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Her exposed breasts were trapped in his large hands and immediately crushed. As he greedily rubbed her nipples between his fingers, an excited moan leaked out of her like a sob. Unsatisfied with that, he squeezed her white chest so severely that it left a mark. Elise’s waist curved in a half-circle with a pleasure close to pain.

As she caught her breath and pressed his head down, Benji’s gaze turned to her, stopping all his movements. Even though he clearly knew what she wanted, he pretended not to know. His innocent eyes lit up with a cheeky light. At one time, she was deceived by that expression and suffered from a sense of guilt, but now his body was so sweet that she couldn’t think of anything else. So, it was time to tell him what he wanted to hear.

“Please suck it. Um?”

“Yes, Master.”

Benji couldn’t stop his soft smile and replied quietly. Even though she knew he was teasing, his tongue, which was exposed between his gaping lips, looked exceptionally red, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him in anticipation.

When Benji’s lips clenched at her spiky apex, Elise’s whole body burned as if engulfed in flames. Her round nipples swelled red as he licked them gently, pulled, and chewed her softly. Even the slightest touch of his tongue on her nipples made her sensitive. A chill ran through her body with a quiver. Elise’s toes clenched so tight that they were about to cramp as she gasped. Nonchalantly, Benji tormented her, his tongue dangling from her breasts as she struggled.

“Ah… … .”

It was good to twist it like a pinch with her fingers, but it felt best when he sucked and licked it with his sexy lips. Her body was honest to the point where thick water dripped between her legs. Benji pulled his tongue up and licked her nipples around her nipples while sucking hard enough to make his cheeks slender.

At the same time, a giant finger dug in underneath her. As he provoked her by stroking the folds of her inner wall, both could hear how incredibly wet she was after one love affair. Her thighs and lower abdomen tightened with arousal. Benji’s fingers teased her narrow entrance as he devoured her chest as if he didn’t care that she wanted him in her now. Instead, his rough palms rubbed and pressed against her clitoris, and a tingling sensation of pleasure swallowed Elise to the extent that it was terrifying.

Her whole body felt like it had become an erogenous zone, and it felt like she was going crazy. There was only one way to quench that thirst.

“Ugh. Ha, stop… put it now—Haa… … .”

Elise sobbed and begged amid the lewd sound of water pouring and squirting.

“From behind. Turn around.”

Benji turned over her limp body and lifted her buttocks. Elise’s breasts, wet with saliva, were crushed against her soft bedding. Because she had become so sensitive, even that was agitating.

Benji’s palm caressed her back. Her rough touch glided slowly along the hollow of Elise’s spine, heightening her tension. She trembled in anticipation, her vagina also quivering with her excitement.

Benji grabbed her round ass with one of his hands, his other hand holding his hideous veiny cock at his center.

“Hurry, put it in.”

Her heart fluttered with anxiety; she wanted her ass pounded. Benji watched Elise like that.

“Spread it open yourself.”

That was not so difficult. Elise reached back, grabbed her asscheeks, and spread them apart. Then, between them, his heavy tip spread her love liquid along the long vertical line and rubbed her at random.

“Do you like doing it from behind so much?”

Despite the mocking, teasing voice, Elise couldn’t even refute it. I just wanted to grab that pole immediately and have it stab her bottom indiscriminately. Elise rubbed her vaginal mouth, twitching with excitement, against his thick pillar of flesh. She pressed on his tip, hoping for his entry.

“Ohh, hurry… … . Ahh!”

His head stuck into her vaginal mouth and slid in like it had been sucked in. The sound of her mourning leaked out as his bulkiness stretched her narrow inner walls. Knowing that he hadn’t wholly pierced her yet, her thighs trembled with emotions, not knowing whether it was hope or fear.

Even as her convulsive vaginal mouth swallowed him, Benji’s movements were slow. As he slowly poked her in every nook and cranny, Elise struggled to take a breath, bending her waist as she took a deep breath with difficulty.

“You know what? Screwing from behind, the tightening is different. It’s shaking like —squeezing… … . ughh… … . I almost came, as soon as I put it in.”

Even with his unhurried movements, his thick glans stroked precisely where she felt it most and elicited a climax from her quickly. Elise convulsed once more as his thick pillar of flesh pierced deeply into the depths of her stomach.

Benji grabbed her swaying breasts and swept down her curvaceous waist. Wherever his hot body temperature touched her, a shivering sensation rose like a quake. She desperately wanted him to pierce her, where her belly was tingling quickly.

“Heh. More, harder, deeper, ugn, hit me.”

Instead of answering, Benji held her pelvis tightly. He teased his waist, making it as if the tip of his cock was caught and had it twitch up, touching the wrong part. Her bare breasts shook erratically. Elise no longer had the strength to support her body, so she buried her face in the pillow and lifted his ass higher and closer to take it deeper.

Now he was thrusting so violently that Benji’s pelvic girdle bones crashed into Elise’s ass cheeks, making them jiggle and wave with the reverberation. Her body bounced every time his balls slapped hard against her clitoris. She was holding onto the sheet, crumpling it up in a mess, in a frenzied delirium..

Benji raised Elise by her round shoulder, kissed her harshly, and slammed against her back even harder. With her back arched like a bow, he faithfully sucked her tongue out as he dug into her mouth and panted as if she was out of breath.

“Huh. Unn… … . Oooh… … . Benji… … .”

One palm was squeezing her breasts, and another rubbed her swollen clitoris. Finally, Elise let out a shrill scream.

The sound of flesh colliding with her quickly grew louder and louder and more violent. Then, as Elise was imprisoned in his arms and locked in Benji’s arms, she again quaked with an unbearable tremor as a hot, cloudy water liquid filled her womb and still poured out of her uterus.

“Ha… … . ha… … .”

Elise, exhausted from her repeated orgasms, sprawled on the bed. She didn’t even have the strength to pull up the sheet and cover her body. Her lungs were sore under her ribs from her short breaths, and even her fingertips trembled.

But at that moment, unwavering, eery bright yellow eyes flashed frighteningly at Elise. His lips, which had licked away her weeping tears, moved again between her legs.

‘My karma. I must have touched it wrong. That’s why we have no choice but to behave like beasts.’

Elise, who had previously praised her past self for her current happiness just a moment ago, struggled to spread her still twitching legs. Then, raising the corners of his lips in her satisfaction, Benji devoured her lips. For them, it was a familiar night that continued.

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