CAM – 15

Suddenly, the Princess’ venomous face when she tried to beat me like a beast appeared.

A big hand stroked Shada’s apprehensive shoulder. 

Huey rubbed her cool skin and wrapped it warmly. He blew his warm breath and kissed her gently. 

It was an affectionate gesture as if caring for a small wildflower. 

At that moment, her paralyzing fear went away, and a sense of ecstatic satisfaction filled Shada. There was a mixture of revengeful joy and elation as a woman that had the princess’s belongings, and that it was her —not the evil beautiful princess—who was desperately wanted by the handsome Count and had mixed bodies with her.

I knew I was being nasty and childish, but what choice did that princess give me who harassed and hurt me purely for her amusement. Of course, I hated her.

Shada mumbled inwardly, seriously questioning if she was a good person. 

Huey gently stroked her back, kissed her tenderly, and moved slowly with his still-inserted object. The excited man rubbed and groped her red ass cheeks again. He turned Shada over, and she was over his desk. 

Soon after, a man who had a firm erection pierced her. 


She couldn’t remember how many times they mixed bodies while changing positions and places. 

He was softer and more relaxed than the first time, but instead, he teased and persistently caressed her, making her overflow with liquid. 

With affections and struggling with pleasure, she peaked in his arms.

Later, he made her beg for him, slowly melting her while moving his back slowly. Please, please……! 

She whimpered without knowing what she wanted. And with her head like a blank paper, her intuition told her the Count seemed to be enjoying her appearance. 

Shada got titillating goosebumps as she remembered his last groan while embracing the helpless Shada; he had captured her on the carpeted floor, chewing and swallowing her whole. 

A stimulating sentiment mixed with incredible excitement and extreme shame filled her navel. 

She could never have imagined that a nobleman who looked so perfect and dignified would turn so suddenly into a passionate beast.

He had eaten her until he was full. 

There was a bite of dinner, locked in his study, having sex until midnight. 

Later, she became perfectly naked and weeping while receiving him, and all her shame disappeared, leaving only her instincts to scream, moan, cry, drool, and cling to Huey. 

Perhaps during that time of joy, we were like beasts. 

At the time, I didn’t know because I was out of my mind, but it seemed that the butler also went there while he was holding me. No, it certainly happened. I fell asleep for a while in his arms, then woke up, and the meal was ready. 

I suddenly thought of it. While coveting her, the Count had growled in a short tone to ‘leave it there.’ Then he even kindly asked Shada, who was dizzy and was shaking under him. ‘Do you like veal stew’… … . Do I like veal stew? Crazy!


Shada tried to get up but her backache forced her to lay back down. 

‘It hurts. I can’t move.’

My whole body was sore and throbbing. It hurts like I was beaten with a stick, so tiny young tears gathered in my eyes. 

It was strange because, since childhood, Shada has been bullied by girls of similar age and fellow maids. She wasn’t a stranger to pain, but this was the first time pain penetrated her entire body. 

Shada was oddly unhappy and buried her face in the fluffy pillow. 

The perpetrator, Count Kirchner, Huey, had already left after he had washed her clean, even dressing her in soft pajamas, laid her on his bed, held her, and left a good morning kiss on her cheek. Telling her to take a good rest today. 

Bizarrely, Shada has been told to relax more than to work recently more than the last ten years of her maid’s life. 

If you only look at it with the purpose of her serving her Master, the work Shada did with the Count yesterday would be considered hard labor. 

My face was burning again, so I wiggled under the blanket for no reason. 

I felt a bit drowsy; before leaving Huey had given her some medicine saying it was good for muscle pain and body aches.

Shada still couldn’t believe she had slept with him. Her now-tingling body didn’t help.

‘Believe it or not, a really extraordinary thing has occurred.’ 

Of course, I do not deny it. Isn’t the pain between my legs and the ache in my back shouting right now? 

‘Shada, you’ve caused a major accident.’

What should I do about this situation? I tried to clear my head to come up with a solution to no avail. I just wanted to rest. I felt a bit anxious, weak with an unusual longing. I am not sure if there is any regret mixed in. 

Soon she opened her eyes, and the owner of the room was already sitting in front of her. 

He was reading the newspaper with a serious look while drinking tea by the table. Then he looked up as Shada peeked at him. 

Shada was a bit stunned, this man who shines cleanly was beautiful. 

Now I secretly relished the knowledge that his smooth, shiny platinum hair was thicker than it looked and had a tough elasticity. 

With those softly curved lips, he had sucked and teased my lower part as hard as he could. 

His eyelids and dimples shined, and his smooth-child-like skin glowed in the sunlight coming through the window. 

I belatedly registered that the man stood up in my daze. Gosh, he is striking.

“Have you woken up?” 

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      First: Huey will assassina-*COUGH!!* (;¬‿¬) *ahem* Give that princess BRATWITCH a “FRIENDLY PAT ON THE BACK” (….off of a FREAKING CLIFF…. INTO A PIT OF ETERNALLY BURNING HELLFIRE!!)
      Second: Commit Regici-*COUGH-COUGH!!* (;;-_-)ゞ I mean, “Politely and amicably convince the king to retire early” (FROM LIFE, RIP. REST.IN.PIECES!)
      Third and so forth: abolish the monarchy, marry Shada, (TAKE OVER THE WORLD), Raise an adorable and loving family with adorable and beautiful children, (HUEY & SHADA ETERNALLY SNU THEMSELVES SENSELESS)….
      Y’know, just the normal checklist~ (¬‿¬;)

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