CAM – 24

His head stroked against her vagina, blindly looking for her hole, and then went inside strongly. She was pulled by her waist and pierced by his hard penis, like beads threaded through a stiff thread.

A strange and weird moan broke out. The black skirt of her maid uniform fluttered and covered their tightly interlocked lower bodies like a tent.

It was heavy and deep. Shada was at a loss, weeping, flinching, and bound by the Count’s arms. She instinctually rubbed her clit as she wiggled her lower full belly, grabbing Huey’s wrinkled shirt, raised her nails, eventually calling him and wrapping her arms desperately around his neck that had an extended tendon.

“Master. Oh, Master.”

Damn it. It was cute.

‘She is so lovely, so adorable that I want to chew everything.’

This woman who clings to him like a pathetic baby cat or helpless white rabbit is so pretty.

Huey hugged her tightly and felt her interlocking heart beating. He felt like he was going to burst from below.

“Hnghh… … .”

As if calming down for a moment, the hands holding her tightly grasped her white ass checks and moved her waist slowly.

Her body swung as he pumped her like a rabbit.

The chair in the office shook.

‘Oh, it’s broad daylight now. I should be working. I am out of my mind.’

Shada grumbled and faced the Count as he gripped her firmly, hammering her from bottom to top.

His breath was hot with a fine sweat. A few strands of sparkling platinum hair, like sharp knives, were stuck to his handsome forehead, and his green eyes that stared at her shined darkly and deeply.

His lips were slightly open, panting, and whenever Shada accidentally contracted her lower kegel muscles, his smooth marbled cheeks twitched.

Everything was so dark and clear under the bright sunlight. The harsh noise and heated atmosphere of sex filled the room, causing her skin to tingle.

Under the skirt, he was penetrating her, and his head was filled with the taste of moving in and out.

He looked at the woman he was holding like a precious vessel and was silent. It was only hot eyes and gentle movements. A hot sigh and a minute groan flowed from the open mouth occasionally.

Shada knew he was completely immersed in her.

It was hard not to know when their bodies were connected.

Big hands embrace her softly bent waist.

Shada felt like a poppy flower rooted in hard soil. Huey’s hot and persistent gaze collapsed with pleasure. The hot object that dug inside her pulsates, pokes her, and shakes her.

The two, man and woman, looked into each other’s eyes while listening to the sound of their rhythm.

The damp, shaky pink eyes met the solid, blazing green eyes as the lower body was entangled sticky in love.

Haaa haaa… … . My hot breath broke out. They looked at each other for a long or short time and reached their peak together.

Shada trembled as Huey kissed her hard.

As he gently mixed his tongue, his lust filling her with his hardness again betrayed his urgency.

His whole body was stained with a sensualness that stimulated Shada as much as the greed he revealed.

Sticky with sweat, Shada panted and drooped in his arms.

She was tired and drowsy as if she had been squeezed dry, leaving only a ragged outer shell.

Huey stroked her sweaty black hair and rubbed her back.

If it weren’t for his cock that was still inside of her, it would look like he was dealing with a child.

He whispered while kissing her ear. Well done.

She was praised. She didn’t even know what she did. Actually, he did everything.

I was tired, and I felt like I wanted to sleep like this. But there was work to be done.

Although it was a sensitive subject, Shada did not like to play and eat like his mistress, although she did something like this with the owner of the mansion, the Count.

Even though he was a Count, it would be obvious that Shada would play and eat as his mistress, and others would laugh at her. Even if that wasn’t the case, she didn’t want to live her life that way; she wanted to maintain her independence and make her own path.

Besides, she did it again. It wasn’t one-sided; she liked it and was so excited that she was dizzy—left with complicated thoughts.

She muttered helplessly, pushing the sweaty the Count, who was kissing her lightly on the back of her white neck.

“I’ve got to go.”

“… already?”

“I have to clean up.”

Huey, brokenhearted, stared at her stubbornly, trying to get down.

It wouldn’t be hard for him to manipulate her thoughts and convince her otherwise, but Huey was too nervous and curious to push it.

He smiled as he watched her, avoiding his gaze due to her shyness.

“Is that so? Okay, then.”

He nodded, and Shada trembled as he bit her.

When his full erection that had filled her came out, Shada felt empty.

He lowered her, swaying, as if hugging her, and except for the slightly disheveled hair, heated skin, light sweat, and loose waist dance, he was neat and tidy with his vest and the angled shirt and straight tie.

There was a visual sense of disparity between the sexy rigid gentlemanly neatness and the opposite, wild, promiscuous lower part of his body.

Moreover, it was as if he couldn’t feel any shame; he was only facing her, who couldn’t lift her face because he hadn’t organized his clothes.

“Master, please… put— Some clothes… … .”


“Your clothes… I can see everything.”

Why should she feel ashamed when it was him that was exposed? It was funny to think they were just having passionate sex, but she was so shy she could die.

Huey tilted his head and smiled mischievously.

“Oh. This?”


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