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Damia didn’t know it, but she was currently in a stage of exploration. Men and women accustomed to playing at night evaluated each other and confirmed their interest with their eyes and telling glances.

The ball was long enough to be boring, so there was no need to hurry or fret. Rather, Akkard was often treated like a celebrity at these events and planned to enjoy the pampering.

Therefore, Akkard was thinking of staying a little more at his first northern socialite’s banquet and then approach Damia when the night was ripe.

But Damia’s position was a little different. She didn’t have much time. She didn’t know when Cecil would return if she hesitated.

The walls of the people around the Akkard were too thick. It seemed difficult to penetrate the crowd between them.

‘I’d have to get him to come to me somehow.’

Damia, who had never attempted to seduce a man, was a little embarrassed.

Suddenly it occurred to me that he looked down at my chest, and I mentally laughed savagely. Then should we at least loosen the button on the bodice that was binding our breasts a little?


Damia’s face suddenly brightened as she was looking down.

She picked up honey wine from a tray of servants passing by just in time. And she waited for the far-sighted Akkard’s attention.

After waiting for a while, he finally looked her way.

Damia grinned at Akkard, not missing her chance. His eyes rested for a moment on her smiling face as if a rose was brightly blooming.

‘Okay, now.’

Damia heart leaped at her daringness, but she pressed forward; she lifted up the glass of honey wine. And slowly, slowly, slowly… she poured the liquor into her breasts.

Akkard’s eyes widened by her unexpected actions.

He watched the sight of the sticky golden liquid flowing down her white collarbone and disappearing between her rich cleavage that she exposed a little more of beforehand.

His gawking was even more blatant than before.

‘……is it working?’

Damia was not sure. As she waited for Akkard’s reaction, she glanced around to make sure Cecil was not coming back.

Cecil was not visible, but to make matters worse, Damia spotted Cesare nearby. He had been watching Dami with a deep look.

She hated Cesare’s gaze, which touched her wet chest, so her body hair stood on edge, and getting goosebumps.

‘No, come on. I can’t fail now.’

At this point, there was nowhere to retreat to. Since I had inadvertently captured Cesare’s eyes, I had to seduce Akkard. Otherwise, it would be clear that the quick-witted Cesare would approach and disturb me.

Damia clenched her teeth and turned her eyes to Akkard. Fortunately, he still couldn’t take his eyes off her. A thin cloth soaked in honey wine clung to her curves, and it was almost as if Damia’s breasts were shining through it.

At that moment, Dami boldly ventured her hand down her honey wine-soaked breast and slowly licked up the liquor on her hand with her red tongue. As if what she was licking wasn’t her finger but something else.

‘Will you still not come over after this?’

Her dark blue eyes glanced straight at Akkard, and smiled slightly. Her shy and seductive eyes lifted a smile from Akkard’s face.

Behind his expressionless face, a towering wolf wriggled for a moment. It was as if he was salivating at the flesh of a plump thigh of a deer. With that intense expression, Akkard was looking at Damia like that. Finally, Akkard, who had been throwing intense eyes without blinking, moved his body.

“……wait a moment, please excuse me.”

Akkard raised his hand and asked for understanding from the people around him as he passed and divided the circle of people surrounding him.

Then he strode past the divided men and came up to her.

Within the blink of an eye, the strides of his long legs reached Damia, and he lowered his head to meet her eyes.


Dami held her breath unconsciously. Akkard that came right to her nose, was really, really big! Not only was he tall, but he also had a thick muscular chest and shoulders. He would probably wouldn’t blink an eye at having a woman like Damia on each of his shoulders.

Beyond the colorful lights of the banquet hall, she could feel his big shadow all over her.

Damia could smell the perfume from his body. The scent, mixed with his hot body odor was very dangerous and sensual.

‘Am I doing something I shouldn’t have done?’

Damia froze. At this moment, she instinctively realized Akkard Valerian wasn’t the kind of person she could handle without any experience.

His heated eyes seemed to pierce her breasts covered in wet cloth.

Maybe that’s why her nipples stood firmly, on the edge of fear and arousal.

She wanted to cover her chest with shame immediately, but on the other hand, an unknown expectation and an uplifting feeling soared, edging her towards audaciousness.

It was then. Looking down at Damia, he twisted his lips and whispered,

“You’re wet.”

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