DVS [21]

After the short silence, Carr let out a resigned sigh. In that short moment, he managed to gather his senses back by focusing on Senia’s sweet voice. Actually, he gathered his resolve because he wanted to turn Senia down.

Carr was delighted that she wanted to give her body, but he couldn’t help but feel bitter when she added that it was her duty to do so. It sounded like she was obligated to do things because she was a saint. She subjected herself to take care of him.

Senia not noticing the turmoil inside Carr’s mind she leaned forward and kiss him slowly. Carr’s erection was pressing against her belly and for a moment, it feels like a dream that she can’t help but leaned more forward to kiss him again. As her lips descended on him Carr’s last string of control snap like a twig on a dry branch.

Carr wrapped his hands tightly around her thin waist as he took control of the passionate kiss. The soft and gentle kiss was now turned to a wild and desperate longing as Carr tried to devour Senia’s heated insides. 

Against her better judgement, Senia was determined to tend to Carr’s need. She can help but take aback at the desires coursing her veins. There was no turning back from this situation. She didn’t know whether the shivers that running through her spine was lust or dread creeping into her.


Senia gasped when Carr lifted her up and pressed her against the old wall behind them as his kisses trailed down her delicate jaw and neck. She automatically had her legs wrapped around Carr’s waist as support as the man started to undo his pants.

Callous hands quickly lifted her skirt up stroking her smooth milky thighs. Carr’s hands travelled up her underwear and quickly torn it apart before she could even protest. Carr pressed himself closer, grinding his hard cock against Senia’s raw pussy. He pushed inside her without any further ado.

Senia whimpered and buried her face to Carr’s shoulder as his cock forcibly entered her without any preparation. Even though she’s wet it still felt like he was splitting her into two. It was so different from how Carr first took her. If at their first time Carr had been like this, she wouldn’t be able to withstand the whole ordeal. 

It made her realized how much Carr had always made sure she was comfortable and enjoyed herself during their intimate moments. Those memories were the only thing that made Senia accepted her current situation. Senia wanted to scream in pleasure and pain. She wanted to push him away but her body, but her body has a mind of its own and clung onto him painfully tight.

It just because of the drug. He always cares for me. He never hurt me.

Carr let out a low moaned as his cock was fully buried deep inside her. The mixed feeling of pain and pleasure from his engorged member caused Senia to shudder and her insides to twist voraciously against him. From the way Carr’s cock twitched inside her, Senia could tell it wouldn’t take long for Carr to reach his peak. As he started to move – all thoughts of pain, humiliation, and their situation went out of her mind.

Their rough heavy breathing sounded almost like an animal groaning in heat. The more Carr thrust inside her, the more he chased the pleasure he becomes familiar with. His mind is hazy with carnal desire for this petite woman in his arms.

He stopped his assault just before he reached his orgasm resting his forehead against Senia’s and in that short moment, he watched how she was breathing heavily. For the first time, he notices traces of tears around her azure eyes.

Senia looked up, sensing his heated stare and worried why he suddenly stops when she can feel that he is coming near. Only then she finds Carr’s worried eyes. Her hand carefully cupped Carr’s strong jaw and she smiled sweetly.

“It’s okay… I’m all right.” 

Carr frowned slightly at her remark. Without him knowing he might probably hurt her because of his rough treatment. He couldn’t help but feel guilty but at the same time grateful that she still is trying to calm him down. 

This was Senia’s charmed that made her even more lovely. Carr closed his eyes and leaned into her hand as the effect of the medicine is wearing off. The fog clouding his mind was starting to clear away as Senia continued to caress his cheek and smiled softly towards him.

‘Even if I was a demon, I want to stay by her side.’ 

With that thought, Carr hugged Senia more affectionately and tightly than before. He leaned down to kiss her eyes. An apology for the roughness. He didn’t want to hurt her and never wanted to show her the ugly side of him losing control of his own body again. He wanted to cherish Senia the way she deserves.

Carr kissed away her tears and wiped the rest away with his thumb before he started to move again. This time it was gentler, and he made sure that Senia will enjoy it too. He rested his forehead against her as he continues to thrust deep inside her, he makes sure that every lunge will hit that sweet spot inside her.

“Ahhnn… C-Carr…” 

Senia whimpered, quickly bit her lower lips to stop the moan escaped as pleasure taking over her body. The thrusts went faster and deeper, bringing Senia closer to her orgasm. Her inside twistedly tightened hard against him that Carr can’t help but groan with the pleasure. 

He thrust deeper to reach her sweet spot. Senia buried her face to Carr’s neck, muffling her moan as her hips buck together with his rhythm. Pleasures continue to run through her spine. 

“C-Close… I–.”

Carr pulled Senia closer to his body as he thrust faster and deeper. He groaned closing his eyes as his cock spilled the potent desire his building that sent Senia to her peak of glory. She silently screamed against Carr’s neck as she clamped tightly around him milking him of every drop of his cum.

The pain and confusion that she felt at the start was completely gone but was replaced by the feeling of pleasure that her orgasm brought. The burst of pleasure sends them to a piece of heaven they only knew.


As Carr buried his face in Senia’s hair, he regretted that for a moment he let his control slipped. He let desire took over his senses and took Senia roughly. He wanted to hold her a little bit longer, to bask in the aftermath that blew his mind away. At first, he wants to console her with his comforting actions but in the deepest recesses of his mind, he wanted to have another round where he will shower her with great care and pleasure.

“Are you all right now?”

Her voice was filled with concern that it made Carr feel more guilty about their situation. He nodded still avoiding her clear blue eyes before he carefully pulled out of her and put her down back to the ground.

“Ah… this… it’s quite a problem.”

Carr turned around after tucking his cock inside his pants and noted that Senia was showing her torn underwear and her pure white robe was covered with his blood where his hand touched her.

‘I have committed a grave crime.’

Carr stiffened at the sight while trying to come up with a solution to the problem when Senia approached him and carefully tugged his arm.

“We should get back inside.” 

Senia said carefully. There was still a hint of redness on her cheeks like a woman glowing after sex and her voice was still bright as ever, 

“We need to heal Sir Carr’s wounds and Lady Lu is waiting for you. Don’t worry I will handle the situation.”

Carr blinked a few times, eyes observing Senia’s face and the expression in her eyes. There was no trace of resentment or pain on her, and if he was being honest, she looked more relieved which almost unbelievable to him. 

Underneath the shining moonlight, Carr feels entranced with Senia’s ethereal beauty that he had the urge to caress the bottom of her eyes with the back of his hand to make sure she was real. Her silver hair that reflected the moon shone a mysterious glow like fairies basking in the light. Her blue eyes that remind him of the sky are always looking at him with trust and confidence. Her delicate shoulder reminds him of how fragile she is. Her red lips swollen from his assault was slightly apart. 

Carr’s heart skipped a beat at the exquisite before him. She looks like the goddess who comes down on earth to be worshipped that a mere mortal like himself is not worthy of her attention. It feels hard to breathe with all the emotions surging in him.

He wanted to apologize for hurting her, for making her scared of him, but more than anything else he wanted to thank her for staying with him until the end. He didn’t need a long spectacular speech, no – he just needed a short sentence to say it to her. He wished that he could say even one word to her but the deal that bound him from talking made it impossible.

He never would have thought that the curse that renders him speechless will come to haunt him at a moment like this. He hated how he couldn’t convey his feelings in words.


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