VGD – 5

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The brightness of the light leaking between the thick curtains made it clear that it was midday. But the room was as dark as night. It had been intentional so as to not to disturb her deep sleep.

With only her eyes open, Elysee was still lying in bed. Her blank eyes reflected a man in a suit with his legs crossed.

‘Grand Duke Blake Freysen.’

He was leaning towards a candle to look at the papers.

His face, whose expression was empty, was like a sculpture. The combination of thick dark blue hair that slightly covered the back of his neck, the striking blue eyes, the sharp nose, and his firmly closed lips completed a handsome face that would never occur naturally again.

‘What is going on?’

Elysee recalled what Philip said to her before entering this world.

Blake Freysen, your husband, will be possessed by an agent too. They seem to be in trouble happening in this story’s dimension, so they’re in a temporary alliance with us. All you have to do is act out the scenes in the script appropriately; you won’t even need to be involved in the rest of the time. It will be convenient.

Elysee had been relieved to hear that. The job seemed easy, and if the person closest to her was also an agent, privately, she wouldn’t need to be on her guard all the time and could relax.

[Well, maybe it’s too much to expect help. He’s known for his self-possessed and cold-hearted character. Perhaps it’s better like this….]

“Cold… cold-hearted.’

Even after a hundred concessions, Blake didn’t seem cold-hearted.

‘Who the hell is this man? How am I supposed to treat you?’

Elysse finally decided after deliberating and worrying.

‘First, we need to figure out who he is. That’s the first priority.’

Elysee broke her ruse as she stirred. Blake’s gaze turned to her.

“Are you awake?”

Elysee also raised her upper body when she saw him approaching after putting down the documents. She grabbed the blanket that was slipping from her body, pulled it up so that only a part of her breasts were revealed, and slowly blinked her heavy eyes.

Even at this moment, Elysee knew that she was beautiful, even though she had not washed her face.

‘I would have been pretty even if I died.’

Even though she was killed.

“Your Highness…”

Since she had been rushed in this story, Elysee could only read the first scene, the first-night setting. Since she hadn’t grasped the characters’ personalities and backgrounds, she had to reduce her speech as much as possible.

“How are you feeling?”

Blake, sitting on the bed, leaned toward her. Elysee noticed that the emotions that filled his eyes were not just ones of concern.

Anyhow, who would be fine after seeing me now? It was an instinct to ooze out the air of a pitiful frail doll and bewitching temptress in one body, stroking conflicting impulses within this man.

“…I want to wash up.”

The voice had a slight tremble. It was perfect even when I thought about it myself.

“I’ll tell them to prepare a bath. Before that, why don’t you have a simple meal?”

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