CAM – 23

“In this situation, right now, it sounds like you are asking for more if you say that with that tone, that face, and those eyes.”

No— what—not at any point!

Shada was frightened by the advice of an all-knowing pervert.

She was alarmed and tried to shake his hand away. His hand fell easily, but again, like a sucker, it touched her thigh. She felt a bit of affection from his touch fondling the back of her knees and her tender flesh.

Shada was embarrassed.

Why do you feel this way about a man who clearly wants to pounce on you? Shada are you crazy?

“D-don’t do it,” Shada stuttered.

Even when I listened to myself, it was ridiculous because I had no power in my voice. I was confused about what I wanted to do myself.

The restless red face looked so naive and defenseless. So, with an uncertain stuttering word, Shada looked even worse.

Are you doing this on purpose? The Count groaned with the teeth clenched.

“I was just kidding.”


No, how is this a joke?

At her stunned reply, he held his chin like an innocent boy.

His outrageous words left her speechless. He laughed meanly at her dazed face.

“When I saw Shada’s reaction, I really wanted to do it. Would you like to do it?”

You can look elegant even if you are lewd, Shada realized.

She shook her head, suddenly coming to her senses, and got up. It was burdensome and scary, and above all, it was her work hours.

At her refusal, he lifted his hand from her thigh and only touched Shada’s fingers and hair as if he was regretful. It was an acceptable amount of contact, so Shada left it alone after a moment of consideration.

Maybe it was because he’s so handsome, or he’s my master … because even though Huey touched Shada from time to time, she honestly didn’t feel bad. It is also because of this that her rejection had no effect and wasn’t convincing.

Huey, who read her like an open book, raised the level of skinship day by day.

Was it a big deal to hold hands when our bodies have already mixed?

Huey, who was fiddling with Shada’s hand, abruptly stated:

“You have short nails.”

“Because they get in the way of work.”

Moreover, when I was doing chores, my nails were worn out without any growth. But I didn’t bother to add that part in.

He kept his eyes on the small but hard back of her hand and fingers.

“It’s pretty.”


“It’s pretty because they are short. It is much more pleasing to look at than well-groomed hands that have only been taken care of without any struggle.”

His lips touched her rough, callus fingers.

Admiring words and his sincere compliments pierced her heart and heated it up.

Shada turned red and gulped, nervous that the room would hear her beating heart.

She looked at this man who, as if bewitched, gently caressed her ugly, short fingers.

What. Isn’t it a foul to say that with those eyes and expressions?

Enchanted, their eyes met.

When Shada slowly closed and opened her eyes, Huey’s face was very close.

Pulling her wrist and seating Shada on his thigh, he swallowed her lips right away—and Shada was unable to find the will to push him away.

A soft and warm sensation lingered in her mouth.

Her hand that had come up to push him wandered in the air and slowly rested on his hard chest. Their tender kiss quickly became urgent. Shada couldn’t keep up, so helplessly, she was dragged around, blind sighted by his tongue and passion that ardently coveted her.

She was giddy and dazed.

He released her only when he came up for breath.

Shada looked at his roaring neckline, sharp jawline, and slippery masculine lips with a helpless expression and soft, tingling eyes.

Belatedly she noticed that her skirt was almost completely rolled up, and the man’s hand was grasping the inside of her thigh and thick ass.

He smiled like a wild, mischievous Siamese cat at her frightened pink eyes.

Long fingers came under her panties.

A thrilling heat spread as he touched her bare skin under the thin fabric.

Shada’s eyes blushed helplessly. Watching her face with painstaking attention, Huey licked his lips as his mouth became dry.

“Say what you mean.”

“Master, wait—oh!”

“You’re so erotic.”

Like wriggling little demons, his hand touched and stabbed her wet pussy until she soaked his trousers.

Shada crumpled the Count’s shirt without knowing it and then quickly relaxed her grip, suddenly mindful of how expensive that silk was.

But he pulled back by her waist as if it didn’t matter, sticking her closer to him.

She wailed and struggled at his playful hand, touching her underneath her dress as her arms wrapped around his hard neck.

In the quiet, leisurely afternoon office, a loud, lewd sound echoed through her ears.

Shada shook her head as if crying as his squishy ministrations gradually increased.

I was embarrassed.

I hated myself for reacting like this and looked resentfully at Huey, who looked so charming as I struggled with punishments.

“Do you like it? It’s so wet.”

“Uh, oh, oh-ah!”

She cried briefly, then moaned and bit her lips.

Complex emotions of joy, pleasure… and strangely, embarrassment and disappointment filled Shada.

I wanted to talk to him about it. I hated him. a lot.

Her tearful pink eyes resentfully glared at him. He groaned quietly, muttering a profanity.

Huey laughed dangerously, teasing her with his adult male hands and tearing her poorly stretched white underwear to pieces.

As Shada stumbled rebelliously at the ripping sound and sensation, he wrapped her waist firmly like grabbing prey. Like a snake wrapping up and crushing a poor victim.

“Where are you going.”

“No- no… … .”

“No way. It’s good.”

He growled low, biting her chin and sucking her lower lip with a snarl. The transparent saliva stretched between like a spider web.

The sound of a buckle releasing came from below. Shada felt the head of his firmly manly erection with her back lifted, standing up and rubbing against her crotch as his shoulders stiffened.

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