ILLYML – 34.1

By the time Alastair began to speak, the carriage had already set off, with the sun setting in the distance. Looking at the darkness spreading over the reddish sky, I thought it was beautiful. However, the story I heard from him was not beautiful like the sky. I couldn’t distinguish whether it was the rumblingContinue reading “ILLYML – 34.1”

ILLYML – 32.2

Thank you Ko-fi supporter: im a huge fan ily This was literally the hall for hallucination. Just in case. The affectionate Alastair might suddenly change. There was nothing strange about him suddenly strangling me. “Impossible. Don’t worry, I’m not an illusion.” “You’re lying.” “Serina, I’m with you now.” Maybe it was an auditory hallucination thatContinue reading “ILLYML – 32.2”