VGD – 2

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Elysee was dead.

She was killed absurdly on the same day she decided to give up his life-sustaining treatment and try to play to her heart’s content.

But she did not go to heaven or hell. Fortunately or unfortunately, there was one more option.

The Midlands. A place that does not belong to either heaven or hell, and where there were ‘enforcers’ who monitor beings on the ‘good’ side or the ‘evil’ side to prevent excessive intervention in the real worlds.

Among them, she was assigned to a “fantasy control tower” that balances things based on imagination, and she immediately became the tower’s (temporary) investigator agent and was dispatched in a scenario.

<The Fallen Lovers>

It was the last film Elysee was offered. Like the feeling of the title, it was a scenario that was not for teenagers (r-19), and the cast alone attracted a lot of attention.

‘Unfortunately, the production was canceled.’

Now, in this scenario, there are many insidious people, including Elysee.

[In recent years, other worlds have invaded the fantasy world more and more frequently. We have had to deal with all the post-storms that occurred after the unexpected occurrence of people being possessed and unscheduled routes occurring.]

Philip, Elysee’s new boss, got information that suspicious beings had invaded in <The Fallen Lovers>. Thus, a large number of agents were sent in to investigate.

[Then I lost contact!]

He was almost on the verge of tears.

[You are an outstanding actor. No matter what story you enter, you keep in character, and your identity will not be revealed. So please save our investigators.]

[Why should I do that? What is the benefit I can get by saving them? If I perform well, can I go up there?]

[Up there?]

[Yeah. Heaven? Paradise? Well, The Good Place.]

[Ah! Okay. If you have a lot of good influence in the world and you do your job well. But that’s not something I can decide…. Instead, if you do this successfully, I’ll give you a long vacation as the part in the story you want.]

For her, who had lived as an actress, the proposal to “the cast in the story you want” was even more attractive than going “up there.”  

That’s why Elysee entered this story with the risk that she might be trapped.

The role is the Grand Duchess of the Duchy of Freysen, and the start is at the beginning of newlywed life. From the scene where she ends her bath and lies in bed, waiting for her groom. 

Elysee began to act, putting herself in her character’s mindset immersing herself in her set values.

It wasn’t a role she was initially supposed to play. She even had little time to read her script. However, she did not panic. Since taking off her newcomer ticket, she has hardly ever made NG* (no good or failed scenes).

Isn’t it obvious what the Grand Duchess will see on this bed during the first night of her newlywed life?

“Your Grace…” 

So now, Elysee’s eyes and facial expressions looking up at her husband Blake were very plausible.

Tears seemed to flow in her eyes, shaking with a mixture of fear and shyness.

Elysee had a great acting ability to play her role as her own. Because she acted so realistically, there were many cases where the opposite actor misunderstood her.

Blake’s breathing was clearly getting rough. Grasping Elysee’s slender wrist, he buried his face at the nape of her neck. In response to his hot breath, Elysee twisted himself very slightly. She did not forget to moan, ‘Ahhhh!’

His erection had long been full and hard, slapping against his muscular thighs. In fact, his center had already been swollen before he could lay her on the bed. It was typical for Elysee. The only actors who didn’t react or didn’t get hard were gay.

Elysee, pretending to know nothing, rubbed his thick flesh with her soft thighs. It would just seem like an innocent wiggle, but it was very effective in making a man hot. Since it was acting, it was even more important to draw the other actor’s concentration and deepen the immersion.

As expected, she could see him clenching his teeth.

Blake’s hands spread her legs somewhat ferociously. Elysee slightly frowned at his grip, grasping her thigh. But she didn’t complain. It was better to make up your mind and do it right, rather than not commit and act negligently in a daze.

Elysee recalled her earlier lines. She gently cleared her throat and then sweetened her red lips.

“Please be gentle… .”

She carefully placed her hand on his shoulder, and she begged pathetically. She neither pushed nor pulled; her purpose was to deliver her lines as the ambassadors stood outside the door to confirm a real marriage had taken place.

The soundproofing of this huge castle couldn’t be that bad, but that’s how it’s like in an original creative world. But just in case, Elysee gave strength to her abdomen every time she moaned. Her voice was so good that she often appeared in plays and musicals in her first life.

As if he had crossed the limit, Blake’s face was distorted.

He untied the waistband of Elysee’s robe, which had been tied beautifully, and threw it off the bed. 

Beyond the white veil encircling the bed, the naked body of the man and woman appeared strangely in the light of the moon.

Elysee quickly scanned her exposed body. She thought only her face was great, but her body was also exactly what she preferred.  

Considering how prominent Elysee’s other co-actors were recently, this was very unusual.

‘I’m pretty sure they told me that he was an agent from the upper world, like me.’

Not too much, but his tight-knit muscles pressed her soft, smooth body down. It was the right weight to make a woman feel good.

Elysee’s red lips parted, and his warm breath tickled her ear. His sturdy shoulders tightened.

A hard pillar rubbed between her open legs. The liquid dripping on his tip and the love liquid that flowed from her pussy mixed with his movements.

‘Ah…. This is a bit dangerous….’

Her abdomen was getting feverish. The level of contact was higher than expected. If this were real, she would have been a scammer, but that wasn’t the case, so she bore this situation. 

“Oh uhh… .”

Little by little, she tried to avoid him by shaking her ass, but it was useless. On the contrary, the sound of her clapping ass cheeks and his penis rubbing against her wetness became louder and louder.

“I don’t think we need the lube.”

 It was the first time she heard his voice. It was low and heavy. Mixed with a rough breath and sounded even more sensual.

 ‘This isn’t real, and we’re not actually doing it, so of course, it’s not necessary.’ Elysee looked up at him with her frightened eyes while thinking deeply.

 “Don’t be afraid. It will hurt more if you are nervous.”

 Ah. This was the last line. Now, the male protagonist outside the door will no longer be able to hold it in and will escape.

 “Your grace… .”

Elysee called him according to the script, and as if to announce the scene change, the vibration coming from her ring on her finger stopped.

 A long breath came out from her. Her body was relieved and relaxed by the thought that she had somehow finished the scene. The same would be true of Blake, whom the agent had also possessed. Elysee looked up at him with a slight smile.

 What should she say? How should she introduce herself? They were both agents from the upper world, The Midland, and they successfully finished their first scene. ‘Or later, should we discuss how to cooperate and move with each other?’

 While Elysee was contemplating, she was bitten. It was then that she felt embarrassment flush on her face.

 ‘Wha— what. Why is he doing this?’

 His penis settled in one spot. He didn’t put it up properly. The exact site was the most intimate part of a woman—where she was spilling milk. As if trying to dig into it, his round tip was pressing down on her entrance.

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