MSU – 32

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Without missing his chance, Benji let out sensual words with a deep alluring but helpless tone. His ferocious muscles were wriggling, not knowing what to do. There were tears in his eyes, dyed red and heavy with pleasure, looking terribly erotic. His lips, which were so soft and delicious to look at, were left half-open as if in an offering.

‘It’s only in this case that you pretend to be naive. When you are seducing me.’

It’s been a long time since he had given up on acting like a fool, but at a disadvantageous moment, he was very talented in seducing her as if he was innocent. She wanted to tease him more, but she couldn’t help it. She had no choice but to fall for it. Elise’s insides were also pouring out thick sap, pleading for her to do something. She couldn’t afford any more patience.

Feeling her lower self-tightening fiercely, Elise exhaled slowly, moving her waist from side to side. The tight bite put a lot of pressure on her, but it didn’t hurt. On the contrary, even with a slight movement, Elise’s actions grew bolder as she sensed a stirring inside.

Then, when she accidentally had his pillar rubbed inside against a spot, Elise trembled. Her shiver pierced her whole body with exhilaration, flashing past her like lightning. It was an exhilarating pleasure, she wanted to feel it a little more.

Elise clumsily teased him with her pelvis to stimulate that part. Her inner walls were stimulated with the smallest movement because of his size, and she could easily reach her climax.

But it was not enough. The shallow movements, which were exhilarating at best, did not measure up to the pleasure that Benji gave her.

Now she was really at her limit. Her thighs were trembling, and the amateurishly stimulated inner wall was squeezing Benji randomly.

“Benji, now you move.”

Elise collapsed and buried her face in Benji’s chest.

“Can I touch you now?”

His growling voice cracked harshly to release the leash. As Elise nodded her head, Benji immediately raised hid torso and pushed her.

“Haa… …. I can’t afford any more patience either.”

Elise’s vision was filled with the shaking white ceiling. Her tightly gripped thighs spread wide, and his protruding knuckles gripped Elise’s breasts.

“Huuu. Ha, ha. Haaa.”

Benji shoved himself into the exact spot where Elise struggled to stimulate a while ago. The squeaky sound of lewd water echoed lustfully as he thrusted. A scream-like orgasm erupted and swirled around her soul. Then, as if not to miss even that, Benji hurriedly kissed her and swallowed Elise’s breath.

“Haa… …. Where did you learn to torture people? Umn, my master?”

Benji’s face was so fiercely distorted that it was difficult to remember if he had ever looked relaxed. His adam’s apple moved constantly, and the clenching of his teeth made his jaw look dangerous. The eyes, once believed to be wholesomely good, were already shining with madness as if they had lost their reason. Still, his touch that pulled her pajamas above her head was delicate and kind, unlike his rough thrusting underneath.

When Elise’s luscious breasts were exposed, Benji did not hesitate to devour her protruding nipples. Elise’s waist bounced violently as he greedily sucked up the reason she had lost. Thrilling tremors ran down her spine.


Elise was overcome with the urge to embrace Benji’s neck and hang on to him. Instead, as Elise struggled to take off her pajamas that were trapping her wrists, Benji grabbed both of her wrists and pressed them to the bed.

“Be still. Please. Unless you want to see me go crazy.”

A dark voice like never before broke out as if he had swallowed fire. Elise couldn’t say anything because of the intimidation of the beast she had provoked. Now she had to take responsibility for what she had done.

Maybe to release his suppressed heat, Benji squeezed tightly and pressed hard. Elise’s heart fluttered loudly as he moved in and out of her wet, sloppy skin.

“Ah. Ha ha. Ah. Ah.”

Elise reached a peak again at his quick and strong stimuli, without her typical tension. Instead, her whole body swelled up like it was about to burst and shrunk in one breath while overflowing syrup like a broken dam bursting wet Benji’s thighs.

“Stop, chewing it. There’s still a long way to go.”

Benji spat out as if he was being crushed and stood up with his back supported. His protruding jaw twitched visibly as if he was struggling to endure the feeling of ejaculation.

“Hold on tight. You can bite me in advance.”

He wrapped her arm around his neck and set his gaze on his shoulder.

When Elise knew what it meant, she was thrilled and swallowed her drool.

There was a time when she had bit his broad shoulder and left a tooth mark. It was something she did without even realizing it when a tidal wave of uncontrollable pleasure she couldn’t handle swirled over her, and she felt like her head was about to explode. At that time, Elise thought she was about to die.

‘I can’t believe you’re telling me to bite you in advance.’

Benji was blatantly warning that the upcoming affair would be terribly intense.

‘I provoked the wrong person.’

He was usually hard to handle typically, but it looked as if the string of patience had snapped. Elise gently grabbed his neck and leaned her body back as Benji had surrounded her. For now, it was best to follow the instructions.

Puck. As soon as Elise’s head touched his shoulder, Benji slapped her heavily on his ready cock. At the ruthless movement that made the word “skewer” come to life, Elise gave an exclamation and tilted her head.

As he shoved himself to the root and rubbed her insides, her vision flickered, and an exhilarating shiver ran through her body.

It was only then that she realized how much Benji had been restraining himself this whole time. Elise would have been broken by now if he had done this every time.

There was no time to ponder about her brief revenge, which she didn’t even enjoy fully. Suddenly, Benji bit Elise’s chest, sucked it, while he drove himself into her.

“Argh! Ah, ah, ah!”

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