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Given the circumstances of Lucerne suddenly getting caught up in a fight between his cousins, many said that he had been bewitched by the beauty he married.

Frankly, Illione presumed something similar. He was the noblest in the land, but after marrying someone beneath him like Elisha, Lucerne suddenly became imprudent and was stirred up by these frivolous competitions.

“Do not worry. Is he the kind of person who would be swayed from the right course of action by a woman?”

“But wouldn’t it be better to stop the General from having a gigantic confrontation with the Cartier’s grandchildren?”


Elisha said politely.

“I would never ask my husband to run away with his tail between his legs.”

“… … .”

“Besides, I was told not to take advice easily from others when it comes to a couple’s marital affairs. So please understand.”

Illione nodded her head reluctantly because she was right. She didn’t like her very much, but she didn’t want Lucerne to be humiliated because of Elisha.

“Then let me help you.”

“The Princess?”

Elisha widened her eyes in surprise.

“There are many different types of skirmishes between nobles. Not all feuds are behind the scenes or in plain sight, sometimes it’s about appearances. Even if the auction is a trivial event, Arien and Carola will show up in glamorous finery. So, at the very least, you should be prepared and go out with confidence.”

“Ah. There was such a problem,”

Elisha remarked dispassionately. Illione had a headache.

She had little interest in regalia, but she knew that the capital’s aristocrats would talk all season about the garments Carola and Arien wore and how much attention they received. It was the nature of high society.

“You should prepare two or three dresses so your dresses don’t overlap with Carola’s or Arien’s. I’ll lend you my clothes. No, it would be better to get you some new clothes too, so let me introduce you to my designer.”

“I really hadn’t thought of that before.”

Elisha put her hand to her lips.

“Thank you so much. I guess we’ll have to find out what kind of clothes Carola and Arien will wear.”

“How do you expect to know that? People think women’s roles are easy but on the contrary it’s a dangerous field that torments me. Rather, strategy, tactics and military training are easier… … .”

Illione pointed out. Elisha just smiled lightly.

“I don’t think it’s going to be too difficult.”


Initially, a public auction was an insignificant occasion that even the neighborhood elderly would not pay attention to. However, today’s bidding sale had already been reported in the newspaper.

Spectators unashamedly gathered in crowds, eager to see the daughters-in-law of the Cartiers fighting for their pride. To control the rush of observers, Yurif’s mayor reluctantly opened the city hall’s largest banquet hall.

“All knights may not enter, and you must wait on the second floor with the onlookers.”

All of Lucerne’s knights also appeared to cheer on the General’s wife as she upheld their honor. That they were blocked from entering made the knights grim, but they could only comply.

Only the bidders were allowed to participate and enter. Even their husbands could not enter.

People speculated and compared them. Among the men of the Cartiers, it was so apparent that Lucerne was the most outstanding as he had made a name for himself as the High General. So now, people were excited to compare their wives.

Crowds of people gathered in front of the auction house to catch a glimpse of them. Originally, the city hall hosted balls, so a lady of Yurif even held a free party in the garden to enjoy the auction as if it were a grand spectacle.

“Is she still in the Cartier family?”

“I wonder what she will wear today?”

The eyes of the nobles twinkled as they strolled in the garden, eager to converse with the Cartier’s wives.

“Oh, the first grandson’s wife is here!”

As reported, Carola, who arrived first, was a lovely and pretty woman.

She wore a pale pink dress that accentuated her cuteness and hung a large diamond necklace. The bottom of her pale pink dress was decorated with gilded gold flowers, revealing her voluptuous and sensuous body that contrasted with her cute face, enamoring the men.

Soon, Carola was surrounded by men, coyly laughing and chatting.

“That’s Ms. Arien.”

Arien, who arrived second, was comparatively less attractive in appearance, but her stature was slender and elegant. She pulled up her brown hair and wore a blue dress reminiscent of a priest in a temple. Her figure made people recall a precious foreign sculpture.

Soon, Arien was surrounded by friendly wives since she knew many people in the religious circles and capital society.

When Elisha still hadn’t arrived yet, people stretched out their necks in curiosity, looking for her.

Everyone knew that Elisha was a beauty but didn’t expect much from her. That was because, in the capital, you couldn’t obtain lovely attire by just spending money.

First-class designers only sold clothes to the ladies they liked. It wasn’t where one could simply order some clothes after taking measurements.

It was only after the designer and lady established a relationship and had sufficient interaction that a designer would present their best work to a client who would become their lady. The ladies knew that Elisha would come adorned less beautifully than the other two wives.

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