MSU – 31

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Elise was regretful that the traces she made seemed to disappear quickly.

On Elise’s body, there were dozens of these. As if to represent his boundless energy, biting and sucking marks filled her whole body, looking rather crowded. Before, she didn’t understand why or how these marks were left earlier, but now, she realized when she went them herself. Seeing the long oval red mark on Benji’s body, she felt proud as if she had stamped a seal of ownership.

“Ha… Master.”

A precarious, dangerous voice rang out as if his reason was running out. His bitten crimson lips were swollen red as if they were bleeding.


Elise dismissed his desperate call and buried her face in Benji’s groin. His body trembled violently as if convulsing, as her pointed tongue touched the tender flesh between his leg and his penis area. Then, he twisted his back with a deep groan, and the thick pillar brushed Elise’s face as if begging to be licked too.

His tip was already wet and shiny with a clear fluid to the point where Elise wondered if he had cum without her realizing it.

“You’re rather sloppily wet. You’re doing well.”

He couldn’t find a place to go. Elise returned what Benji’s words said to her earlier:

“What do you want me to do for you?”

Even though he couldn’t have heard her with his balls, Elise grabbed the roots of his pillar and whispered closely. When her secret breath touched him, the slippery body fluids poured out.

“Ha… Please suck it, Master.”

“Huh? What did you say?”

Elise asked again and climbed on top of Benji. Benji’s eyes burned red as he watched his angry cock standing stiffly between her legs as she rubbed her clitoris against his tip.

“Ha… Please put it in.”

Elise bowed her head towards him as if she was proud and praising him and kissed lightly. But, in truth, she was also at her limit. Whenever I heard Benji’s painful panting, her lower abdomen tightened, feeling empty as erotic liquid dripped down.

Elise squatted, grabbing Benji’s tower. It was so wet and large that it was hard to handle it with one hand. So instead, she roughly aligned it with her twitching vagina, lowered her ass, and slowly sucked in the head of his cock.


It was her first time putting it in herself and the first time she had watched how he entered her. She recalled Benji saying that she swallowed him well. It wasn’t an exaggeration at all. As soon as he pierced her entrance, she felt her core clenching with the urge to swallow.

At the same time, the pressure was considerable. Even though her entrance was adjusted, the fit was tight. It was dizzying to see that there was still a long way left to go. To think that she had put this thick and long thing all the way in before, Elise felt proud of her past self.


Caught by surprise, she lost her mind when Benji thrusted in, and she felt it all the way to the tip of her head. He slowly pulled out. It looked like he had done it unconsciously because his red-wet eyes were shaking in embarrassment.

Elise, who decided to let it slide this time due to his satisfactory appearance, made a pointed gaze and held his organ again.

She wiggled, daring and teasing it to come inside. His ferocious tendons were swelling as if they were about to burst, and she could see his pulse beating in his raised veins.

Elise also felt urgency. However, it was too big when she tried to put it in. Holding it with both hands, she fully comprehended his size, and Elise grew increasingly horrified.

“Have I ever been torn? I’ll feel good if I put it in.’

Reassuring herself, she lowered her buttocks, and his soft spear was sucked in as if it was finally finding its place.

“Hmm unn…”

This alone was enough stimulation for Elise. But, if she thought about his size, she was amazed at herself. Only then could Elise understand why Benji had been biting, licking, sucking, and teasing her so much. It was incredibly tight to hold a massive chunk of flesh if she hadn’t been warmed up and loosened enough.

‘You don’t need to put all of it in, right?’

Elise compromised with herself. It was very satisfying to see Benji’s desires clearly on his face, pleading to dig into her to the end of his roots urgently. But, today, she didn’t want to give what Benji wanted so easily.

5. Then. Now move properly 

“Whoo… … .” [sfx exhale]

Although Elise only slightly moved her pelvis left and right, Benji’s expression was greatly distorted. It was pitiful to see him groaning in pain and biting his lips until he bled, but now Elise knew. It wasn’t pain; it was excitement. She swore that she would never be deceived again, and she diligently teased his body.

When he couldn’t run wild, his muscles looked ripped, twitching. Large drops of sweat ran down his chin, which was tightly raised. The veins in the nape of his neck stood tight as he struggled to take shaky, deep breaths.

An unnerving shiver ran down Elise’s spine. The sight of this ferocious beast howling and stuck under her was too erotic.

Elise buried her head in Benji’s chest and took a deep breath. The smell of wild flesh, heated desire pierced her nostrils, causing her stomach to tingle as if she had drunk an aphrodisiac. At the same time, Benji’s heart began to pound irregularly. Elise lifted her upper body and lowered her pelvis slowly as his eyes became sore because of his excessive fervor.

“Haa… … . Unn… … .”

Benji’s groans, which seemed to have vomited from deep within his body, drenched her bottom. Then, leaking, her love juice flowed in a hurry, and she swallowed his big weapon.

“Hunnn… … .”

Elise rolled up her pajamas and checked her belly. Because he came in until the end, it showed off its presence by bulging out her skin from the inside. Looking at him again, she was amazed, and as she carefully and carefully grabbed the protruding part, Benji twisted his waist as if in pain.


It was Elise who was surprised by his sudden struggle. He felt so profoundly engulfed that his vision blurred, and he couldn’t breathe.

“Master. Haa… … . how do you do it? I think I am going to die.”

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