HCM – 30

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Jeremy wasn’t the only one she had had an affair with. She was loved by many people, some of whom had different charms than Aslei.

It was only natural for her that someone who had everything would want to get one more— no, two—three more.

Aslei was extremely devoted to her, and she had even calculated that he would not be able to forsake her even if he had found out about her affairs.

But Marianne had forgotten. Frisia had also cheated on him and he divorced her.

Jeremy dug a trap for Aslei to witness her cheating spectacle, and Marianne was caught motionless and Aslei was stunned.

Their extreme love instantly cooled down. It was like realizing that the shining jewel was actually useless gravel.

She had regretted it and hung on to him, but Aslei did not accept her. All of Marianne’s deeds were indicted by Jeremy, and she shuddered to the point of disgust.

There were moments of anger, tears and regret.

‘You can’t do this!’

As she fell from the Duchess’ position, everything that shined seemed to have vanished. The baby in her womb and Jeremy stayed by her side, but Marianne wanted the best.

She had everything in the palm of her hands at one point, and she couldn’t be satisfied merely with Jeremy.

That’s why she was desperately looking for a way.

After rummaging through the ancient books in the magic tower, she finally found a way to turn back time by using Jeremy as her sacrifice.

She was an elementalist, loved by many spirits, not a wizard, so she succeeded. She lost a lot in return for turning back time, but she was fine. Because she got a chance once more!

‘I’m no longer an elementalist, and there are many deficits but… … .’

Marianne was first an elemental loved by many spirits, but the spirits abandoned her. The spirits had loved her until she committed an affair and had another man’s child.

But they were further repulsed when Marianne had made Jeremy her sacrifice.

She thought she would be different if she returned, but it didn’t. Now, she couldn’t even see spirits.

Marianne was furious, but couldn’t do anything about it. She instead had the advantage that she already knew her future.

It was an extraordinary ability and advantage to know the future. Thanks to this, Marianne was able to solve cases without being an elementalist and earn wealth and status. Although she did not elevate her family title to marquis as she had before her return, she herself became a viscount.

No one could ignore her because she had such a fortune. Except for the three ducal families!

‘There is also a formidable obstacle.’

The magic book that contained the regression ritual had a warning. If she returned, she would have an adversary who would interfere with her work.

At first, Marianne wasn’t sure who it would be, but she soon knew.

She had no choice but to know. Because Frisia Atreille had become a completely different person!

She had begun to wonder if she had turned back time just like her, but it hadn’t seemed like that was the case. In the first place because of their differences in statuses, she was difficult to get close to.

After Frisia married Aslei, she seldom came out of the duchy, making it difficult for her to make friends.

‘The two of them have to divorce soon… … .’

Marianne’s ultimate goal was Aslei. Only those who have received such a supreme love like him would know. That she could never be satisfied with anything else.

She wanted Aslei, and he belonged to her.

Before her return, she was unable to convince Aslei to reconcile. The relationship between the two was irreversibly broken. She was one of the best elementalists, but Aslei was also strong.

So Marianne chose to regress. She had to pierce Jeremy’s heart with a dagger, whom she had cherished in her own way, but she had no regrets. Besides, Jeremy had brought it on himself and started it all.

However, when she started again, her life did not turn out the way Marianne had planned. Most of the men who had loved her before loved her again, but Aslei was different.

It was as if he had noticed that she was not the one he had loved before. When Marianne had first met him, she couldn’t have imagined an affair. She was naive and stupid, and much too upright.

‘What’s so different about me! You were the one who loved me first!’

Aslei’s brief interest in Marianne was short-lived. After that, he did not pay any attention to her.

She tried to get close to Aslei through the men around her, but they only interfered. Marianne was nervous and anxious.

Because now her world was not like the world she knew.

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