YMA – 35

“Why only me…… ! Hhhh! Ah, no! Ah-ah-ang!”

Her lower flower lips fluttered around his thick fingers. Her waist shook as he rolled and teased her flower buds smoothly with his fingers soaked in love liquid. Medea struggled with fright at the pleasure pouring into her body—overwhelmed with sensitivity, but Lyle never let go of her back or stopped harassing her.

“Ah … . Ah, ah. Ahhh… … .”

Eventually, Medea, who had orgasmed over and over again, was exhausted and drooping.

Lyle put her down on the bed with a bloody grin.

“What a cutey.”

Chuckling, he kissed Medea’s sweaty and weary forehead. With pleasure-soaked eyes, Medea, watching Lyle, glanced at his lower body.

Is it morning wood or Lyle… … . He had already been erect, and he looked lustful, but he seemed to have a conscience, and he had no intention of penetrating Medea.

Lyle swept up Medea’s hair and whispered, “Get some rest.”

Lyle got up and headed to the edge of the bed, but Medea’s foot struck Lyle’s leg.

When Lyle turned around, Medea shook her hips and ass towards him.

“… … .”

“… …”

Both Lyle’s face and Medea’s face became red. Medea glanced at Lyle and then turned to the other side. Her appearance lit a fire in Lyle’s chest, who had intented to gently leave the bedroom.

“This… … little tomboy!”

“Ha –Ohhh!”

Lyle, hugging Medea from behind, entered her with his penis without hesitation.

A shameful smile spread on Medea’s innocent face as he penetrated her and rode her from behind.


‘… … I didn’t mean to do this but—’

Again Lyle, who was late for the political meeting, was frustrated.

This time, he was about four hours late. Better than his 5 hours from before, but tardiness still was tardiness.

“Would you like to postpone the meeting, Your Majesty?”

“It will be too much of a bother.”

Lyle responded in a sulky tone at Sid’s suggestion, but unlike yesterday, he looked excited, and there was a skip to his step.

There was a glow to Lyle’s face. It was an eyesore for Sid, who was recently dumped by his lover.

‘No, no. If the overtime work disappears with this… … I will no longer be dumped—she will take me back!’

Sid had to be tied to the Emperor’s office, while Lyle had an unwavering love for work.

The Emperor was busy with work, called him, and left him at a moment’s notice—how unfair! Sid was misunderstood by his lover.

Since the Emperor was courting the Empress, Sid hoped he could say goodbye to those days he was in a deeper relationship with his work desk than his lover.

“Will you go to the palace again today?” Sid asked, sneaking a glance at Lyle.

Then Lyle’s thinly veiled happy expression became subdued.

‘Oh, what’s wrong with you again… why is your Majesty getting so serious for… … . Why is this man so complicated?’

“Why? Does the Empress not want you to come?”

“No, it’s not that….. but… … .”

His enmity against Medea was not completely resolved. Of course, the time spent together this morning was sweet.

Still… … I keep wondering if it’s okay to forgive Medea like this.

Was it even forgivable in the first place?

When I recalled that, I still felt discomfort. Intertwined with the buried disgusting memories of sexual abuse in my childhood… … I felt like I was going to vomit, but Medea, precisely what she was now, today, was like a different person.

Just as people have been divided and utterly different before and after losing their memories, each look, glance, and expression were utterly different.

Now Medea laughed, and I laughed in return just by hearing her voice.

No matter where I looked, I couldn’t recall the former Medea. But the two are one, and at some point, there will come a time when they would overlap.

And Lyle was afraid of it.

‘At that moment, you’ll lose your lovely Medea. You’ll never see Medea in the same way—like she is now.’

Until he completely resolved his trauma concerning Medea, but… … But forgiving it was not an easy matter.

It also felt unfair that I had to forgive it in order to love Medea: why and why should I let go of my hatred?

My anguish, hurt nor troubles had not yet been resolved.

And when he attempted to speak with her about it she had not been willing to apologise or understand him. In fact, Medea said she exercised her rights as his wife.

How could I forgive someone that never even apologized?

Now Medea has forgotten that… … Maybe I would never ever be able to receive an apology.

‘Sorry? Did I want to get an apology?’

He felt that the whole situation was unfair, unpleasant, and disgusting.

Rather he hoped that the person who made him feel this way would also suffer such distress, and instead of receiving a ‘sorry’ Lyle just wanted to get away from all of it…….

Feeling a sense of extreme injustice and anger at having to be entangled and bear the brunt of all these emotions and hurt he didn’t bargain for.

It may be inevitable that humans will hurt each other, but there were still some things we shouldn’t do.

“…… no. I won’t go today,” said Lyle with a cold, subdued face.


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  1. wood? ahahahaha! just how hard it look to be called wood XD XD XD
    and court ministers’s feeling must have been weird XD should they be thankful that they did not had to wait for 5 hours? or be grumpy about it XD lamo! Medea sure is having fun there :p

  2. He should quit lying to himself. But his inner monologue felt very real. In the past it wasn’t seen as a crime for men to “rape” their wives as they were married. It wasn’t even considered rape. This is that exact situation only with reversed genders. I’m glad the story for all the smut and humor doesn’t just sweep his trauma away like it didn’t happen but addresses his conflicted emotions.

  3. no but he’s right. we know MC isnt at fault but they can’t move forward if they don’t resolve Lyle’s trauma. also being able to separate the past Medea to the present one.

  4. Yeah, let’s put the funny setting aside for a moment and be serious: he’s so freaking right!!!!

    He was r*ped by his wife and sexual harrassed many times since he was a young boy. I’m really impressed and happy with our ML because he’s a good man who understand what’s right and what’s nof.

    Also, I applaud him for being so aware of his inner state and for not being unfair with others (it’s so odd to have male characters as normal and healthy as this dude).

    This man is one of the few MLs that are Emperors that I can truly like and respect. 👏👏👏🤧

    I’m excited to see how this couple will develop (the trashy Medea is gone, so ofc he won’t have to hear such painful words from his abuser once again).😊💗

    1. I completely agree with just about everything you said, though I wouldn’t say he’s all that emotionally healthy yet what with the trauma, maybe more that he’s got his head on pretty straight.

  5. I agree with lyle and I love that he’s this sensible. His hatred against medea is reasonable and justified. But at the same time, I want to point out that his first night with the new medea was not entirely consensual. Yes she did like it in the end but she was not willing to do it to the point she ran away. Add the fact that she had amnesia and lyle was basically a stranger to her and she wasn’t ready to have sex. But she was pressured by the maids and by lyle.

  6. He is rly moody O.O choose you wanna forgive her and spend night with her or are you jist playing around?! I don’t want my girl to he hurt by you :/

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