MSU – 35

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‘Didn’t he say he can’t have children?’

It didn’t matter. She didn’t like children anyway. Elise didn’t want to know how to raise or teach children. It would be a satisfying life if she simply lived and died together with Benji.

‘I think he will be handsome even when he is older.’

Elise giggled quietly as she painted where the future traces of the years would appear on Benji’s sleepy face. She seemed to be okay with anything he did with his handsome face.

“I’m praiseworthy, so where’s my reward. Master?”

Surprised, she looked up at Benji, who was whispering; his eyes were still closed, and his chin raised. As if waiting for Elise’s kiss, shaking his head, non-verbally whining while being blatantly brazen.

She shook her head, trying to figure out when he had been awake. Then, seeing that casual look on his face, she started to wonder if he had ever even slept in the first place.

Exhausted from waiting, Benji slowly lifted his eyelids and pulled Elise gently into his arms. The kiss that started from the top of her head poured non-stop to her forehead, eyes, nose, and cheeks.

“Oh, alright. Alright. Stop.”

Eventually, Elise had to raise her head and kiss his lips.

“Thank you.”

Benji’s eyes smiled when he got what he wanted.

‘Ugh, next time, I’ll just do it quickly and finish it.’

“But why did you say I was praiseworthy?”

Elise chose her words in response to the question asked in his locked voice.

No matter how impudent she was, Elise couldn’t answer easily. How could she say she was praising his eyes with murderous intent?

“Well… … . Hmm…Because you like me a lot?”

Benji raised an eyebrow as if asking her to explain.


Of course, he was now patiently waiting for her words to continue, urging her to tell him the quirky part.

“To live with. Forever.”

‘I’m sure you’ll be happy. Of course. Deciding to live together for the rest of our lives, you can’t hate it.’

She looked at his face in anticipation of seeing his joyous expression.

At that moment, Benji’s eyes narrowed, his forehead wrinkled severely, as he grabbed her ass tightly and pulled her towards him. Contrary to her expectations, his displeasure was evident.

“Then you were thinking of abandoning me?”

The part that touched her was grossly enlarged without knowing the situation. It was really a bottom that didn’t know how to get tired. And as if she had no right to think like that, Elise was wet as if it were natural.

“Didn’t I suck out all that poison and save Master?”

His face looked so pitiful as if he had suffered a great injustice. And for a moment, Elise had almost believed Benji was a lifesaver.

Oh, I’m sorry– Elise barely managed to thwart a reflexive apology. He was really shameless.

‘You knew it wasn’t poison. You pretended not to when I asked you to lick it and look at us now!’

Benji’s lips, pressed lightly on her eyes, which were raised with full of resentment, turned toward her ears.

“You asked me to suck it so often that my tongue was numb.”

Even though he uttered absurd remarks because it was unfair, his low-pitched voice was unbelievably sweet. Thanks to that, her lower abdomen clenched.

“Oh no, you are spilling again.”

Elise opened her eyes in protest without noticing that he was checking her moisture with the tip of his straight penis; her voice came out sharp.

“Did your tongue hurt? You said it was sweet! So who was it that kept licking it even if I told you to stop eating me out? So you didn’t like it?!”

The victim was Elise; she was being wrongly accused. However, once she spit it out, she felt it really was so. Even when she struggled with the repeated orgasms, he got between her legs, spread them wide open, and dug in deep into her, always pushing her to the limit.

Benji was the one who drank all the water that came out; it was him who stabbed her with his fingers and sucked on her. When she thought about it now, pretending to be naive and pretending not to know anything was just awful.

“I thought I was going to die. It felt like it was going to explode because I could only suck it and couldn’t put it in. Later, I would finish myself off while washing, but you didn’t know, right? You really have no clue. Thanks to you, I was the only one who suffered.”


It was even more ridiculous to see her crying when he had an unperturbed brazen look. Now Elise opened her eyes wide and glared at Benji. She couldn’t lose here.

“I sucked you off too! In the end, I had put a lot of stuff in. Look! I feel like my bottom is wide open because of you.”

“What do you mean it’s wide open? It still hurts as if I’m about to break every time I put it in. Every time I’m nervous because you squeeze on me like you’re biting it. After that, for a day or two, I’ll be in pain.”

Wow. What was an outright lie! Elise groaned and burst into a fit of anger.

“Then why do you hit it like that? Who can’t stand it for half a day and rushes in? We’ve never had a break for more than two days in the first place.”

“Who’s secretly begging for more? Please wash it. Please touch me. Hug me. Suck it. I am always holding back. How can I stand it when you’re begging me and spilling so much?”

“Wait? Holding back? You? You’re always erect. You’re always rubbing and touching me whenever you have a chance! How can I not get wet? I’m going to die of throbbing pain from doing this all the time with your constant galloping. Every time I do it, it seems to tear a little bit.”

“Don’t you know how careful I am? Even when you are clamoring and begging me to hit it, I make sure you’re loose and wet so I don’t hurt you. Here, let’s take a look.”

‘Let’s see, if you know how to step back?’

Elise kicked the sheet wrapped around her body and lifted her leg. Although her posture clearly showed her lower half as he looked down on it, rather than being ashamed, gaining sympathy and winning this argument took precedence.

“Now! There— look!”

“Uh? Wait a moment. I can’t see well, so hold on.”

When Benji suddenly lowered his voice, his forehead creased. Elise’s eyes tried to find a place to focus on as she gently hugged her knees as she was told in this unusual atmosphere.

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