CAM – 13

I then looked at the woman’s tearful face, which was blurrily whimpering.

I wanted to put my hardened rod into her body, at this very instant.

Whether crying, scared, or shy when receiving mine, I longed to see her changing looks.

What kind of expression will you make? How can naughtiness, passion, and pleasure alter it?

It was vindicating that I endured a month.

“Does it hurt?”

With a half-expressionless face, he asked quietly.

Shada was blocking her lips with the back of her hand, trying to suppress a strange moan that threatened to spill out.

She hesitated at his wild, weirdly friendly eyes and nodded.

The mysterious and dangerous temptation to see the painful source of pleasure was scattered all around her, but at the same time, it was terrifying.

But the man who always cared about her to the point of being overbearing laughed embarrassingly.

“I am in trouble. If you can barely take this, how could you bear me?”

Then he pulled his buckle, and there was a sound of something falling on the floor.

His penis, tightly restricted, had firmly erected under his clothes since from before and was finally released.

As if his tenderness was a lie, it seemed his real intention was to ravage her right away.

He moved his waist and rubbed his own against Shada’s tender thighs.

Shada was amazed at his debauched and lustful touch.

Her face resembled a frightened and startled puppy.

Because of her cuteness, Huey briefly burst into laughter and kissed her wavy pinkish eyes.

“Would you like to touch it?”

His gentle, big hand took her hand and traveled down.

Soon, a thick, hot chunk of flesh was caught in her thin fingers.

Huey’s jaw stiffened.

Now his eyes were burning dark.

Shada trembled with his terribly unfamiliar, veiny, savage-like texture as he slowly adjusted her hand to touch his cock.

She felt like she was going to lose her mind. Her mouth was watering, and she felt herself get wetter between her legs.

“This.” Her hand stuck to his skin on his male organ. His lips, with a short groan, twitched dangerously. “Is going inside you.”

Huey tore her legs and hands apart.

Then he grabbed her bare ass cheeks and fitted the tip of his virile manhood into her wet opening.



Her entrance bit his tip a little, and soon, his head was stuck in her flesh. As Shada cried out, Huey, sweating and narrowing his eyebrows, put his finger in her mouth.

As she bites and sucks it, Shada endured an unusual sensation of a foreign body crawling between her legs.

I saw a beautiful man looking down at me with a hard-looking face.

He grasped her waist firmly and itched forward inside. It hurt. There was a dull pain all over my lower body.

However, at the same time, it was a sense of inseparableness even between strangers—like me, and a figure from a completely different world could merge more vividly and more realistically than ever before.

This man was inside her. I felt his pulse beating terribly. After moving forward so slowly, I felt awkward; he completely filled me up and buried himself in me.

The belly was full.

She realized it with her whole body only then. Shada was having sex with Count Kirchner, the great knight, most handsome and noble unmarried man in this country—and the fiance of the nasty Princess Julia.

When she encountered his breathless green eyes, she recognized a strange feeling of satiety, greed, and joy mixed in with immoral ecstasy robbing her of her senses.

I never expected to have this man, something unimaginable was happening. I, a maid, had little to look forward to, nevermind dream of such a thing.

He was still motionless as if considering her pain, sweat dripping off his usually straight forehead was now in a pained frown.

Shada wanted to touch the wrinkles.

Our bodies are already mixing, so I did as I pleased.

Huey’s eyes narrowed as she touched his face, and he kissed her finger.

“Shada is too…Very…”

The man whispered, panting. He pulled his back all the way, then slammed back into it and mumbled: Pretty.

Then, as if a dam that was blocked burst, he began to extort like a beast.

He held Shada’s hands on the desk and shook his waist wildly.

Oh, oh, ah, she moaned and whimpered as she twisted her abdomen, and he grabbed onto her and poured out his desire.

The love liquid spilled from the inside of the woman soaked their entangled cores, and she tightened around his hot penis.

Huey growled.

“Ha! Fuck—!”

“Ah! hgnnnh!”

‘It’s killing me.’

While I was holding it, I felt like I was being eaten, as if her insides were pulling and sucking.

Dangerously distorted, he immersed himself frantically in the maid beneath him. Every time their soaked flesh collided, their straight eyebrows twisted, trampled by pleasure.

When I entered her, she squeezed my member. Even though I didn’t do much, it wouldn’t take long now; it seemed like it would come easily to her.

Nearly half of my reason had already flown away; my eyes travelled to where I was plunging into her center, and I focused on my rhythm and technique.

Really… It was beyond my imagination.

I grimaced and looked at Shada, who was gazing up at me in tears.

Her flickering pink eyes were so exquisite. She looked like she wanted to scold me and her glare was lovely.

I want to monopolize this woman who gives me extreme pleasure. When she sobbed under him it was overly pretty, and that naive gaze gave me a tremendous longing.

This feeling couldn’t be compared with winning honors or making a contribution on the battlefield.

This woman is mine.

He murmured as he raised her leg against his body. Stroking it and kissing it, he thought, It’s so pretty. What kind of woman is this?

I kept moving my back and panting, coveting her with my passion.

I called out the name that I thought was amusing when I first heard it.

It felt like swallowing a sweet candy.



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