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“Welcome, it’s an honor to have you.”

The most prestigious jeweler in the capital, Tirim, received an unexpected guest today. It was High General Lucerne and his wife.

Normally, Tirim was a high-profile store that immediately turned away customers that arrived without a reservation. But as soon as the clerks saw Lucerne’s face, the front door was wide open.

Elisha frowned at the dazzling jewels that glinted into her eyes. There were so many gorgeous and beautiful things that she didn’t know where to look first.

“Why did you want to come here all of a sudden? Didn’t you say that we were going to discuss temple business over dinner tonight?”

“To make you feel better before dinner.”

“I never asked you to buy me jewelry.”

“A surprise gift feels better,”

Lucerne replied evenly. Elisha was dumbfounded.

‘Just on a whim.’

After all, he seemed to enjoy spending generously on his wife.

“What would you like to see first?”

Lucerne winked. Elisha looked at the nearest display exhibit showcasing a myriad of gems. If she insisted on not buying anything here, she would humiliate him.

Besides, she had no reason to refuse. Jewelry was an asset that could be turned into cash at any time.

“I think this one is pretty.”

Elisha pointed to the most conspicuous among the jewels in front of her. She honestly liked it too.

‘Yes, I can take this much. It’s not even that much to this household.’

The platinum necklace had a clean design with a blue sapphire in the center. It was elegant and to Elisha’s taste. Moreover, she thought it would go well with the silver bracelet recently fixed by Lapis and Lazri.

“Do you like this?”


When Lucerne blinked, the manager quickly took out the necklace and showed it to him. When taken out of the display, it looked even more dazzling and refined.

“I’ll take this,”

Elisha affirmed. When Lucerne nodded and the manager had a winning smile and said it was an excellent choice.

“What’s this?”

Suddenly, something caught Lucerne’s eyes. It was a lustrous chain that was polished and processed in such a way to make it more luminous than ordinary gold. With a small diamond in the middle, it looked lovely and bewitching.

The manager answered,

“It is a trendy accessory these days. It’s a product you wear on your ankle.”


His interest was piqued. Elisha’s cheeks turned red.

“… … Why are you putting these things in the display window?”

Imperial women usually wore long dresses and didn’t reveal their ankles.

So, wearing an anklet was for the bedroom. In a nutshell, it was a rather racy item.

“I’m sorry, my lady. It’s a very popular item for newlyweds who have recently had good fortune. What’s more, if you wish, you can also have your spouse’s initials and your own initials engraved on the anklet together.”

Lucerne looked like he suddenly realized something. Elisha got goosebumps.

“Why do you like your initials so much? Do you want me to have your name tattooed on my body?”

She spoke in order to cut off and block any stupid ideas he might be thinking of.

“There’s nothing you can’t do.”

He smiled with his eyes and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Should I show you these anklets?”

He blinked to indicate an affirmative.

“Alright, would you like to see something else?”

He glanced at the display window, and said impatiently, as if he had already lost interest.

“From here to here, everything.”

Lucerne was trying to buy a whole exhibition. Her head became dizzy.

“Oh my goodness.”

The clerks who heard his declaration exclaimed without censor. Among the young female employees, their cheeks were blushing.

“Lucerne, are you serious? How can you buy the whole display window?”

Elisha whispered quickly.

“Of course not,”

Lucerne answered succinctly. Before Elisha could take a breath in relief, he continued:

“Everything, even the display window next to that one.”

Not one showcase, but two. Elisha felt unsteady for a moment. She wasn’t too happy.

“… … . Lucerne… … .”

Elisha was terrified. The manager responded quickly, hoping to pounce on the sale and confirm it before Lucerne could change his mind.

“Of course, I will prepare it right away.”

The staff began to move in a hurry. She looked at Lucerne.

“Are you really going to buy all of this?”

“Why not?”

“If I wear all of this, I will be like a walking gold and silver treasure trove and become a target for bandits.”

“The Seeds will go crazy before the bandits can even reach you.”

“… … .”

Indeed, he wasn’t relying a fable. Recently, wherever she went, the Seeds were with her.

“It’s so dazzling that I’ll blind them. If you wear all that under the sunlight it will only hurt the eyes.”

Even after she had uttered her words, she wondered why she couldn’t be honest with herself.

She was burdened, but on the other hand, she was also a little grateful. Elisha didn’t know how to express the latter, and could only show the former. At this rate she thought he would lose his temper.

“You harbor all sorts of cute thoughts. No matter how shiny your jewels are, you are even more stunning,”

he nonchalantly stated. At this point Elisha’s embarrassment turned into mortification. It was because some of the clerks were looking at the two with strange smiles while others were discreetly covering their mouths.


The manager coughed loudly once to rebuke the clerks. And in a careful tone she said gingerly to Lucerne.

“May we help you fill out the order form in the back room?”

“… … Let’s go.”

“The more you glare at me, the more beautiful you become. Don’t do it.”


Lucerne thoroughly began to enjoy teasing her these days. So Elisha was genuinely troubled.

“Take this as well, ”

Lucerne said evenly, pointing to the anklet, and the manager praised the two several times.

“The general really loves his wife.”

Trembling, the manager guided them into the room.

‘Has everyone gone nuts?’

Elisha was dazed.


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