TPCP – 6.1

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Lucerne loved the water, one day he had jumped into a waterfall while being chased by an assassin sent by his cousins, narrowly escaping death. Since that time, he felt a sense of sanctuary in the water.

He was soaking in a large marble bathtub that would fit four or five people. He lifted his head, pushing back his hair from his eyes. As he slowly closed his eyes, he felt a sense of foreignness and lifted them.

Poor noblewomen standing in a row. And… … . . That maid, hugging the laundry with tears running down her eyes.

‘She was crying so sadly.’

There was only the sound of tears falling like raindrops; other than that; she had been silent. If she was already so sad, she would never be able to withstand what was to come.

‘This mansion is going to swallow that woman.’

If you had nothing to be desired, you were sold. It even happened to himself.

Like when he gave her  the cloak he cherished. But if there was a problem… … .

“Why did it stand?’

It couldn’t be. His penis stood tall–in shock, he rose from the water. Out came a large body woven with strong and perfect muscles, and in his center stood his penis swollen like a rod.

‘This can’t be happening.’

 ‘Look, Lucerne. If you’re a sincere and faithful child, there’s no way you’ll get an erection after seeing these bad things. You can’t commit a crime against the family. An illegitimate child must not leave seeds. If you get an erection, I will whip you.’

A devastating memory came over him. Lucerne frowned and came out of the bathtub, putting on a gown roughly. His body froze. He heard a very faint sound.

“Who is it?”

Lucerne whispered. There was no sound behind the door, Lucerne was going to call an escort, and he realized that it was quicker to deal with it himself. He snapped his finger.

“Shadow, find the suspicious guy.”

Dark shadows came out of the blue, covering the floor. Shadows were the beasts and guardians of the Cartier family.

It was the ability that only the blood of the Duke of Cartier had, which was only passed down to Lucerne–like his red eyes.

Then, the shadow twisted its body like a beast with a tail and ran towards someone hidden in the darkness.


The target assassin screamed and fell from the ceiling. When Lucerne beckoned, the shadow put the man down. There was a sound of his shoulder blades cracking.

“Who sent you? Among my cousins, was it Marco or was it Jacob?” 

Lucerne whispered fiercely. The assassin pulled out the knife and rushed to Lucerne. Lucerne avoided the man running like a bull.


The assassin’s neck was sandwiched between Lucerne’s arms.

“This is how they say hello to the family.”

Lucerne squeezed it.

“In this family, this is my best regards,”

The assassin trembled.


The assassin with a bruised neck fell to the floor.

“You didn’t give up; he chose the right person.”

As an assassin’s last attack, he swung the dagger even though his neck suffered. Lucerne grabbed his man’s arm and broke his wrist. Picking up the dagger dropped by the assassin with his left hand, Lucerne stabbed the blade in his opponent’s back.


There were sounds of soft flesh being torn apart and bones fracturing.  Lucerne moved the shadow at the same time.


Then the shadow made a screen to protect Lucerne’s body. Lucerne’s gown did not become stained from a single drop of blood.

Lucerne looked numbly at the body of the assassin, trembling as it was.

“Fuck, I’m even more excited.”

Lucerne gritted his teeth. He smothered a cigarette as he leaned against the bathtub. It has been his long-standing habit that his excitement rises temporarily after killing a person. He moved his body, and his blood circulated more.

‘Why do I keep thinking about her?’

That woman with blonde hair. He had to admit her appearance was impressive—even for him—who was not very interested in the beauty of others. The image of her with water on her bosom strangely aroused him.


At Lucerne’s call, the shadow beast fell from the ceiling.

“Melt it and eat it.”

He jerked his chin, pointing to the dead body. Then the shadow made a small shrieking sound and began to swallow the body from his toes.

The body began to disappear little by little from the feet. However, the speed was so slow that it was only visible after close observation.

He saw his penis was still standing up,

“It’ll take a little bit of time until the shadow eats the whole corpse.” 

Really, this was his first time.

“I don’t have a hobby like this in front of a dead body.”

He made a low groan. It was a voice of pleasure mixed with discomfort.


“Lucerne de Kayas, reporting on April 16, 998 in the imperial calendar… … . There are no women in particular proximity.”

Elisha muttered in a soft whisper.

“Special monitoring target, reported on May 15th. No wife, no concubine, possibly homosexual.”

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  1. LMAO, our ML all traumatized and a hella horny beast, yet sis was theorizing about his homosexuality. XD

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