CAM – 14

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“Ah! Ooh Count, something’s strange… Ahnng!” 

“Huu, that’s not strange.” It’s a good thing. 

Shady exclaimed when he pulled out his member and then struck her deeply. A large, blunt weapon opened up a narrow, hot, and unfamiliar inner wall and rushed in vigorously. She was suddenly aware of her sensitive flesh that she didn’t know existed before. 

It was thrilling and hot. 

I trembled from this fervent man coming in and out of me without a break. It was an indescribable feeling of fullness and pleasure. 

At fast, it hurt but the more he did, the more I felt—a phenomenon running lightning running through my body.

The lower part was hot and worn. 

“D-do you like it?” 

“Yes. I like it.” 

At least I am enjoying it. The Count whispered as he kissed Shada’s brightly heated cheek. 

His voice, deep with excitement, was erotic. It made my navel fluttered as his heat had blown into my ear. I felt my bottom getting wetter. 

The man who was pummeling again deeply mumbled vaguely—it was so low it was almost a vibration. 

“Haa… It’s tighter.” 

“Stop saying things like that!” 


His feverish penis stabbed the sensitive part of her inner wall. 

Shada gasped like a crane, out of breath. 

It was arousing and cute. 

Huey briefly burst into laughter.

“You’re terribly cute. Hoo, I wasn’t going to say this because I was being cheap…….” 

“Ah, ah, oh! Oh! S-slowly… Ah!” 

“Oof, did you ever have a boyfriend?” 


Puhk puk puk, he entered several times as if hitting the door. Her shaking legs were completely held firmly in his hands; Shada moaned and wailed, her fists clenching. He bowed his upper body and kissed her, sucking hard on her neck. Huey was pleased with the result and kept kissing. 

“Answer. Quickly.” 

“None. Huhoo…..” 

“Is that true?” 

Huey slowed down, his eyes wide. To assuage his disbelief, his overwhelming stare searched her gaze and was met with her sincere red eyes, and she nodded.

Shada never even wrote a common love letter because she was too busy working, eating, and living. 

Although there was an unusually hefty amount of flirting, there was no one with a heart that was suitable for a romantic relationship that Shada thought about or desired. 

In fact, she always felt sticky and unpleasant at the lustful gazes that were directed at her.

Obviously, one or two of those gazes belonged to people maids, and ordinary women had good opinions about—but Shada was perplexed by their thoughts. 

The Count read the truth from her face wet with pleasure and saliva, and his eyes bent happily. At that moment, his lust turned inside. It was a clear satisfaction. 

“How unexpected. A real man wouldn’t have left you alone.”

“Ooh— what?” 

“Shada is sexy.” 

There’s something about her that stirs one into a passionate heat. With that said, the graceful Count swung his lower arm and crushed her. 

The sweat from his handsome forehead fell onto her naked jiggly swaying breasts. At the sight he swallowed and sucked her peaks like drinking water. 

Haaaa, Shada tilted her head and sighed. 

“Everyone wants to sleep with you.” 

The man’s rough breathing next to her ears whipped up an obscene ache. He laughed as she moaned. Your ears are sensitive, aren’t they? 

“Shall I lick it?” 


Shada quivered, holding her breath. The Count’s wet tongue licked her ear gently, bit the earlobe, and then put his tongue in. 

The strange sound of water completely dyed one’s hearing. She felt like a butterfly drowned in a swamp of pleasure. And this man… is the spider that eats her. 

After clutching her cheek and poured out a dense stream of kisses, he raised one of her legs over his shoulder and violently violated her. 

His desk shook; her teeth-marked white breasts, inkwells, and books shook like an earthquake. 

Shada shook her head half-crying at a strong stimulus as if a hot pillar came in. 

The face of the handsome man who was panting with a frown sweat dripping off his nose became blurred and clear. It seemed as if there was a fire underneath him as he entered—stroking his member in and out of her. 

Because of the overwhelming stimuli, Shada opened her teary pink eyes, flushed red, in wide-eyed shock.

She didn’t even know what she was doing or what she was saying.

“Ah! Master! Please!” 

“Please, big, what?” 

“Stop! Stop… … .” 

“I can’t hear you. Hoo, what should I do, umm?” 

He teased her, pretending he couldn’t hear her pleas, trying to escape from the excessive pleasure, without stopping to taste a pretty and delicious woman. He rushed and continued as if eating well-prepared food. 

He banged into her white ass, wholly drenched, including his rough pubic hair, and slapping balls. 

Her lower mouth was soaked with lewd body fluids, so every time he pistoned, the racy sound of smacking flesh and a squishy wetness filled the study.

Huey squeezed her ample breasts as Shada tilted her head back. Her vision turned red and then whited flushed by the vulgar, thundering flesh. 

In the end, he thrusted into her depths all the way until his scrotum, and he ejaculated. Instinctively, he gripped the maid’s hips and pelvis tightly and pulled it towards him. 

Shada climbed and climaxed with him and quaking and flinching, feeling the Master’s organ poking inside and stretching her—a torturous and pleasing extrapolation. 

Not stopping his slow thrusts and stuffing something hot inside me. 

It was a sense that couldn’t be described. It seems like a man burying himself into my body while leaving a mark deep inside. 

It was a strangely quiet feeling of despondency and fullness. 

After his flood and my waves stopped, there was a long moment. I felt the rough breath of a man who had collapsed on me through his firmness pressed against me. 

His rumbling back muscles glistened wetly with sweat under his white and now transparent shirt. It was a wild and sensual sight. 

The smell of the night flowers and the sweaty man’s body scent mixed into my tingling nose. And as soon as I smelled that strange, alluring smell, a realization hit me like a bat to my head.

I slept with this man. 

I had sex with Princess Julia’s fiancee—me. No one else. 


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  1. Nosebleed is an understatement… I think we just had a flood here… Umm… Wow that was so hot… I think the snowmen melted outside.

  2. I read it again, good lord, I’ll be a maid to a rich arabian family. Hit my uteros with ur dick master

  3. For the first time, someone finally used the word scrotum or balls in smut. FINALLY!!!

    Hot demn! I got very impressed that it is no longer a flowery description nor censory version that is almost akin to laser stick with no handles and almost no ball slapping action in majority of hentai that I’ve watched. Most of the sex scenes has a guy still wearing pants or if not then rarely do I see or read a scrotum slapping anymore. 🙁

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