MSU – 46

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She was barely grasping onto reality as Benji rounded his muscled buttocks with a taunt tight power and pierced the hot flesh deep as if to jolt her back to reality. Elise’s mind went white and was messed up with a moan. Elise squeezed his eyes shut at the intense stimulation coming up her spine.

“You can’t faint. Umm? Open your eyes. How surprised I was to hear that you were sick. Thanks to you, I was able to get out…Haa but— I have to leave early again tomorrow. Umm? Sleep during the day and look at me now.”

Benji tightly embraced a collapsing Elise, his fierce waist not stopping as he beat his back violently. Elise couldn’t gather her wits about her. Then, her hair stood up at the peak of her tidal wave of an orgasm.

Elise pulled Benji’s hair and tilted his head back. She took a deep breath, finally able to inhale.

“You like this spot, don’t you? If you like it, make some noise. Then I’ll think about cumming.”

“Ha ha… … . Quickly… … .”

“Haa… … . driving me crazy.”

Composure from his face completely disappeared. His thrusts picked up her trembling thighs, trying to stand independently. Snatching up the falling Elise, Benji shoved her hand under her ass and lifted her up into the air.

“Ah! Ah!… … .”

The only thing that held her up was Benji, who thrusted into her. Elise sobbed and moaned as she hung on to him for dear life. As if enjoying the scene, Benji kept moving his waist and tenaciously made eye contact with her, holding her gaze. In the end, Elise closed her eyes tightly and let out her loud moans mixed with a whimpering coyness.

A massive piece of flesh mercilessly digging into her deepest part seemed to pierce her whole body. The hem of her skirt, which had rolled up erratically, was wrinkled in a mess.

Whenever she heard his beast-like panting and called out her name, she moaned and got wet underneath. Both of their muscles tightened with a short breath. Her vision flickered white as she hugged Benji’s neck and her waist bent helplessly.

“Haaa… … .”

Muscles out of control shook wildly to embrace each other’s hot flesh a little deeper. At their connection a mixture of their thick liquid was dripping between them, soaking the floor. Benji was still breathing heavily as he hugged Elise as if he was going to burst

His brow furrowed, his nose twitched, and red hot earlobes. Benji was squeezing and pouring out everything in her.

While Benji was breathing roughly, she stared at him for a long time, enthralled. She had a hazy look.

How long had she been watching him? Benji lowered her onto her bed and embraced her as he exhaled with an even breath through his dazed expression. After he pulled out his penis that had blocked her up, the fluid that filled her womb spilled out and wet the white sheet.

Benji, who had been ruthlessly hammering just before, had a more gentle face than anyone else. He who had been panting like an animal while holding on to her was now in a noble and beautiful state.

Elise unwittingly lifted her finger and gently shoved it between his lips, still breathing hot air. His dark eyelashes on his closed eyelids quivered for a moment before he pulled out his red tongue and began to lick her fingers.

The soft-touch on her fingertips tickled. Then, as Elise giggled, Benji slowly raised his eyelids. His clear, auburn-colored eyes were full of her blissful countenance.

“You are beautiful.”

“You too.”

He hugged tightly and kissed her as her reply came between giggles. Her heart was thrilled and felt like it was about to burst at the light kisses that were gently spread all over her. It was a happiness she could have never imagined until recently.

Benji, who made all of this possible, was in front of her. Choosing him was probably the best thing she had ever done in her life. Twisting the innocent Benji and asking him to suck her bottom. Well, he wasn’t as naive as she had thought.

As Elise stared at him, deep in thought, Benji grabbed her finger again and bit her. His mouth was as hot as lava as his tongue wrapped around her finger, and he chewed it painlessly. It was an action full of sensual desire.

As if seducing her, he licked deep between her fingers. It was as if she were watching him sucking her underneath her. She once again got wet from below.

“Benji, look up.”

Benji slowly lifted his head up to meet her eyes, still holding Elise’s finger in his mouth. Contrary to his clear and beautiful auburn eyes, saliva was lewdly dripping long on his reddened lips.

Elise pushed her tongue in where she had pulled out her finger. Body heat intertwined, and a fever quickly rose as if they were on fire. Smooth tongues wiggled with fervor, giving and receiving each other’s saliva. There was a wet sound that was particularly primordial.

Every time Benji’s even teeth caught the tip of her hot tongue, her hair stood up. It was unusually foreign to feel something solid while everything else was hot and smooth. Elise gasped, grabbed his face, and pulled him in even more. She wanted to taste him a little deeper.

With their lips still intertwined, Benji diligently unbuttoned his uniform. Soon, his well-formed upper body was exposed. Elise brushed her hand down on his hard chest. As her slender fingers caressed the different colored areas, she felt his center grow erect again. Elise took a hard breath and pushed out her chest, feeling like she was about to go crazy.

“Benji, touch my breasts.”

At her words, his thick chest inhaled sharply between his broad shoulders. Benji pulled her clothes off. Faustino’s garments were thin instead of intricate, so it didn’t take long. It was fortunate for everyone.

Elise, who soon became naked, faced him with a blush. Benji glanced at the scene admiringly, threw away the clothes he was still wearing, and pressed their lips together.

“Hah. Harder.”

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