HCM – 28

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“Yes. Ah, y-you can put it... … . Uhh!”

When she asked him to put it in, his excitement exceeded his limits. His penis rushed into Frisia.

“Ahhh… … .”

It felt good even though the hot and large thing squeeze in and opened her up a lot. Frisia rationalized that this was a side effect of overusing an excess amount of aphrodisiac in the past. Otherwise why would she feel like this?

Aslei, who supported her body, pushed in all the way to his root. The big thing completely penetrated her inside and went into her depths.

The resounding of her thumping heart could be felt through it as well.

“Haa haa.”

Holding onto Aslei’s firm shoulders, she endured it. As Frisia grabbed onto his neck and hugged her naked body against his, Aslei felt the hairs all over his body stand up.

This moment was terrifyingly good.

Aslei had lifted her with his penetration since they started while standing, so he decided to move to the bed.

Fortunately, they started kissing by the bedside. Drunk with ecstasy, Aslei took steps. Friscia struggled, her legs wrapping around him, making him go crazy and blind with pleasure.

It was fantastic to taste her insides as she squirmed while making Frisia look hazzy and stunning with pleasure.

“Uh! Oh!”

As he climbed onto bed and laid her down, Frisia looked at him with joy-soaked eyes. It was only once before that Aslei had seen her look like this.

He wasn’t allowed except that day, so behind his blindfold he had imagined that expression while listening to her moans.

As if drunk Aslei hugged her and kissed her again and again. Clinging to each other, becoming one, soon their saliva also mixed, lewd and sloppy with overwhelming lust, driving him crazy.

Reacting sensitively, she instinctively contracted her insides that wrapped around his cock. As she looked at her, he felt helplessness. Aslei felt like he was not in control.

She tasted so sweet he wanted to make her feel more—and more. He felt as if her already hot body was about to explode with passionate lust that had grown infinitely.

“Oh, Ah! Ah, As… … lei! Ah—ohhh!

Frisia twisted her waist and struggled as he continued to thrust into her. Aslei swallowed even her moans and devoured her with a ferocity.

She was moaning lovingly under his hand.

It was hard for him to understand how he had been able to control and restrain himself so far. He wanted to spend the rest of his life loving only Frisia like this.

… … Can’t it be?

❁ ❁ ❁

There was no energy in her body. She accepted Aslei, who coveted her like a beast, with her whole body, so it was only natural. Still, she didn’t feel bad, and she just felt good.

An ecstatic drowsiness filled and soaked her whole body.

‘What time is it?’

Cuddled in Aslei’s arms, she looked out her window, the sunlight streaming through her embroidered curtains. The sun was soft and cozy, so she could sleep some more.

‘Isn’t it enough to say that I overslept?’

Pretty early she had grabbed Aslei’s wrist and she went into his bedroom. It was because of the vain expectation that if she started early, they would be able to finish sooner.

No matter how much she tried, my legs didn’t have any strength. For nearly ten days, she had exerted her strength on Aslei, but when she had allowed him to touch her, he had tried various positions.

Aslei hugged her tightly in every position as though he would never let go of her.

‘The curse?’

Being held by him even in his sleep, Frisia carefully moved her body to create a gap so she could look at Aslei’s chest. She saw a black circle drawn on her chest, resembling the sun… … .

‘What? Is it broken?’

The drawing of a rim-like circle looked like it had snapped. There were cracks and shatter marks as if a round gem had been beaten.

It was as if he had taken a slice from a large cake and ate it.

‘You did the right thing yesterday.’

Perhaps because the circle had been broken, the traces of black blood vessels rising out of the circle had disappeared. All that was left was a broken circle.

If it continued like this, it would have been enough to spend about five days like this. There were more than 20 days left until the contract period ended, so it was enough time.

‘What a relief.’

Frisia was truly relieved. It was better like that for both for Aslei and herself. Once Aslei was cured from this hex he could run away from this marriage.

She thought her back was not good but she thought it was alright. There was a slight throbbing.

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