HCM – 3

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Frisia was washing herself with a pale face. This was not apart of her plan. The original storyline kept distorting.


The meeting between female protagonist Marianne and male protagonist Aslei happened earlier than the original. This was also the case when Marianne met the sub-male leads.

Everything was faster than expected. The heroine solved many cases faster than in the original. It was as if she were solving big problems in advance.

Seeing him, Frisia was convinced.

The original female protagonist has regressed or was possessed like herself.

‘Well, I guess technically I’m not possessed, I’m reincarnated…….’

When she was reborn in this world, Frisia was not sure what world he was reincarnated into. It was because there were so many books she had read.

She did not see just one or two books in her life, but she was always reading dozens of ropan stories [t1v: relatable af]. There were hundreds of books a year; how could she remember all of them!

So she kept wandering in uncertainty until she heard the female protagonist’s name and finally realized where she was. This world was the setting for the ropan “I Will Leave It To You.” She finished it a month before she died.

The novel’s protagonists were named Aslei Tintalion and Marianne.

‘It was such a dilemma because I couldn’t remember the heroine’s last name.’

Marianne, the heroine, was a fallen aristocrat, and Aslei was a divorced man who had once married and became a bachelor again. He had married his ex-wife to receive his ducal title, but even after the divorce, she was obsessed with Aslei and harassed him.

He was looking for a suitable partner to finalize his separation from his wife. The female lead, who noticed the fact, boldly stormed into the duke’s estate and offered a contract marriage.

‘Probably, after her regression, the female lead didn’t want this marriage to happen.….’

But this reality had a harsh law.

In order for Aslei to succeed as a duke, he needed to marry a woman of high status. In other words, an imperial princess, a royal princess, or a ducal princess.

No matter how many times Marianne, a fallen aristocrat, received recognition for her contributions, it wasn’t a position that could be reached. Unfortunately, Marianne, a possessed woman, did not notice this.

So even before the original work began, she had already solved many cases and made a lot of effort.

Thanks to this, she avoided having to visit the Duke’s office and presenting a contract, but her status did not seem to have risen as much as she thought.

In the original work, problems had festered until they exploded with devastating results. But with great harm came great distinction. However, because it had been solved in advance, there was not much acclaim. Still, she had raised her family’s honor and received a medal and a title.

Because of her efforts, she had started off as Baron Nelson’s daughter and now was Viscount Rowain! It was something to celebrate.

‘Aslei must have been interested in her…….’

Frisia thought, dipping her head into the bath. She enjoyed reading the original but did not watch them.

All she had was a glimpse of the two talking at a gathering of nobility.

It was too early for the story to start, so she thought it had nothing to do with her. But, just as the heroine Marianne had changed, so did she.

That1villainess girl, Ducal Princess of Frisia Atreille, was also different from the original. Even before she had regained memories of her previous life, she did not commit evil deeds. Instead, she had simply lived quietly as the daughter of Duke Atreille.

She had an older brother who was five years older than her, and he was the heir, and the duke would pass on everything to him.

She wasn’t very close to her brother, but it wasn’t a bad relationship.

Besides, what was given to Frisia was not small. She had earned the title of the woman with the greatest dowry in the Empire.

Frisia was comfortable and content. Perhaps it was because her previous life had been so difficult, God had bestowed some grace on her in this life.

Until she was summoned by her father and heard this:

“Marry Aslei Tintalion.”

In the original, he married Frisia because she had hung on to him. It was also because the marriage was necessary to be received his title.

But he was a man of power. Marriage was convenient and a bloodless compromise, but he could fight and win the ducal crown without marrying anyone if he was determined.

If he killed about half of the blood and vassals of the Duke of Tintalion, he would have received the duke’s title.

Frisia assumed Aslei had already met Marianne and fallen in love. Or he liked her but didn’t realize it yet.

Duke Atreillie claimed that talks with Aslei had already been finalized. However, Frisia didn’t believe her father’s words.

There’s no way he’d marry another woman if he liked someone already!

‘Did he get blackmailed?’

She wondered about it, but it was not time to be concerned about Aslei. Frisia had realized that life, which she thought to be free, was not really.

The reason Frisia of the original work chased Aslei and was supported was because he had a similar and suitable status for the duke’s daughter.

But now she knew the real reason.

‘Damn, there’s no one else!’

Just as Aslei had to find marriage targets amongst the imperial princesses, royal princesses, and ducal princesses, so did Frisia. She also had to suitors amongst the imperial princes, royal princes, and ducal heirs, but there was no suitable man. Really!

Firstly, all imperial princes were married or had fiancees, there was no ordinary royal princes in the surrounding kingdoms, and the sons of other dukes were trash and scum.

‘Did their parents raise their sons with their feet?’

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