambling. 

“She was in Jacob’s possession.”

Lucerne said leisurely. 

The guard’s face fell and turned pale when he realized he would return empty-handed.

“Get out. Don’t forget to explain to Jacob in detail, step by step, what I did and how… And, bring some food. It’s not over yet.” [t1v: omgggg my fav ML—he has the right priorities]


“I need to feed the woman and continue.”

No one needed to ask what was continuing.


The door slammed in front of them.

Lucerne came into the room. Exhausted, Elisha crouched on the bed.

“The people…..”

Elisha got up, Lucerne wanted to laugh. She was so weak that he wondered how she was going to ‘accept’ him from now on.


Elisha’s eyes were filled with relief.

“Wash up, your scent stimulates me.”

Elisha’s cheeks turned red, he wasn’t joking. It hadn’t been really inserted, but they had rubbed against each other for a long time, and her body, massaged by Lucerne’s fingers and tongue, smelled strangely hot and sweet with musky sweat.

What part of this scent turned Lucerne on, Elisha didn’t know.

“But the body in the bathroom…….”

“The shadow must have swallowed it by now. I handled the beast.”

Elisha nodded silently, he looked as if he knew what the shadow knew.

Belatedly, Lucerne realized that her whole body was still burning red with desire. Lucerne said casually,

“If you’re going to masturbate, leave the door open, because I want to watch you play with your pussy.”

“……I will not, mastrubate… I’m not going to do either.”

Elisha’s cheeks turned red as if they were going to explode, she took a breath, held it in and barely was able to respond. 

Then she wrapped her whole body in a sheet and waddled to the bathroom.

‘Which side of you is the real you?’

It was quite amusing to witness her discuss a deal with courageous words and a bold attitude but now she can’t even make eye contact with him. 

Her doll-like face blushing, trying to stay calm made him hot. Elisha aroused him.

It was not long before the sound of water came out of the bathroom.

Lucerne smoked while sitting on a bench. He said it like an off-handed joke, but it was really strange.

‘Why did I do that?’

Lucerne’s father was the youngest son of the current patriarch, the Duke of Cartier. He, who was the most distinguished in amassing wealth, forsook the expectations of the Head, fled the family and returned as a corpse, leaving only Lucerne behind.

At that time, there were Jacob’s father, the eldest son and Merha, the second son who returned to the temple. The Head contemplated whether to kill Lucerne or save him. Due to his caprice, he saved Lucerne.

But it was also because he looked like his youngest son, whom he was particularly fond of, while inheriting black hair and red eyes, particularly coveted characteristics of the Cartier family.

The Duke kept Lucerne at the main estate for a while before he sent him off to the temple. It was common for an illegitimate child of a noble family to be left to the temple where they would grow up with an exceptionally strict education.

‘An illegitimate child is a child made by the devil to seduce people to commit crimes. If your parents were sane, they wouldn’t have made children like you.’

Lucerne’s second uncle, Merha, ordered the priests to treat Lucerne more severely and abuse him. As such, a high-ranking priest appointed by Merha was in charge of Lucerne’s education.

And he was a really unpleasant human being. He was obsessed with Lucerne, a child who was as beautiful and powerful just like an angel.

The priest abused Lucerne in various ways as soon as he was old enough to identify Pia. In particular, he had a morbid interest in suppressing Lucerne’s libido. He often brought the priestess who was having an affair with him and showed him them having sex.

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