ISY – 27

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“How should I praise you, Kal?”

“I want to bite you.”

I looked at him in embarrassment when he said that he wanted a compliment and then in bewilderment when he said he wanted to bite me. He was looking at me as if he hadn’t woken up yet from his drugged-induced haze. But he wasn’t too scary because he wasn’t threatening.

“Why do you want to bite me?”

“When I breathe in your scent, I want to bite you. I think it will make me stronger.”

“… I see.”

Suddenly, I remembered that in the original story, Kalisten bit Aselia’s neck before killing her. He exterminated her after leaving numerous tooth marks on her neck.



“I-if you promise to bite me gently, I’ll let you bite me.”

It didn’t seem like a bad idea to teach them how not to bite so hard. If he goes beserk wouldn’t it hurt a little less if he practices biting me gently now?

But I don’t want to be bitten.

Because I hate being in pain—it’s the thing I try to avoid most in the world.

But wouldn’t it be better to be a little in pain now than to die?

He was looking at me blankly.



“If you don’t like it, I won’t bite you.”

“Ah… .”

After he announced as much, he rested his head on my shoulder again. Then I felt his weight and with it, his heartbeat.

Kalisten’s slow heartbeat and my embarrassed, fast pounding palpitation overlapped and thumped together.


Finally, for once, I finished my chores early. So I had time to rest in my room.

After washing and changing, I began to think: I feel like I am getting closer to Kalisten.

If it goes on like this, in ten days time when he runs amok, wouldn’t he hesitate to kill me? Then I can run away.

Of course, it’s possible so far because I’ve been vigilant to foster only good sentiments between us.

Contemplating, I lay comfortably in the room. I was fiddling with the necklace hanging around my neck, when I spotted the necklace Alexis Rainier had given me lying on one side of the room and picked it up. When I put it in the light, it was shining brightly. It really did seem like a really expensive necklace.

“Are these diamonds?”

It looked like genuine diamonds.

I don’t know gems well, so I could only guess.

Inspecting it, I couldn’t tell anything other than that it looked very lustrous and pricey.

– beep

At the sound, I threw the necklace to one side and jumped up.

“Number A-702.”

“Number A-702!”

Apparently, the red-haired researcher in our area had been replaced. Seeing that a gray-haired researcher keeps managing A-class for a while now.

Maybe Felix had a hand in it?

“Are you the one in charge of Z-999 these days?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

He pulled out a pen from his chest pocket, placed it on his chin, and turned his head to and fro.

I had to keep my eyes on my toes and try not to make eye contact. Because the moment our eyes meet, I might be discarded.

Then, looking down with interest, he started to speak. It seemed that the attitude in his voice had changed.

“You will continue to be in charge of Z-999 from now on.”

“Yes sir.”

“Looks like you’re good at assisting.”

“Thank you.”

“Z-898 seems to be interested in you too.”

“Oh… thank you.”

“You don’t need to provide assistance to any other grades in the future. And…..”


“Keep in mind that if Z-999 awaken, I may be able to pardon you.”

“Ah, yes!”

He didn’t come alone. The other researchers behind him seemed to write down his words. Come to think of it, today was the first day of the month.

The first day of the month.

When the district custodians and area administrators evaluate all subjects within the area. Fortunately, it seems I have avoided being disposed of this month as well.


“Yes, deputy chief.”

At that, I lifted his head and looked again. It wasn’t the gray-haired researcher who was managing me these days. It was someone with the same hair color, but when I looked up it was a woman.

“Take this to Z-999. It will be difficult if it’s broken.”

“Yes, deputy chief.”

On closer inspection she was tremendously beautiful. I didn’t know she would be this pretty.

“What are you looking at?”


My head turned around and I shrank back.

“You dare to raise your head without permission?”

“I’m sorry… .”

My cheeks tingled. Her nails were long, with red tips. My cheek hurt so much, I wondered if I had been cut by her nails when she slapped me.

“What is your name?”

I puffed my mouth in embarrassment and spoke in a shrill voice.

“M-my name is Aselia.”

“Act appropriately from now on. If you make a mistake, I will throw you away.”

“… Yes.”

“There are many that can replace you.”

I struggled to answer her warning. Then the deputy chief smiled as if she found it amusing, turned away and left.

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