TPCP – 10.1

Thank you for all your support and love and patience. I’m in the midst of moving [four days of traveling away] and I have unreliable internet right now so expect updates will be slower. Thank you to raw provider: angelstars5 and proofreaders: matindi of SRC and Jasmine.


Elisha curled up her waist. Lucerne’s penis gently pressed over Elisha’s torn and sloppy undergarments that barely covered her pussy.

Even though she had felt it for only a moment, he was huge. It was tremendous even when it was half-erected, but when it would be fully revealed… … , Elisha even felt fear.


Without realizing it, a loud yell burst forth. With Elisha’s ass propped up with his hands, Lucerne looked deep into her eyes. He looked like he would just do it.

Elisha whispered:

“It’s too big. This… … , will hurt. I can’t go all the way right now.”

“You sound like you’ve done it with me before.”


Elisha’s eyes shook. She suddenly froze as if she had been stabbed.

Lucerne interpreted her reaction in a different way; he raised the corners of his mouth,

“Ah, did you mistake me for some other guy?” 

Lucerne calmly whispered in Elisha’s ear, his words seeped into her eardrums like a slick slime. It felt like her mind was also getting wet, he slowly struck and rubbed against her again.



The towering penis pierced precisely between her swollen lower lips, on her underwear, pressing on her entrance. 

“Except doing it all the way …… everything else is fine.”

“I’m going crazy, really.”

Lucerne said, touching Elisha’s forehead with his own.

“In fact, it keeps standing since earlier because of you.”

Lucerne whispered intensely, Elisha unconsciously swallowed her breath. She couldn’t figure out if he was making it up or trying to get her excited.

“Even if you’re a spy. From the beginning, all I could think about was wanting to strip you and make you wet.”

Whether these words were meant to arouse Elisha’s moans or were sincere, Elisha didn’t know. Perhaps, it was the former, Elisha thought.

“Unnn… … ,”

“I’m getting hooked on you even though you are wearing such a rag. I have never been like this.”


At the next moment — her mind went blank.

Their lips touched, hers were swollen and sore. His lower part continued to rub against her. Lucerne’s lips nibbled Elisha’s lower lip as if devouring it. He bit her mouth like a beast and and opened her mouth wide.

The sound of lewd wetness rang in her ears.

His saliva mixed with hers. It was warm and his whole body smelled inticeing. 

It was her first kiss in both lives.

“Put out your tongue.”

Lucerne ordered upon seeing Elisha’s red face, kissing her lips furiously. A shy-like tongue slipped through her lips. Lucerne’s tongue touched hers in the air.

As if it were a prelude, two wet tongues tangled like tree vines in the air. Elisha’s breath was burning from the heat in her chest.

“Haaaa, unghh… ,”

Slurp, slurp.

The sound of the two rubbing tongues lustfully resounded in the room. 

As if they were having real sex, he rubbed his lower half over Elisha’s body.

“Haaa, eung… … ,”

Lucerne quietly whispered to Elisha, slowly moving his body, saying:

“Snakes are supposed to be long and big. If we really did it, you would have been hurt and torn, because your skin was weak. You would have passed out before I ejaculated.”

Creak! Creak!

“Uhhhng, hugnnh… … , hooo… … ,”

Elisha panted lewdly while in Lucerne’s arms, feeling stranger and stranger. It seemed that her underwear was getting wet.

“Yeah. You’re good now,”

affirmed Lucerne. His voice was clear, but it was so quiet and low that it rang and was only transmitted to Elisha’s ears.

“I have to do this. So those outside can hear everything. There will probably be a ton of men masturbating after hearing your moans. Then the stench of semen will fill the air outside this room, because of you.”

Elisha’s waist softly shook.

“Now I have to go until the end,”

Lucerne whispered. His voice seemed to be exhausted by his patience and was strangely strained. Lucerne released Elisha’s upper body. He pushed her body against the wall…

He leaned in front of Elisha.

“Strengthen your legs. If you fall, I might plunge into you. I don’t want you to be sprawled on the floor and me stuck in you for the first time.”

“… … … …”

“If you don’t want to be punished, do it right.”

Lucerne jokingly said with a mirthful smile in his eyes; Elisha felt an electric current run up her spine at his words. Lucerne’s hand got caught in her underwear strap. Elisha shook her head, covering the back of his large hand with her own.

“Oh, wait… … ,”


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  1. I forgot the are doing this standing up… and there’s people on the other side of the door. Oh my oh my!

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