HCM – 29

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‘It’s amazing how much it hurts after doing it too much.’

Frisia’s cheeks warmed as she recalled last night. Aslei bit, licked and sucked on her, coveting her desperately.

He was so tenacious and intense last night that all other affairs they had in the past paled in comparison. Still, he made her reach so many climaxes that she seemed to only move from one rapture to another ecstatic pleasure.

‘That we have to break up… … . It’s slightly regrettable.’

It wasn’t as if she had slept with another sub-male protagonist or anyone else other than Aslei so she had no reference to compare their nights to. Regardless, she instinctively discerned that if Aslei was like this, divorcing him would be very regrettable.

‘Still, I can’t. I can’t overlook the possibility of infidelity.’

But if she had to do it anyway, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to allow herself to enjoy her duties a little more. Right after that thought, she was surprised at herself that it had come up so naturally.

She had been initially very depressed about the fact that she had to sleep with Aslei.

‘Is it because I’m not someone who means nothing to Aslei?’

It was not as much as Aslei seemed to care for Frisia, but she also cared for him. He was the one who taught her that there could be good sweet men.

He was a type of man she had never met in his previous life, and was met in the world of books.

He was a character that might have been only possible because he was the male lead in a book. Somehow in the midst of so much pain, he could still be so kind.

Frisia caught herself thinking, ‘Maybe… … ‘ —but cut it off. She didn’t want to throw herself at that small possibility.

Although she had the grand status of being a ducal princess, she knew she had no great power.

It would not be easy for her to marry the person she wanted. Unless she was under Aslei’s custody, or she ran away and lived in hiding in disguise, she would end up in another unwanted marriage.

‘I have no strength.’

She was not a saint, nor was she an elementalist, a wizard, or a knight. Even though she was the lady of an aristocratic family, she was nothing more than a powerless person unless she had the support of the patriarch.

Frisia felt regretful and resentful about it. She wished she had some power of her own.

So she felt that she had no choice but to make a safer choice. If she made one misstep, her life would be nothing but a disastrous ruin.

Frisia still remembered the passage in her original book where she died atrociously. She never wanted to perish like that.

❁ ❁ ❁

In their previous lives, Aslei and Frisia divorced in less than three years. Marianne frowned as she checked her notes. It was because rumors about the couple’s feud was not spreading.

‘Your fate has changed so much!’

It’s probably because Frisia’s personality was different from what she remembered.

It seemed that she now did not commit any of her misdeeds, and she did not seem to have any extramarital affairs unlike her previous self.

Was that why? There was no gossip circulating about the discord between the Duke and Duchess of Tintalion. This was especially the case because there were many arranged marriages among noble families, and couples who simply lived by duty were common.

‘Is it because I have sped up and forwarded many events?’

But that was bound to be the case. Because she wanted to have more power than she had in her previous life.

This made it possible for Marianne to become a Viscount rather than a Baron’s daughter. She had not elevated the family’s title, but was given a title in her own right.

This was a remarkable growth, but not a huge one. Because she already had a love interest that was a marquis. Plus, Marianne’s title was lower than she had anticipated.

‘I thought I could at least become a count!’

It had not grown to become the huge problem it had been before because the case was resolved before it escalated. It was also because Frisia, that 1 villainess, had meddled in before, blocking her path. They hadn’t become enemies yet.

Her stomach churned when she thought of Frisia. Precisely, it must be because of her that Aslei was still stolen away.

When she realized that she had regressed, she tried to save Aslei. But she had no way to attack the problem cleanly.

He had already been kidnapped. She had no idea who had captured Aslei or where he was being held.

Marianne was only spying for a chance, as she could have been kidnapped herself.

‘Why hasn’t Aslei crossed my path?’

Maybe it was because she was a different person than she was before. Before her return, she married Aslei and rose to the rank of Duchess, and even executed that villainess Frisia and other evildoers.

But the ending was not pretty. Because she had an affair with Jeremy. She had insisted that the child in her womb was Aslei’s, but had been found out by a paternity test.

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