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Cesare wasn’t a fool. As soon as his plan to drug Cecil leaked, he immediately flipped the script.

Instead of Cecil, he decided to give medicine to Damia’s father, Owen Primula.

“Oh my God! How dare you do such a thing?!”

A scream erupted from Damia’s mouth, who realized his plan too late.

Cesare took off her hand clenching his collar, and kissed it.

“I can do more than this, Dami. If only I could have you.”


Damia shook off his hand holding hers with all her might.

Right now she hated him so much that she would have murdered him this instant if she could.

But something seemed strange. Suddenly, her head heard a faint ring that was getting incredibly loud, so much so her ears were getting tinnitus.

Damia’s heartbeat started to slow her arms and legs were so heavy, she couldn’t control herself.

There was no way to resist Cesare who wrapped his arm around her waist and held her.

Cesare, who gently embraced her, humming a tune as he hugged her.

“Feeling sleepy? It seems that it’s finally working.”

“Perhaps…. even to me, the drug······.”

Cesare smiled brightly at Damia’s disbelieving eyes.

“Wasn’t the cake good earlier? I was worried that you wouldn’t eat it. I’m so glad you’re a good daughter.”

He kissed Damia on the forehead after finishing his speech. She had never thought there would be drugs on the tea table where her and her father had sat together.

Certainly, it had been a mistake to eat the slice of cake offered by Cesare just to show her father that she was eating well.

Damia was so angry that it felt like her blood was welling inside of her like a volcano ready to burst.

But her body was disobedient to her mind, becoming lethargic.

“Don’t worry too much. There’s no way I would give my precious person such a drug. All you ate was a sleeping pill.”

It would be a big deal if you tried to reject your ‘prepared marriage suitor’ coming tomorrow, in advance, Cesare whispered, as he hugged her body from sliding to the floor.

It was natural that her father’s opinion of a “good marriage” had conveniently reflected Cesare’s.

“Don’t be afraid Dami. Marriage is just a short layover. You’re so lovely, there’s no way I can give you to someone else.”

I wish I could have killed him with my bare hands, [he’s referring to Akkard]

thought Cesare as he swallowed back his thoughts that threatened to come out of his mouth, and smiled sadly.

He gently stroked Damia’s cheek, who was completely unconscious.

“Sleep well.”

When you wake up, everything will be different.

* * *

Her head was pounding.

It’s like the hangover I got after accidently drinking at my Coming-of-Age Ceremony.


Dami groaned while touching her temple and sat up.

The texture of the sheet that touched her bare arm was different.


She swept her hair that was blocking her view and blinked to adapt to the light. And the moment she took in her surroundings, Damia was alarmed and hugged the sheet to her chest.

Damia had stayed out a lot recently but even if it hadn’t been her home, she would at least wake up every time in a “bedroom.”

But this time where she woke up wasn’t even a bedroom.

She was now lying on a sofa in an unfamiliar drawing room. With just one thin camise.

“What the hell is going on here·······?”

Noble women never went out of their bedrooms wearing so little. At the very least they wore a robe or gown over it, even if it was to open the door to the hallway.

Damia looked around the reception room without knowing what to do. She didn’t know why she was lying in someone else’s drawing room with a camise held together by strings.

Damia grabbed onto her fizzy hair and struggled to recall last night’s memories.

‘Oh, that’s right. Cesare fed me something. Perhaps…..was it a sleeping pill?’

Fortunately, it didn’t seem to have been that drug.

But my father is······.

When she recalled Owen, who was showing signs of addiction, Damia’s eyes were filled with tears.

Akkard had said the drug was a substance that destroys and controls the nervous system.

Therefore, her father was surely being led by the nose by Cesare or the Temple behind him.

This is why he suddenly tried to push her out of her successor position and marry her off, by saying he found a good marriage.

“I have to save my father somehow.”

Didn’t Cecil say she had a drug addiction antidote, just in case?

If it didn’t work, Akkard might know another solution.

Anyway, getting out of here was her top priority now.

Damia, who was in a hurry, wrapped herself in a sheet and got off the sofa. She had no idea where she was but she resolved to be as calm as possible.

‘Cesare must have brought me here, so the people outside won’t be allies either.’

She had no choice but to ask them to bring her clothes or send her home. Nevertheless, Damia needed to go out and figure out where she was.

‘When I know where I am I can make a plan.’


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