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Damia’s eyes grew wide at the words that came at her like a bolt from the blue.

She has always been the child of the Primula family, the only daughter, and the only heir.

Although the number of family members increased, no one could threaten Damia’s position.

She lived her whole life believing that she would be the heir. But now when Owen spoke, it seemed like the ground beneath her feet was collapsing

“What do you mean…..marriage? Father, why are you suddenly…….”

“It’s a difficult road to go down. Being the heir to a titled family is no different from the thorny path. This father……. wants you to live peacefully and comfortably. I hope you will be a wife of a man, protected preciously, and live happily with a warm family.”

Don’t get caught up in troubling things.

Owen said with a frown.

She didn’t know if she was just imagining things, but his manner of grabbing his neck and talking looked like he was in pain.

“But father······.”

Damia managed to open her mouth even though the shock made her mind blank. But before she could even bring up a proper objection, Owen blocked her in advance with a strong tone.

“Fortunately, you have a good marriage partner. He’s younger than you, he’s a good young man from a well-to-do family. He takes care of his people as I am sure he will take care of you. We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with them to meet.”


By this point, Damia’s affectionate patience and consideration for her father was gone.

Damia got up half way from her seat and poured out her chagrin,

“You never said anything like this before! Why do you want to use Cesare as your successor when I’m here? And what is this about marriage?”


Owen said, as if he had something to say. Damia waited for a while, but nothing came out of his mouth.

“······Cough, weeze!”

Owen, who frowned at a short moment, grabbed his chest. It was as if a patient with a heart disease was having a seizure.

“Father! Are you okay?”

Shocked and fearful, Damia forgot her outrage and looked at him. As far as she knew, her father never had heart problems before.

Fortunately, Owen quickly regained his composure. As if he was swallowing a stone, he swallowed his saliva with a painful glup and got up from his seat.

He stammered and finished talking, “Just once…….do as I say, Damia. I’m saying this because you’re invaluable to me.”

Owen, who gave everything he had staggered to his feet. And like a person possessed by something, he went away without looking back no matter how much Damia called him from behind.

Damia’s eyes scanning over the table was quaking.

Until last time, Owen clearly thought of her as his successor.

For this reason, despite the presence of her stepmother, Noela, her father entrusted Damia with the running of the mansion and family affairs.

He also expressed his intention to start training her to succeed in the family business.

But now, for some reason, her father’s thoughts changed drastically.

For Damia, her father was the only “real” family and always a strong supporter of her.

Therefore, the shock she felt now was indescribably extreme.

Damia was standing blankly in confusion.

Suddenly, a smooth and cold voice came from behind,

“Oh, my poor Damia.”

As she turned her head, she saw Cerase leaning against the doorway.

“You must be surprised.”

He was always smiling when Damia was unhappy. As if he took great pleasure in her misery.

The moment I saw this, a thunderous realization crossed Damia’s mind.

“This is because of you!! Right? What poison did you give my father?”

she shouted as she ran to Cesare and grabbed his collar.

Her momentum was very fierce, but Cesare did not blink.

Damia’s hand, while she stared and studied his relaxed countenance, gradually started to tremble.

She wasn’t a fool, and soon she noticed.

What the hell did Cesare do?

“No…… no— did you feed him that drug? The one you were going to feed Cecil……?”

[t1v: zombie rises from the ded due to outrage]

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