CAM – 17

“I wanted to cherish Miss Shada even more. Enough to bring myself to be bound. I guess I thought that it didn’t matter if it happened now or waited until then.” 

What is he talking about? Shada’s head was jumbled and blank at the same time. By all means, he was talking as if he liked her. She managed to shake herself and wake herself up. 

No. How can you believe the words of high nobility? Is this the first time you’ve heard about men confessing in the throes of lust? In the end, I’ll be just another petty maid to him. 

Wake up. You need to pull yourself together. How do you know if that’s a play-like feeling or bluff? Maybe he doesn’t even know. Perhaps he’s inflating his shallow crush because of the pleasures of sex. 

All sorts of noises echoed. I don’t know what might be right, but I couldn’t ignore all of it. 

At the same time, Shada couldn’t take her eyes off him; for the first time, his eyes closed. It had been just a moment ago she had assumed he had thick skin and was shameless, but now he seemed embarrassed…? 

Yes, he was embarrassed; his voice betrayed his bewilderment and frustration. 

“I lost my reason. I saw you in my own house, in front of me—you were scared and trembling—because of someone other than me… … . I couldn’t control my emotions.” 

Green eyes that had been looking down now looked back up at her. They were livid. 

“Maybe it was revenge against her. Or maybe I wanted to make sure Miss Shada was mine.” 

He whispered to himself, mumbling low, and suddenly his lips turned up. 

“Maybe it’s all an excuse. I always wanted to sleep with you.” 

After a moment of hesitation, his inner heart that was revealed was utterly smoldering.

The man with his thirst-like lust dripping down was terribly alluring. Shada’s heart fluttered, her lips pounding with a heartbeat, panting— smothered by the sight of this dangerous man.

This was real. 

He had been desiring her all the time. This finally explained why he took Shada despite unquestionably offending the princess. 

On the one hand, while the unsettling questions were resolved, on the other hand, the reality was cold. 

He grabbed her little chin, so Shada’s shaking eyes were full of him. 

“But don’t get me wrong. I’ll become too miserable if you dismiss it as a cheap desire to sleep together once and throw it away afterwards.” 

He drew her face closer. 

“If it was just because I wanted to do it once with you… Everything would have been easier.” 

“I …….” 

When Shada opened her mouth to say something, Huey covered her lips with his long, firm hands. 

“You don’t have to tell me. I know Miss Shada doesn’t fully believe in me yet. Rather than feeling good, desiring, or liking me, you would be worried and afraid for your own well-being, right?” 


I felt relieved that my mouth was blocked. 

There was nothing to say when he made a bluntly accurate comment. 

The man’s eyes, looking down at the soft shaking face, suddenly dimmed. He slowly skimmed his lips, and politely kissed her small forehead. 

Soon he laughed languidly.

“Don’t think about anything today. And in the future… Miss Shada can do as she pleases.” 


“Because I will do the same.” 

It was sweet but like a warning. 


Shada’s routine did not change much since that day. 

She still slept in the employee’s dormitory, woke up, washed, and changed clothes at dawn. After the Count went out for a horse ride, she emptied and cleaned his room and had an early lunch. At first glance, nothing had changed. 

However, it was a significant change because it became difficult to face the butler Shada encountered occasionally. 

The seasoned butler never showed any sign of knowing anything, but Shada wasn’t shameless enough to act along with him. 

First of all, it was challenging to work diligently because, above all, Count Kirchner, the owner of the mansion, began to blatantly reveal his innermost thoughts as if he was friendly to her.

He acted like an indifferent but considerate owner when others were around, but when Shada was serving him tea—her main task—he seemed to be completely different. 

It was hard to pinpoint the difference; he still acted like a gentleman and didn’t touch her too much. 

The dark eyes that stay on her all the time? His subtle and low voice? Or that look that makes you strangely hot just by glancing at it? 

“Miss Shada.” 

When I answered with a “Yes?” he said nothing. 

Even in a short silence, I was staring at my toes with all my strength, with pink eyes that became anxious for nothing. I heard a soft chuckle.

“My eyes are here, not on the floor.” 

He was telling me to look him in the eyes and talk. 

As soon as I raised my head, I almost fell in amazement. 

This is because Huey, who wore a tie after a bath, was in front of her. Seeing her stumble, he quickly approached her. 

Her flustered body stiffened as he stretched out a hand and caught her by the waist. 

His shiny, clear green eyes that watched her through damp hair were too close. Straight nose, healthy skin and lips flushed by his hot bath, and a white shirt with a tight neckline. 

He was freshly washed, a pleasant soap scent coming off of him. 

They stared at each other as if time had stopped. 

Dark green eyes grew deeper like shaded greenery hiding passionate lovers. 

I thought it was beautiful when I first saw it, but now there was a strong sense of sensuality: a gloriously polished male, a refined masculine beauty. 

Looking up at him as if possessed, Shada managed come to her sense—abate belatedly. 

“I-I’m okay.”

“… … .” 

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