IBMV – 21.2

I’ve killed a person.

Kian slowly looked at the wizard who had been burned and killed with his own hands.

I don’t feel guilty.

Rather, an emotion he had never felt in his life captured him.

The violent pleasure in being in control of other people’s lives.

It didn’t feel too bad.

After living as a slave for 20 years, Kian has always been on the receiving end of violence. It was common to be beaten just because the owner was in a bad mood.

He lived with a habit of saying that he was always okay. That’s how he lived as a slave.

-It’s alright. This is also a pain that will soon pass. It will be over soon. I can take it.

In retrospect, all those words were self-deception. Saying it’s okay was actually a lie to myself.

Actually, none of it was okay.

I want to erase the people who tormented and tortured me from the face of the earth.

All those dark feelings were buried deep in my heart and locked up.

But now, the door that was locked is wide open.

The trapped monster was released outside. The monster that had grown in size for 20 years, he thought, would make him run wild.

‘But before that…….’

Kian hugged Olivia who had fallen limp. Her body in his arms was cold. He bit his lower lip firmly. The first thing was to take her back to the mansion.

Like a fragile glass artifact, the sound of a horse hoof approached Kian’s ear, who carefully held Olivia.

In front of the gaze, a cloud of dust rose from the side of the road leading to the capital.

A group of knights was running straight this way. Kian recognized the embossed Imperial family’s coat of arms over their chests in silver armor.

They are the royal family guards and knights. What’s the reason they’ve come this far in the middle of the night?

Kian stared at them with cold, sunken eyes.

In an instant, the knights narrowed the distance and stopped a few steps away from Kian. They took note of the scarred earth that filled their vision and fearfully lamented with a groan.

“What the hell happened here… … .”

A 300-year-old tree that was plucked from its roots and thrown like a toy. The ground that was was dug up as if it had been bombed…. In the burnt and charred place, breathless flames were still burning.

It was as if some fearsome beast—like a dragon had ravaged the area.

The knights reached out to their swords, wary of Kian, who walked calmly at the scene of the disaster.

The head knight of the group interrogated him:

“Who are you? Your name and identity.”


“Are you related to the appearance of the pillars of light?”

Kian only then knew what the knights were there for. Still, he didn’t want to bother with them. To him, they were nothing but harassing hindrances.

He said, staring straight at the knight.

“Please leave and get out of my way.”

For a millisecond, the knight stiffened; however, as a proud knight, he endeavored to ignore his instinct to give way and spoke steadfastly:

“I can’t. Until you reveal your identity, you can’t take a step forward.”

Neither side would retreat.

One warning was enough, and the cost of ignoring it was high.

Kian said in a flat voice,

“Then I have no choice but to clean it up and go.”

After his last word, an explosive magic power erupted from Kian’s body. At the same time, the ground shook as if it were an earthquake.

Around the place where Kian stood, the soil, piles of rocks and boulders began to soar into the sky against gravity. [omg Kian is legit a super saiyan]

“*Gasp*… … !”

Some of the knights unconsciously exclaimed and gasped. Only then did they only realize what man was in front of them.

The knight’s faces quickly turned ashen with terror.

An urgent cry from the leading knight echoed in the plains.

“Everyone, retreat!”

Huge chunks of rock covered the sky. Kian dropped them like meteorites to destroy the knights, ready to stain the plains with their blood.

But right at that moment–


There came a voice that he thought he would never hear again.

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