YMA – 31

Lyle seldom fell asleep; he regretted that he had visited Medea and embraced her even before he went to bed in the Main Palace.

At that time, I had lost to my desire and held Medea, but I made a firm determination that I would not visit this night.

And now…… Lyle had been tossing for five hours.

‘Damn it,’ when I closed my eyes, Medea’s naked body came to mind.

She was crying in my arms, seeing spilling ejaculated semen in a secret place, or looking up at him with wet, biting blue eyes……


Lyle kicked himself up and sat up.

When he opened his eyes, he couldn’t sleep, and when he closed his eyes, Medea came to mind.

It was so unusual. Who would have known he would feel like this towards Medea?

How could he have these feelings for Medea……

‘…..Let’s look for her. No, I will never go—It’s too late anyway. By now, Medea must be sleeping.’


Shall we take a glimpse of her sleeping? That much could be kept away and unnoticed by Medea.

Of course, the guards would know and the Empress’ palace, but you just have to crack down and seal their lips by order of the Emperor.

Lyle, who had been agonizing for a long time while sitting in bed, finally got up from his seat.


When instructed not to make a fuss, the guards quietly moved at the Emperor’s command.

Lyle passed them and went into the Empress’ palace. He had broken his own pledge, so he expected to be heavy-hearted, but the steps he took were light and fast.

‘I’m not doing this because I miss Medea. I’m just checking to see if she is okay after we did it in the library.’

While he knew he was making really ridiculous excuses, Lyle struggled to walk with a brazen face. The guards who stood at the Empress’ Palace entrance were puzzled when they recognized the Emperor.

Fortunately, Lyle’s attendants noticed and ordered them to be quiet, so they nodded.

Now there was a small distance to Medea’s bed, and upon reaching the entrance of her bedroom, Lyle left his servants with the guards and went inside alone.

He found his wife’s bed in the middle of the night, so it was right. Lyle had no intention of spending the night here. Even though he gave such words to the attendants, the attendants did not believe it.

They recalled last night, until morning, and then their master went to the library to show such mischief, so of course, they wouldn’t believe it.

‘I’m really just going to come out after a glimpse.’

It was the bedroom he had always visited on their union nights, but his heart was thrilled today, pounding louder and louder with every step he took.

It was late, but the bedroom was tranquil.

Lyle went into the bedroom without making any noise. Very quietly, he shut the door, headed across the thick carpet on the floor to the bed where the Empress was lying; in the middle of a massive four-poster bed, Medea was sleeping; the bed had two layers of curtains that were stretched and translucent like a thin veil.

Being a Sword Master, Lyle could see better than ordinary people in the dark without light.

However, just because he could see better than ordinary people didn’t mean he could see without light.

So Lyle put the lamp he had received from the attendant on the table near the bed, and the dim light spread out.

Because of this, he would be able to see Medea’s face clearly.

Lyle approached the bed with a heart thudding against his chest.

His breathing was shaky, his anxious mind barely able to ask what this was all about.

I am just looking at Medea!

I shook my head and stood in front of the bed curtain. Through the hem of the thin curtain, the outline of Medea was faintly visible. Um?

‘Something’s weird?’

The outline was strange. Medea is…… is she sleeping naked?

Lyle’s hand, about to pull back the curtain, hardened as soon as he noticed it.

Eventually, after a pause—I wanted to see it, so I gulped and flipped the curtain without a sound.

As expected, Medea was sleeping, but she wasn’t even sleeping naked; it was even worse.…

‘Uh… Why?’

Lyle’s face, looking at the sleeping Medea, turned red. She was wearing a transparent negligee.

It wasn’t the first time he had seen such an outfit because Medea had used many tactics to seduce Lyle.

‘It’s not like I said I was coming. It’s not like I’m crazy.’

Or do you wear these kinds of clothes on a regular basis?

The thought that she might have slept in clothes like this in anticipation of his visit suddenly occurred to Lyle.

‘No. I don’t think Medea would……’

But Lyle was already coming up to bed.

What he had promised himself at the main palace was long forgotten, and the only thing that captivated him was Medea’s nakedness.

It was late summer, almost autumn.

It was hot in the middle of the day and cool at night.

It was warm inside the imperial palace, but Lyle wondered if Medea was cold in such a skimpy outfit.

‘Did you kick it in your sleep?’

Her blanket was pushed to one side of the bed and was only on one of her legs. Medea was sleeping on her side, holding a folded long pillow.

“If you slept with me, would you have hugged me?”

Suddenly, Lyle, jealous of the pillow in Medea’s arms, pitched his dyed cheek at his stupid emotion—willing himself to snap out of it.

I will cover her with the blanket and go.

Lyle shook his head, pledged to himself again. [that1villainess cackles]

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