YMA – 32

Except how can she be so sexy? That bewitching naked figure! Of course, eyes were drawn to her bouncy butt but the gaze started to peep at the pussy peeking between her legs….

‘No! I am only going to cover her with the blankets and go!’

Lyle decisively cleared out his thoughts, screaming out of the rising dark feelings and chopping off his swelling spirit.

But I really couldn’t take my eyes off Medea.

He knows the sensation—the angle— when he pushes his organ in it’s peak through her legs.

It is the soft skin that coaxed him, and just by inserting it threatened to bring him to his climax, and when her tightening texture came to mind, the lower half of the body became hard.

Lyle tore his gaze from Medea’s secret place with a blistering face.

‘This is just trying to cover you with a blanket… …’

If Medea woke up, Lyle would have no excuse. So Lyle, very slowly, pulled the blanket up on Medea’s leg.

“Uhnnn ….”

Medea sighed as if she had felt something.

Lyle flinched and looked down on Medea, who turned and rolled on her back. Her soft breasts moved with her breathing under the thin transparent fabric.

Each time Medea exhaled, her breasts swayed and moved up and down.


Lyle was watching it like he was possessed and swallowed dry saliva without knowing it.

Oh, shit……. Why are you lusting and swearing at Medea now?

After getting married, Medea never had this effect on him before….

But all of those thoughts were belated regrets.

It was only after Lyle embraced her it was difficult to be with her during their honeymoon.

‘But three times a day……’

Before and after ascending to the throne, Lyle was wary of carnal desires; the former Emperor was a lascivious man.

It was rumored that he was able to deal with eight women a night.

People simply dismissed the rumors, but Lyle knew it wasn’t idle gossip.

He also knew that sixteen women could barely hold their own and that every time the Emperor went down to the summer palace to escape the heat, he had dragged the concubines to hold messy parties. Only the royal family and some high ministers knew of it.

So Lyle never went down to the summer palace, not wanting to follow his father’s, the former Emperor’s, example.

“Hmm.…. unn…….”

Lyle, who had been lost in thought, quickly regained his bearings.

Lyle gave up on covering Medea and decided to get out of bed.

Lyle took one last look at Medea as he moved to the edge of the mattress.

Medea scratched her thigh over her negligee. Perhaps it was not easy to scratch through the soft cloth, so she had pulled the hem of her negligee quickly.


When her white thighs were exposed to the air, Lyle quickly inhaled; Medea scratched her thigh a couple of times and fell asleep without pulling down her translucent hem that was gathered around her waist.

‘Damn it!’

Lyle, who couldn’t stand it anymore, untied the strap of the gown. As if angry, he took off the gown, threw it out of the bed, and even took off the pajamas.

“Uuh… ?”

Even though it was a high-end bed, there was hardly any shaking, but it was enough to stir her.

Medea rubbed her eyes and looked at the other person as if she was drunk in a hazy sleep, and awakened to a man approaching her.

Even in the dim light, her beauty couldn’t be mistaken. The angry expression even made her look sexier.

Medea stared at Lyle.

” Uh.… ? Your Majesty?”

“I want you.”

“Yes? Umph!”

Her mouth was closed before she could even ask why he was here.

Lyle’s hot tongue pushed into a flustered Medea’s mouth, winding and sucking her tongue. Lyle grabbed Medea’s breasts, which he had desired to touch for so long.


The soft texture of the cloth over her breasts made Lyle’s blood boil. As soon as she spread her legs and he rubbed in between them, and Medea was frightened.

“Uhh ahhhh! Y-Your Majesty! What is this all of a sudden!”

“You’ve been waiting for me in this outfit, and you’re asking me?”

Medea’s face turned red at Lyle, who laughed.

At that point, Lyle was convinced that Medea had been waiting for him.

Medea’s waist danced as his fingers rubbed her rich flesh.

“Haaah… !”

A sound leaked out of her mouth that didn’t fit the mood, but it didn’t do anything to distract Lyle’s excitement.

“Heekk! Ah, huh?”

Lyle’s fingers dig deeply, and a little hastily wandered through the inside of Medea.

Fortunately, Medea had also thought of Lyle and their affair in the library before she fell asleep. She tossed and turned for a while, thinking about him, and was still wet inside.

Soon honey flowed down to her entrance, and Lyle smiled happily at Medea.

“Look, you are already ready to accept me.”

“Oh, ah! No……. that’s…….Argh!”

Seeing her denying it out of shame, Lyle pulled out his finger and grabbed Medea’s thigh. He pushed Medea’s legs so that her body would fold in half and lifted her waist up so that her pussy was facing up.

“Heek! What are you doing……. Ahhh!”

The curled up negligee flowed down over Medea’s belly button, and her pussy gleamed in the dim light.

Lyle, who was positioned just behind Medea’s waist, took his penis to Medea’s secret place while his knees dug into the bed.


His meat stick slowly swept up and down her drenched entrance. Medea trembled at a strange thrill as they both watched a splendid scene.

Her pussy with the open mouth fluttered as if wanting to swallow Lyle’s penis.

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