ISY – 11

“You’re late.” The person waiting behind the door is Z-898. Alexis Rainier, the Esper with the ability to fortify his body.  The person who found out I was a woman. He looked at me curiously and stepped back. “Yes, I’m sorry I’m late.” “Name.” “I am number A-702!” “Name.” “What?” “Your name.” After some initialContinue reading “ISY – 11”

ISY – 5

Thank you Kyiqq for the Ko-fi! (1/4) How long have I been in this r-rated-only-for-19-years-old-and-above-wretched-BL-novel called “And Everyone Was Silent”? Well, it has been about a year since I have possessed this body. In my previous life, I was an ‘ordinary graduate student’—pfft—Who the hell says that? If the juvenile detention center is where boysContinue reading “ISY – 5”