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However, the bystanders were most interested in Elisha. Their curiosity and wonder couldn’t be helped but be pinged by the rumored beautiful woman that had bewitched Lucerne.

When Lucerne’s black carriage finally arrived, the crowd erupted in cheers.

“That’s her!”

The onlookers exclaimed.

Elisha wore a very delicate golden dress. It was an exceptionally subtly pinkish-gold that resembled her flesh. If one looked closely, the elegant leaf-shaped embroidery with intricate patterns was adorned with gold thread.

Aside from her clavicle and cleavage, there was no part of her skin exposed, but her dress was perfectly tailored so that all of her body lines were illuminated by its close fittingness. Since the dress color was close to her skin color, she looked ethereally and subtly sexy.

The patterns and colors of her attire were very solemn but decidedly a more colorful pattern than Arien’s.

So she looked pretty like Carola but as strict as Arien. It was Elisha’s complete victory just by looking and comparing their attire. She looked surprisingly and incredibly sophisticated.

“Where did she get that dress? … .”

“I can’t tell who’s the designer of those clothes!”

“Oh, my god, she’s a real beauty as rumored.”

Elisha smiled so lightly it was almost invisible. It had been so easy for her to figure out what color Carola would be wearing today.

‘It’s obvious that this is what Carola would wear.’

In her previous life, Elisha did all kinds of errands for Carola.

So she knew about Carola’s dressing room in the capital and was actively involved in her attire because she often had to attach and repair the lace on her dresses.

One of the employees of the designer that Carola frequented was very ill-mannered.

The employee named Lulu had a habit of looking down on people. Because of Elisha’s scarred appearance, she thought her beneath her; she deliberately dropped the corsage on several occasions or made her stand up and wait for her.

‘So if I brought the clothes in a damaged state, I would often get a beating from Carola.’

When Elisha asked after Carola’s orders, Lulu would rudely reply, ‘Miss, how do you know about such an expensive item?’

Later, it turned out that Lulu was hoping for the lady’s tip, which was usually given.

The dressing room was an arrogant place, so haughty employees like Lulu were used to receiving bribes to acquire clothes.

When a bribe was taken, employees like Lulu would move the ladies to the top of the waiting list. The ladies who did not need to be on the waiting list, on the other hand, spent a lot of money, and if Lulu turned out clothes quickly, they gave her some pocket money.

‘Carola never spent money on that.’

Carola enjoyed wasting and being lavish, but she firmly believed she didn’t have to spend money on her subordinates. Of course, she wouldn’t tip her. Carola thought that easily giving money would spoil the habits of her inferiors.

In the end, Elisha was caught in the middle, having to bear the brunt of Lulu’s hostility and endure her humiliation. There were even days when she gave Elisha clothes with a needle pin still in them on purpose.

The day Carola was poked by the pin, her maids slapped Elisha several times. Finally, when Lulu handed her clothes, she insisted, ‘Obviously, I told you beforehand to remove the pin.’

‘So, in other words, it’s very easy to buy a person like Lulu.’

Elisha gave Sophie some of her money and told her to bribe Lulu. She confided everything about her in 10 minutes and gave her the home address of the designer Elisha wanted.

‘Not to mention Arien. Carola had bribed the maid in Arien’s designer’s studio.’

A maid who was paid off by someone could also be bought by another.

Those that were bought with money, not loyalty, were obvious. Elisha knew the outfits of the two in advance, and by making sure they would not choose any similar colors, she chose attire that would make her shine without difficulty.

The process was so simple that Elisha didn’t even classify it as a job.

‘Yes, I have to admit that Lucerne’s shock therapy works.’

She no longer cared about spending Lucerne’s money, so she decorated her body with stunning jewelry and clothes to her heart’s content.

‘They must have come to see the grandchildren of the Cartiers fighting amongst each other like dogs to feel superior. But did they know that those who have come to see such an absurd thing look like idiots?’

Elisha thought to herself as she gazed out over the onlookers.

People surrounded Carola and Arien, but Elisha greeted the people and crossed the party hall into City Hall.

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