YSR – 18

He would have a good grasp of Lillian’s ability, a knight under his command, and he was also good at reading one’s current skills.

If you want to avoid Enrique’s suspicions, you’d have to show at least your memory fails, but your body remembers.


However, it was the reality of Chae Soo-Yeon that even that was difficult.

At this point, I really want to make a deal with the devil. If I had money, I would have already hired a summoner by now.

Lillian headed home in distress over her dilemma.

A small three-story house welcomed her—so different from the residence of Marquis Evans.

“Oh, lady! You’re finally back!”

Of course, the first person to welcome Lillian was Sam. There were only four employees of this simple and pathetic house.

Fran, a butler who helps her father and manages internal affairs, Sam, who serves Lillian, cooks and gardeners who also took charge of cooking and housework in the kitchen. That was all.

“Yes. I’m here. Now go away.”

Lillian pushed Sam away as she was rushing at her. Then she strode up to her room. Lillian took off her clothes without much thought when her coat caught her eye, and she threw it away resentfully, shaking with anger.

The shape of the shit snail on her shoulder made her angry just by looking at it.

‘Is it because it’s a supporting role? You drew the family’s crest very poorly.’

Considering the fact that I was beaten because of that pattern, it was too much!

Lillian crawled into the bed, irritated. She was so worried yesterday that even though she was exhausted, she couldn’t sleep.

Still, because it was my bedroom, I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

Lillian soon sank into a deep, dreamless sleep.


“Yes, you rotten girl! You know what you’ve done wrong, you vulgar bitch!!”

Almost at the same time, Lillian woke up with a scream, and there was a shout. She was still half asleep, and panic coursed through her body, causing it to sway as she got up.

An unpleasant man’s yell rang out in my ear.

“You— you, you filthy bitch! You’re like your mother, a loose cunt! How dare a virgin who has never been married stay over a man’s house?”

What the hell?

While frowning, Lillian grasped the hand of the man who had grabbed her hair with all his might.

Lillian’s grip, trained to hold the sword, was surprisingly strong. Her hand crushed the man’s hand, and it fell limp.

“Oh, you bloody bastard! Trying to beat your father! How could I raise a bitch like you– when I’ve been so kind to you. Ah! Ouch!”

The older man, who grabbed his hand, contorted his face as he registered his pain and took a few steps back. Then his face was revealed in the flames of the fireplace.

A middle-aged man with dark hair, blue eyes, and a face that was swollen with alcohol.

After seeing this, Lillian realized it belatedly. This man was Lillian’s father, Baron Herbert Rossetti.

Herbert hasn’t been home for nearly a week. Maybe he just crawled in because he was broke from drinking to his heart’s content. His breath oozed a foul odor of alcohol and tobacco.

“My hand is broken! Ah, it hurts!! You bitch! How dare you!”

Lillian looked at Herbert with a doubtful look.

He came into his daughter’s room where she was asleep, grabbed her hair, and pretended to be the victim.

However, the servants did not seem to think so. Sam, startled by Herbert’s yell, rushed in.

“Master, are you all right? Can you give me your hand?… Argh!”

Herbert swung his hand and struck Sam. Sam was pushed back by a tremendous force. Her head hit the wall, and her arms and legs fell limp with a dull thump.

When Lillian saw it, she ran to Sam.

“Sam! What the hell is this?”

But Herbert kicked the fainted Sam on her shoulder, venting his temper. Lillian was also hit by the kick and fell backward. Herbert continued to hurl curses at Sam.

“You! I hired you to take good care of her, and what the hell did you do? You’re not monitoring her properly, so she’s become a whore and fighting back without shame! How brazen to sleep over a man’s house!”

Herbert even spit at Sam.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

A furious Lillian rose from the ground to her full height, fire in her eyes.

“Do you have no limits? Aren’t you ashamed to vent your anger on a fallen maid?”

“Y-you, you’re a real brat……!!”

Herbert’s face, terrified by his biological daughter, turned red. He probably remembered the strength of her grip and hesitated.

After seeing this, Lillian was a little more confident.

A well-trained body, even without knowing how to wield a sword, was still undoubtedly powerful.

I was also able to deal with two stout men, nevermind a drunk middle-aged man. I could handle him.

Lillian folded her arms and shot him an icy stare.

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  1. I hope he dies, I wish he’ll die soon. Sam is stupid, I’m so tired of her, she’s frustratingly blind and that makes me worry for her well being, geez. I can’t express enough how disgusted I am )”:<

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