CAM – 16

I almost hiccuped when he knelt down in front of the bed and made eye contact with me without any warning. 

Originally, he was sweet and friendly, but he was even more caring and attentive after last night. 

It felt like a thin wall of breathtaking tension had been lifted. It was as if he had nothing to distance himself from or guard against as he lifted my limp hand and kissed it tenderly as I looked on stupidly. 

There was no sense of reality as those stunning features, and shaded eyes looked back at me. 

“Are you okay?” 

He took off his lips and ended up having to ask again, jolting me into reality so I would answer. 

“Yeah. I’m fine… sir.” (she belatedly adds an honorific to her words)

“Really?” (t/n: Huey regularly speaks to Shada in an even more respectful honorific form) 

Huey held her chin as he inspected her and touched her disheveled black hair. 

Shada turned her eyes because it was challenging to meet his green eyes concentrating. But on the one hand, she wanted to see if those elegant eyes were focused on her. 

It’s strange. 

As if yesterday, while mixing with him, I simultaneously desired to push him away and wished he would not stop. 

Huey silently stared at her and noted that she was hesitatingly avoiding his eyes. Huey bowed his head and kissed her forehead. Then he smiled at her, staring deep into her pink eyes that had his gaze with surprise. 

His husky breath touched her skin. 

It was thrilling. 

“Then, can I do it again?” 


—Are you even human! I almost shouted back at him.

Huey chuckled at her frightened face. Only then I realized that he had been teasing me, mischievously grinning at me as I sulked and sealed my mouth disapprovingly. How evil.

I realized after sleeping that this man looks and acts like a gentleman is secretly surly and persistent. He is also very impudent. 

He’s like a fox. The ravenous and wild love affair yesterday, and witnessing his face that was distorted by lust, the unruly ardor and sharp gaze that was revealed from time to time resembled a hungry wolf more than an elegant aristocrat. 

“I’m kidding. Your body hurts, and I don’t want to.” 

He gently kissed Shada’s round cheeks. 

After she swallowed a sigh of relief at his reassuring words, she moaned. 

It was because he licked the area where his lips touched before. 

Amidst his innocent straight forward eyebrows, his brilliant green eyes gleamed at her.

‘It’s amazing how he does not hesitate to do such obscene things with such a reverent, pious face. 

Haaa haa— His rumbling breath is low and wetly sticks to my skin. 

“Actually, I want to do it. Can’t it?”


“How confident you are.” 

Huey’s mouth rolled up. It was a soft and profound smile, but in Shada’s eyes seemed to be heartbreaking. 

He kept fiddling with her black hair, touching her fingers, wrists, cheeks, and earlobe, as if he didn’t want to let her go. He couldn’t hide his desire, as if this had been on his mind the whole day, and somehow, he had endured it. The Count’s eyes had a strange heat. She called the Count. 


He replied by kissing her hands held in his big, callused ones. 

“Please speak.” 

“I am a maid.” 

He lifted his head. 

“I know.” 

“The Master… is the Count and my owner.” 

“It is.” 

“And… There is a fiancee.” 

As expected, he stayed silent.

I kept talking while avoiding his gaze because my heart was scared for some reason when his face that had some kind of softness, slowly turned expressionless. 

“So, I don’t know. What are your intentions towards me?” 

A short silence fell. 

Shada clutched her fingers as she felt awkwardness, a subtle shame, and strange heartaches piled up with the seconds that passed. 

In fact, it was a natural question. In her situation, Shada had to think about it with that in mind. This kind of relationship between men and women always has the low-ranking person and the woman having to bear in silence. 

It would not be surprising if the Count just had a passing fancy to play with her once, or if he tried to pass it off by saying pleasing sweet words comfortably and lightly pass her question with ‘enjoy the moment’ saying things are good the way they are.

To be frank, assuming the worst, it wouldn’t be farfetched to be asked to leave the Countdom and pay her off.

I closed my eyes and prepared for those things. 

It won’t be okay. But I had to try even if I started seeing him as a man. 

Huey, who looked at her fingertips, squirming like an impatient caterpillar, quietly intertwined his hands with hers.

It was through that that she was startled and flinched. 

“Do you think I held you because of a momentary impulse?” 

I opened my eyes. 

Shady was still confused as to what his serious expression meant.

His calm, hard-set face seemed bitter.

He carefully touched her blinking eyes. He spoke in a low voice. 

“Maybe, it could have been impulsive.” 

My heart sank. 

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  1. It was definitely on impulse. As of now I see nothing from him besides obsession and possession at the moment. So far there’s only a subtle hint of affection but I don’t think its deep affection yet. Or at least I won’t believe its love until we see more of the count’s POV as to how he fell in love. Fot now I see it as obsession and possession.

    1. I don’t know either way yet, so that’s my disclaimer at the beginning right there, (I mean, OBVIOUSLY I’m hoping it’s love, *genuine love*, but…*shrugs helplessly*😕🤷🏻‍♀️), but there was one thing I noticed that he said when he was talkin to Princess BRATWITCH about his “flower” from C.10. He said “It’s a flower I’ve been eyeing for a long time.” He *maaay* be talking about the month she’s been working here as the “long time”, especially since anticipation, impatience, desire, and other such feelings make one’s perception of the flow of time feel much slower than it actually is, but I still feel like you wouldn’t say that when it’s been just a month. Several months to a year, maybe, but a month? I don’t think so. Somehow….I feel like they’re implying(going to imply?…) that Huey’s known her for much longer than that. But for some reason, Shada either just doesn’t know, she’s forgotten, or she wasn’t aware of him before in the first place (childhood stalker? Ohhh joooyyy~….*Goldfinger’s song [Stalker] starts playing in the background* *I WANNA MARRY MY STALKER~~~!)

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