YSR – 41

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“You’re not confident?”

Saleos, who watched Lillian’s back as she sulked, asked solemnly. Lillian admitted, grimmer than ever:


Astonished, Saleos touched his chin and raised a question again,

“You killed your father, didn’t you? You did it yourself too. But you can’t kill monsters?”

“Well, it was an accident!”

“You blew off his head so neatly for an accident.”

Lillian shut up because she couldn’t retort to his observation. Anyway, she spoke well because she was afraid of his identity as a demon and wanted a contract.

Well, those were two different problems, but when she thought she’d explained it, her mouth didn’t work. Saleos saw Lillian and was lost in thought.

“If that’s true, oh well. We have no choice but to practice.”

“What? Practice……?”

“Don’t worry. Trust me.”

The man flashed the world’s most incredible smile softly. Seeing this, Lillian’s spine chilled.

* * *

Today was a regular training day for the Royal Knights. Joan of the 4th Division, who came to work early, yawned. The vacation was over the day before yesterday, but his body was still refusing to go to work. How amazing it would be if he could go home and sleep more, he thought.

‘I woke up too early today.’

Going to work on time and leaving work on time were the basic needs of civil servants. In this regard, Joan, who made it a habit to come to work 30 minutes early, went above the call of duty. Joan, who thought for a moment, decided to go to the restroom and close her eyes for a quick nap. He was about to rise from his seat.


Another civil servant, who was also going above and beyond, opened the door. Joan looked there without much expectation. Usually, it was the typical early arrivers who came to work early, so he thought it would be one of them. However, this new face was entirely unexpected.


A beautiful woman with delicate features, rich black hair, and almond green eyes came inside. Her skin glowed palely as if she had white skin that did not get tan easily. She looked around the training ground with an awkward look. Then one step later, her eyes found Joan sitting on the sofa.

Joan raised one hand without realizing it himself and smiled foolishly.

“Lillian! Long time no see. Your vacation was until yesterday, right? You’ve come to work early.”

Joan, who pretended to be friendly, wanted to bite his tongue. Lillian Rossetti was not good at empty friendly banter.

She was one of the blunt ones. Talking to her in an unnecessarily intimate manner, her obvious response would be scornfully looking at him and his frivolity…….

“Of course. How was your vacation? Your face looks good.”

Lillian, who responded in a friendly tone, smiled at him. Her eyes, which had always been blank and expressionless, were now bent nicely, and her lips, which had rarely opened, drew a soft curve.

When Joan saw this, his heart “BA-DUMP” ed, [t1v: aww poor fool] and swallowed a groan while holding his heart. A woman’s smile, who usually did not laugh, had a tremendous power to beat and break the heart of a man’s heart. But that wasn’t the only thing about Lillian that had changed.

Lillian sat on the sofa in a straight upright posture and watched the training ground. The knights, who were all warmed up, finished warm-up exercises and began practicing swordsmanship. The fully learned sequences were quite organized, impressive just by looking around.

‘Oh, I’m glad I’m not in there. If I did, I would’ve been caught.’

Lillian sighed with relief. Initially, she would have had to join the group and swing the sword with them. However, thanks to Enrique’s kindness, she did not face that trial for a while. He promised to provide personal guidance for Lillian, who had ‘partial amnesia.’

‘Instead, he asked me to work as an assistant for a month, didn’t he?’

Lillian agreed, and thankfully that convinced Billions that she was privy to knowledge. She was waiting for Flanders, the commander of the 4th Knights. Since she was a member of the 4th Knights, she had to report to Flanders, the commander, to work elsewhere. Everything was official when she submitted the temporary aide confirmation letter written by Enrique and received Flanders’ signature on it.

“But why isn’t this guy coming?”


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