TPCP – 29.2

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Elisha didn’t even need a lot of undergarments. She could wash and reuse them, but when she first met Lucerne, she embarrassingly remembered donning shabby underwear, so she ended up with a few sets. Fortunately, she could embellish and embroider them herself. 

‘But I’m glad I still have dresses to work on.’

Still, four dresses were not enough. Fortunately, there were several gowns in the mansion that no one wore. Those were the garments that the butler brought from the warehouse. 

‘Perhaps it is loot or possibly they were one of the many gifts he received from the imperial family?’ 

Elisha could only guess since the butler did not allow her to enter the treasury. Probably they were a gift from the imperial family for Lucerne’s future wife.

One dress, in particular, was dazzlingly beautiful. The gown was made of beautiful green silk fabric with an elegant embellishment on the chest. 

“My mother also had a dress like this.’

Elisha had only a few memories of her biological mother. She recalled her mother having few belongings but the most precious of them were a few old invaluable outfits.

She had inherited her mother’s elegant green dress.

‘If I had a chance to debut in society, I would have wanted to debut in that green gown…..….’ 

But that outfit had also been stolen by Jacob. Later in her past life, Elisha had found it in the warehouse while organizing Carola’s clothes. Carola glanced at the dress and said. 

“What is that trash? Burn it right now. Don’t think about stealing it. Do it properly!” 

Eventually, Elisha lit the dress on fire, in tears. She had been exceedingly dismal then. But she was now delighted to find a similar dress. Additionally, the gown from Lucerne’s warehouse was similar in color and design, but much more luxurious.

Elisha roughly remembered future dress trends. So as she recalled and searched through her memories she had modified the dress with a design that was only slightly ahead of the current trends. 

‘It’s so lovely.’

It felt alien and unbelievable to be in possession of such fine things. Even though she knew one day she would have to leave everything behind, she had still worked hard on it.

In Elisha’s previous life, she had only acted as a spectator to the overflowing wealth of the Cartier family every day while she had acquired nothing.

‘But don’t I seem lucky this time? I eat well and receive things like this too…….’ 

Moreover, people were surprisingly polite. If possible, she strived to not be despised or blameworthy by anyone until it was time for Elisha to leave this house.

It was then— 

Knock, knock

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” 

Elisha was baffled. The door opened and the butler entered the room

“What is the concern at this hour?”

The butler looked very uncomfortable. He said “Madam” and then kept silent for a long time as if trying to find the appropriate words. He then looked at Elisha. 


“Say it.”

“The High General will be back soon. Before that, he told me to deliver this medicine to you.”

Elisha watched the medicine for a long moment. It was a pink liquid in a bottle. 

“Is it poison?” 

“Oh no— of course not. It doesn’t harm the body, but it’s a kind of nutritional supplement. Soon, when the general returns, you will be busy in one way or another. I thought it’d be better to eat it in advance, so I bought it.” 

Elisha studied the drug for a sometime. 

“It is precious medication. I’ll take it a week before the general returns. Probably around next month.”

“The general will soon…….”

“I’ll have enough time to take it.”

The butler noticed that there was nothing more he could say. 

“Butler, this contraceptive is sufficient to be taken a week before sexual intercourse,” 

Elisha spoke frankly to put him at ease. Instead, the butler’s face turned bright red and he coughed heavily.

“Did you already know? That it is….” 

“I’d like to keep this secret. If it is known that the High General’s wife takes contraceptives, rumors will spread.”

The butler nodded. 

“Good night.”

Elisha spoke first. It was like an order. 

The butler quietly closed the door, feeling embarrassed. 


It was also startling that she was exceptionally quick-witted.

But he had noticed something unusual. 

‘I’ll eat it a week before. When the general comes.’ 

It sounded as if she roughly knew when Lucerne would return. 

‘I heard that the war that was originally estimated to be concluded within two weeks had dragged on as the number of monsters increased.’ [t1v: This could be the butler recalling Elisha’s words, or his/her own thoughts the Korean doesn’t seem to make it clear]

Lucerne brought her, so fittingly she was a strange and intriguing woman. The butler tilted his head several times.

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