PCP – 121

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Meanwhile, it was very busy at Count Primula’s estate, even at night.

Firstly, because of Cesare’s fake funeral, and even more so because of the ensuing commotion.

“Please stay at our house for a while.”

After the unrest, Damia advised Lessid with a concerned look.

After first aid, Louise had barely managed to hold onto her life and was pale from bleeding profusely. It was too dangerous to send her back to Count Ferria’s estate on a rattling carriage.

“Then, I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll be in your care.”

Lessid was also exhausted from using a lot of his healing mana.

He had difficulty even standing upright, so he leaned against the wall. Then, the siblings were escorted upstairs to the guests’ bedrooms.

“Thank you for hosting us. Then, I’ll be going to sleep too.”

Upon reaching the limit of his physical strength, Lessid went to sleep with a face as pale as his sister’s. Akkard, who watched him with his arms crossed, broke the silence and opened his mouth,

“I can’t tell if those two are on good or bad terms.”

It was then that Damia noticed Akkard’s presence. Her eyes sank.

‘You haven’t gone yet.’

There were plenty of things she wanted to interrogate Akkard about. Why he threw away the handkerchief, and how Louise Ferria got ahold of it.

When she remembered how she was insulted, her face grew pale, and her heart ached. The torn handkerchief thrown on her face was how she was regarded; her hollow heart similarly ripped up.

But Damia already knew that it would be useless to ask him.

Just as a cat doesn’t feel sorry for playing with a mouse before it eats it, it was the same for Akkard. He tamed a woman’s heart according to his needs without guilt or remorse, regardless of whether a woman was hurt or not.

He was just born that way.

Damia was now vaguely aware of Akkard’s personality by astutely observing him from the sidelines. So instead of starting a quarrel that gnawed at her insides, she asked in an indifferent tone:

“Are you going to stay Sir Akkard?”

“Really? You’re not going to kick me out in the middle of the night, are you?”

He could never have fathomed that he had been caught throwing away the gift she had made him. Therefore, his action of asking Damia to show him a room was not dignified but rather arrogant.

“… … ha.”

Dumbfounded, Damia couldn’t help but let out a cold snicker. Honestly, she wanted to kick him out right away, but it was irrefutable that he had helped her with Cesare today.

So she was in his debt. He had helped her so that she couldn’t drive him out. After all, the mansion was spacious with plenty of rooms, so it wasn’t that difficult of a request to let him stay overnight.

Damia felt it was fortunate that she had a solid rational side at times like this. She swallowed up her feelings of betrayal, called a maid, and ordered her to prepare a bed for him. And then, she bowed briefly to Akkard, bidding him a good night.

“You went through a lot today. Then, rest well.”

Damia had just said farewell and was about to turn around when he caught her arm in a subdued manner and turned her around.

“Are you going to sleep as well?”

Without me?

His ordinarily cool gaze only glowed brightly at moments like these, coupled with a sultry smile. The light of seduction on his handsome face was sensual enough to make anyone’s heart race. But it didn’t work on her at all.

“Today…… I’m not in the mood.”

Damia shook her head and pulled her arm out of his grasp. But Akkard wasn’t the sort of man to sit and watch his prey run away.

“Then let’s just talk. And have a drink.”

He hugged her shoulders so that she could not escape and pulled her close. Then, as Damia seemed to accept his hand without resisting, his hot lips grazed her eyes.

“Dami. Yes?”

He softly kissed her face here and there, then kissed Damia’s bandaged hand. It was quite affectionate.

The wound that Louise inflicted on her was considerably larger than expected. He was worried that this would scar her, but fortunately, Lessid promised that he would heal her as soon as he regained his stamina.

Still, it was the first time that such a large wound had been left on the body of the delicate noble lady. Noticing Damia’s slightly depressed mood, he gently rubbed his lips on her sore hand. As if he cared about her injury and was bothered that she was hurt.

“I hope your hand gets well soon.”

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