YMA – 37

Tap tap tap tap tap……

Lyle had been tapping his fingers for two hours.

Other people would have said ten or a hundred words instead of a single word. But Sid couldn’t say anything because his opponent is the Emperor, so he had to just hold it in.

‘Why, why—did I become the emperor’s assistant?’

It was a coveted position that every noble dreamed of, but Sid was at the point that he was willing to give it to any party that expressed interest in it first.

“Your Majesty, is there something bothering you?”

When Sid asked carefully, the finger hitting the desk stopped.

Lyle turned his head with a gloomy face.


“Problems need to be communicated in order to solve them. Problems are meant to be resolved. Please tell me. I’ll be your Majesty’s strength.”

Sid spoke elegantly with his eyes twinkling, but Lyle’s face was cold.

“Okay, go home. I don’t think there’s any more work to be done.”

“Hey, ho!”

Sid, who inadvertently cried out, looked at Lyle with a look of impatience.

Lyle looked at him with eyes that could kill.


“Oh, okay. Then see you tomorrow, Your Majesty!”

Sid’s vows of being Lyle’s support vanished; he was anxious that he would be pulled back in the office if he dwindled too long and quickly left the Emperor’s office with his coat.

Lyle, who was left alone, leaned his upper body back against the back of his chair.


As the surroundings became quieter, he thought of Medea more.

Lyle shed a bloody chuckle, recalling the image of Medea he had seen this morning.

What dreams did you see?

She was rolled up on a blanket, and grunted as if it was stuffy. It was fortunate that the blanket was not dumped like the last time —but it was also regrettable.

Lyle sighed and recalled Medea’s other faces.

After Medea lost her memory, face to face appearances showed him many different behaviors and visages.

There were many embarrassing situations where just thinking about it made Lyle’s face hot, but there were other things that made it impossible for him to regard her as the same Medea from before.

Lyle was falling asleep on his desk thinking of Medea. He had not slept the night before because he was busy watching her sleep while guarding Medea’s side.

‘Why are you doing this… when you can see her in person?’

Even though he admitted that he thought he was being pathetic, he couldn’t help it.

Lyle fell asleep with half drowsiness and half thoughts about Medea and leaning his chin on his arm against his desk.

After half an hour, he felt a presence approaching his office.

Knock knock…

At the sound of knocking on the Emperor’s office door, Lyle raised his head with a deep sigh. He hadn’t been sleeping properly, so my whole body was sore.

“… What is it?”

“Sire, her Majesty, the Empress, is here.”


For a moment, Lyle suspected his ears. Unwittingly he jumped up and paced the room without answering.

The inside of his head seemed to be coming up blank.

‘Why is the Empress here… …’

Unable to settle his mind, Lyle urgently shouted at the attendant outside the door.

“Millie…. Is the Empress outside the door?”

“Her Majesty is waiting in the hallway now. Shall let her in?”

All the court officials knew that the relationship between the Emperor and the Empress had improved a lot now, but Lyle was still greatly embarrassed.

He didn’t think he should keep Medea waiting, but he still needed to prepare his heart… … .Lyle, who was moving around the desk, looked at the door with a puzzled face.

“First… No, let her in!”

He said that, but his mouth was dry when he thought of seeing her.

“Yes, Sire.”

As Medea entered the office, the attendant quietly shut the door. Lyle held back his inclination to shout not to close the door.

“… What’s the Empress doing here?”

When Lyle asked, Medea looked at him puzzledly.

“Didn’t you call me? Your Majesty’s aide told me you wanted me to come to your office?”


Lyle, who knew who was responsible, clenched his fists.

Noting Lyle’s confused expression, Medea quickly realized that Lyle did not summon her.

“So you didn’t summon me?”


If she was correct, Sid was in trouble. He dared to impersonate the Emperor and summoned the Empress so that alone he could be imprisoned for slandering the imperial family.

A stupid and crazy guy……

It must have been done knowing that Lyle would cover for him, but he was troubled.

“I called. Sit there.”

With Lyle’s hand pointing to the other side of the room, Medea went to the sofa and sat down. It was just walking, but the difference from the previous Medea was clear and strange. ‘This Medea’ he wasn’t angry with.

His chest was pounding, and Lyle was frowning.

“… You must be tired,” said Medea as she stood up.

Lyle blinked, unable to respond to the nearing image of Medea … Lyle’s face turned red when she wiped Lyle’s mouth with the cuffs of her dress.

He must have drooled while he slept on his desk.

“It’s okay—okay! I can clean it!”


Medea stepped back, but Lyle couldn’t lift his head in embarrassment.

‘You’re showing this ugly in front of Medea—How can you be such a jerk! You’re a disgrace—

“No. What are you so shy about? Even if you have some saliva, I too…’

In front of Lyle. Medea turned her red face as she remembered herself gasping in front of Lyle, not knowing that he was drooling in pleasure



Lyle rubbed his mouth again, turning to Medea, who had flushed cheeks, seducing him with her cuteness.

Get a hold of yourself.

Lyle shook his head as if he was under a mental attack. His mind was distracted because Medea was in front of him.

“… Is your body okay?”


“I’m not asking about …. because of being with me…” Lyle glanced at Medea as he slowly replied. “I’m asking about your head. Your memory…… Do you think it will come back?”

There is no way it will return.

Medea shook her head and realized that she was not being polite in front of the Emperor, and opened her mouth to explain.

“No. I don’t think it will come back,” said Medea calmly.

Lyle looked at her puzzledly at her tranquil reply.

He and the people around her would hope that her memories would not return, but wouldn’t Medea—she, herself, be different?

“Doesn’t it matter to you if your memories don’t come back?”

Medea raised her head and looked at Lyle.

Why do you ask me that? Didn’t the Emperor have a bad relationship with Medea anyway?

It doesn’t matter if the memories come back or not. No… … . I am not good at etiquette, so do you want my memories to come back?

“It’s been a little over ten days, but perhaps my memories won’t come back… … Because no one is here.”

“What are you talking about?”

Medea wondered if this would sound like blaming him. In fact, it didn’t matter what Lyle thought. Lyle wasn’t very important to Medea yet, so …

“Neither friends nor family. I was injured, and no one came to see me.”


The Duke was unaware of Medea’s injury, but Lyle was unable to tell Medea about it. He didn’t want the current Medea to know that he deliberately separated Medea from the Duke.


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      1. Same, I was like “oh, ok, I’m really enjoying the storyline and I’m glad to see that we actually have an interesting plot, but it feels odd to not have our usual snu snu parts” 🤷🏻‍♀️😹😹😹

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