HCM – 2

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They eventually agreed to adjust the curse, but that did not mean that his student’s sins were eliminated or alleviated.

“Because of you, a woman now needs to sleep with someone she doesn’t want. Are you still without sin?”

There was a slight crack in his pupil’s stern expression when referring to the duchess and not the Duke of Tintalion.

“Isn’t she the woman who married him? Either way, they must have already consummated their relationship already.….”

“How do outsiders know what goes on between a couple?”

the Master of the Tower noticed that they were people who had little to no physical contact because both the Duke and Duchess were either stunned or awkwardly embarrassed and overly reluctant.

Judging from the people’s reactions, the public image of their marriage wasn’t bad at all, but it was clear from the woman’s pale complexion that this was something she did not want.

“Your reason is probably because of that young girl. Her name… Wasn’t Marianne?”

“The lady has nothing to do with this! I did this on my own!”

At his hasty shout, the Master of the Tower’s eyes became fierce. He thought he raised his pupil quite strictly, but it seemed that he was still lacking in education.

“I’m sure. Judging the nature of this work, that young lady Marianne has her heart on the Duke of Tintalion!”

At the words of the Master of the Tower, the disciple bit his lips and bowed his head. He was resentful and embarrassed, but it was also an undeniable fact. Although the Duke rejected the woman he loved, she still couldn’t forget him.

That’s why he did it. He hoped that Aslei would stay with his current wife even by force. But, for some reason, Marianne was wholly convinced that Aslei had a contractual marriage.

“You have committed an indelible sin against the Duke and his wife! And you have the audacity to be stubborn by refusing to admit your sins!”


“Are you jealous of the duke? Don’t you think that young lady who is greedy for a married man who even got married is filthy?”

At the command of the Master of the Tower, he raised his head. Everything else he could endure, but he couldn’t stand the insult to Marianne.

“I am the one lacking—everything is my fault, not the lady’s fault!”

He had occasionally thought the same thing as his teacher. But he realized there must be a reason for Marianne’s insistence. Now, in fact, he also believed that the Duke and his wife had a contractual marriage.

Wasn’t it obvious? How could Frisia Artreille, who was not interested in any man, suddenly get married?

“You fool!”

the Master of the Tower’s words became cold, and he poured mana into him. At the sudden pouring of magic, the disciple screamed,


He felt his body getting smaller and smaller. Although he respected the Master of the Tower as his adoptive father and teacher, as he grew in strength, the more he had looked down on him.

He had mistakenly assumed his talents were better than his teachers’.

Perhaps it was a wild guess, but the Master of the Tower was a much better wizard than his disciple had thought.

“200 years! That’s the period you should be punished for!”

Feathers grew on his ever-shrinking body. He realized that he was turning into a crow with black and glossy feathers sprouting and a beak growing from his mouth.

“How could…. Master!”

It seemed that only the skeleton was left because the arms became wings and the legs became thin. the Master of the Tower narrowed his eyes at his pupil emerging from the hem of his now-too-big clothes while flapping his wings.

Now that his power has been sealed, his foolish disciple would no longer be able to use magic. the Master of the Tower cast another spell so that he was unable to speak a human language.

Caw! The cries of the grieving disciple rang. Now he can only talk to the Master of the Tower and a few wizards.

“Why are you punishing me like this?…. You’re too much!”

“Too much? Think of your sin of planning such a thing only with ‘possibilities.’ What would have happened when your plan went wrong?”

Not only would the impact on Duke Tintalion would have been enormous, but he could have also traumatized the would-be victims and his wife.

Even if it went according to the student’s plan, things were not settled. The relationship between the two was also unknown to the Master of the Tower, but this could become a big wound. Even if it happened to work out smoothly, it would only be due to the efforts of the two, not to his disciple.

“You don’t deserve to be associated with the lady you like. To you who doesn’t even know what crime he committed, I’m afraid what more crimes you will commit under the pretext of love!”

His student was sentenced to a punishment of 200 years, but if he could not truly repent, he would extend the period more and more.

“Reflect, and repent! If I deem your apologetic rumination is sincere only then I will release you!”

Caw! Caw! Caw!

As in anger, he flew around, flapping his wings. Crow feathers scattered, and loud cries rang the room.

“Go! Witness the harm you’ve inflicted with your eyes!”

At the cry of the Master of the Tower, the crow circled over his head and headed toward the window.

Before leaving the room, he glanced with resentment and flew out of the room. the Master of the Tower kicked his tongue as he saw the crow moving away.

“You idiot.”

When the Master of the Tower flicked his finger, the open window slammed shut.

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