DVS [5]

The journey was smooth. All the people they met on their way were kind to both of them. Senia managed to hear what Carr said for the first time when he had a short conversation to ask for direction. The calm and firm tone was not much different from what she imagined. It made her laughed quietly with joy and Carr just tilted his head at the sight.

It’s been a week since their departure. They could see the outskirts of town in the distance. A very small village, but Senia liked the thought that she could finally be able to sleep comfortably after a long time. Carr agreed with her sentiment, but as the village neared, his face hardened.

The first thing he heard was sad noises, the sounds of people crying over someone. Somehow an uneasy feeling made Carr hastened his steps than usual. A boy who ran out of the village bumped into Carr’s leg and fell backwards. 

The small face was covered with tears and a runny nose, the crude knife he was holding fell to the floor making a rattling sound. The boy couldn’t even look at the two people he bumped properly and whimpered.

“Ehm… Are you okay? Did something happen in the village?” Senia knelt and wiped the boy’s face with a handkerchief.

“I-In… In the village… b-bandits… came in…!” The boy murmured in a cracked voice, still shedding his tears. The words came out with every sobbed made it hard to understand but after a few more tries, they got the story. 

In summary, bandits showed up in the village, they kidnapped women and killed people. The father of the boy was hiding in the house and was murdered. The boy, who found out after the situation was over, ran out with a knife in panic.

Carr, who heard the story, frowned slightly. Bandits were troublesome, but he felt uneasy for some other reason.

“Nothing changes when a kid like you hold a knife. If you don’t want to be killed by a dog, just go back to the village.”

“No! Dad, heuk, grandpa, and the next-door man! They’re all dead! I—I need to avenge them!”

Senia gave the boy a big hug with a sad eye. She thought he was too young to put death and revenge in his mouth. The boy gradually calmed in Senia’s arms, whether it’s because his feelings were recognized and accepted or that his anger had reached his limit and drained his energy.

“Can you guide me to the village?” I need to see the villagers’ condition.”

“…. S-Sister… are you a priest?”

“Yes. I’ll treat the injured.”

“Really?! Are you going to do it?!”

Senia answered the question with a soft smile. The boy with his eyes wide open stood up and pulled Senia by her hand into the village. Carr picked up the forgotten knife and followed them.

“Child, when did the bandits come and leave?”

“…. I won’t tell brother about it.”

There was a bit of resentment in his mouth, but when Senia, who showed an awkward smile, asked instead, the boy answered quietly.

“About an hour ago.”

In the town square, bodies were collected neatly together and prayers with wailing could be heard. They could see that some had survived, but others were seriously injured and were likely to die soon. The boy’s expression darkened at once when they reached the square. His gaze was fixed on an adult man, he presumed to be his father.

“Are you travellers….? You have come at a bad time and I’m sorry I couldn’t welcome you.”

An old man with a bent back walked to them with the help of a cane. At first glance, his expression was sombre.

“I heard there was a bandit. Are all the villagers here, except those that are abducted? “Senia spoke when she saw the old man

“Yes, you look like the Lord of the Sun’s priest when I see your clothing… can you at least pray for the deceased?”

Senia smiled bitterly as she asked if the casualties were people of the village. The old man nodded his head.

“The sun’s mercy will come down.” Senia cast a short glance at Carr and moved her feet. After a week’s trip, Carr knew it meant for him to wait.

He watched Senia’s back as she strode through the crowd and stood in the middle of the square where the bodies lay. She closed her eyes and held her pendant in her hands. People paid silent tribute together when they saw the praying priest. The wailing sound could still be heard before it turned into a quiet sob.

The image of Senia praying for the dead seemed so holy that people, albeit temporarily, forgot their sorrow and looked at her, comforted.

How long did she pray for them? Suddenly, her pendant shone bright and as Senia opened her hands, it spread out in the square. Everyone closed their eyes reflexively. After experiencing the light before, Carr knew that Senia’s prayer was a type of divine blessing, something that only a saint could do.

People slowly opened their eyes, bewildered by the sudden baptism of light.

“…. miracle.” someone muttered.


Apparently, the dead started to rise by themselves with surprised faces. Not to mention those who were fatally wounded and those that had minor injuries were cured. No scars left.

“I…. I had a big cut in my chest…”

“My arm that was cut off is attached again! What happened?”

It could only be described as a miracle. Carr, unable to hide his surprise, fixed his eyes on the square.

‘Is this even possible? The title of saint is a no joke…’


Again, the village was filled with a sea of tears. This time, it was tears of joy for reuniting with someone precious. Senia returned to Carr’s side, leaving the people hugging and cried together behind her.

“Do you now know why I couldn’t give up my power?” She whispered quietly.

‘Resurrection’ is, of course, a miracle that an ordinary priest cannot use, not even Archbishop

Arte could do unless it was on the Day of the Sun. No one can replace the presence of a saint that able to do this kind of miracle.

Taking Carr’s silence as a yes, Senia smiled at him just as the old man from earlier approached them and bowed deeply.

“Oh, oh, oh, I don’t know this precious person at first. I don’t know what to say… but you are the saint of Sun God. On behalf of all the villagers, I would like to express my gratitude to you. Thank you very, very much.”

“It’s God’s guidance that I’m here at this time. Just greeting is fine. I think we should save the people who were abducted…” Senia glanced at Carr, “…. could you help me?”


Carr’s duty on the journey was solely to guide and Senia knew it. He had nothing to do with him handling the matter with a group of bandits. Senia on the other hand, had hope for Carr’s help, even though the devil would not try to save humans and as expected, Carr nodded.

Actually, Carr had a duty to protect Senia, it was the contract he made with Arte in secret.

“Oh…! Then I will send powerful young men with you. Immediately, everyone…”

“No, it will be just the two of us. We’re going to head out before the atmosphere calms down, so please explain it to the people.”

The old man looked worried, but Senia was adamant. Eventually, the two-headed out of the village after receiving a brief explanation from the old man. They followed the clear footprints of the bandits and soon after, the trees became thick and they hiked the mountain.

There was a faint scent of blood in the mountains. Carr, who was the first to notice the fact, frowned. The surrounding area almost looked like a jungle where the roads were not properly built. He glanced at Senia, checking her condition. She was born and raised in the church, hence her lack of experience but she once joined pilgrimage, it was during the war with the devil three years ago.

At that time, she chose to join the group of priests rather than be escorted like a princess. That was the reason why Carr didn’t find any problems with meals and camping with her.

Just like right now, Senia calmly climbing the rugged mountain path without falling. However, Carr was still worried, especially with how Senia seemed to be nervous and continued to look at their surroundings all the time.

‘You were calm before… but now finally nervous at the thought of actually dealing with bandits?’

That was the only logical explanation to explain Senia’s anxiety, after all, she didn’t even have a weapon.

‘I just need to make sure she doesn’t walk ahead.’

As soon as he was about to take another step, Senia grabbed Carr from behind.


The two faced each other and Senia quickly looked down while Carr was waiting patiently for her words.

“W-When someone was kidnapped… they must have been forcibly taken, right? Some must have resisted and were hurt?”

Other than that, there must be other things that were done to them, but Carr nodded quietly. He wasn’t able to explain things after all.

“Treatment… of course they will need it…? And you will need my power to subdue the bandits…” Senia mumbled the words quietly and only then did Carr noticed that her ears were read.

“…. please… give it to me… I’m almost out of power after using them in the village earlier…”

Perhaps it was him but Senia had started to grab her lower lobe with her trembling hands.

‘There was a reason for my uneasiness…’

Carr started to panic. Of course, what happened in the village earlier was totally unexpected and resurrect the death must have drained most of her power. Even so, to demand sex in public like this…

‘I’d rather have a room in the village… no, the people there wouldn’t let it go.’

Carr let out a frustrated moan while Senia still looking at him with that uneasy expression.

The round, innocent eyes, like a little puppy, were so lovely that Carr gave up all his reasoning and followed his instinct.

‘Right, well. You are the one that asking me to do it first, besides, I have everything pent up.’

Carr pulled Senia’s shoulder and pushed her against the tree. Her body was all tensed, anticipating what’s coming. However, Carr didn’t push or rush her despite knowing that she needed it, instead he lowered his hand and stroked her white thigh.


Senia flushed red as she looked down at his bare hand. Every part that Carr’s hand touched, sent electric shiver all over her body. A strange feeling of her body heated up and the increase of tickling sensation in her nether region.

Carr, who was looking at flinching Senia, leaned his head down slightly following the impulse that continued to grow inside him. Slowly, their face got closer and soon their eyes met. Senia’s eyes, which were very clear, were shaking slightly.

He wasn’t sure if that was anxiety, disgust or lust and he found himself to be hesitant with what to do. He pressed his lips against Senia’s neck lightly.

“Ah.” The word came out as a moan and Carr removed Senia’s hands that rested atop her chest, then slowly loosened a couple of her buttons revealing her collarbone underneath.

Was it because of the atmosphere or the environment that the bare flesh which was revealed little by little felt more sensual than usual?

Carr swallowed his dry saliva before he started to devour her bare skin. His hand, which had turned cold because of the air, slowly moved to her waist causing Senia to shiver at the sudden contact. Every contact by the warm hand caused a shiver ran along her spine and she tried to avoid it. 

But Carr, who didn’t have any intention to let her go, held her tightly by the waist as he started to pull down the top of her robe, licking and trailing wet kisses all over her skin while his thigh pressed between Senia’s legs giving pleasant stimulation.

“Ha…hnn…” Hot breath tickled Carr’s ear and Senia’s gaze was not on him but around the forest. Her body heated up much faster than usual because of the threat that someone might find them.

Carr’s hand on the other hand was trying to pull down her underwear hastily as his hand ran along her back.

“Ha… ah…. I…. I’ll do it….” Senia, who was looking away, pushed Carr’s chest back and quickly took off her underwear. When they were lying on the bed, Carr always led the way, but now with them standing it was different.

Once, she managed to take off her underwear, Senia gave Carr a nod permitting him to continue. Carr quickly lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around his waist then started to undo his belt and trousers, pulling out his hard cock.

He slowly pushed his cockhead through her opening, causing Senia to moan as she held on to his shoulder. She quickly hid her face against his shoulder, trying to prevent sound from leaking out as much as possible. Carr slowly pushed inside, joined their body together while trying to suppress his desires.

“Ugh…. Eummm…!”

The moment his cock, thrust deep inside her, properly buried, Senia reached her climax causing her body to shake in pleasure. It was a different feeling of how sex was done in bed. Right now, her body was completely suspended by Carr’s muscles. The extra weight of her body allowing his cock to reach deeper than usual. The sensation of his cock rubbing against her tender inner wall was too much that Senia had to hold back her moan.

‘I always thought that she was small…’

Carr thought as he watched Senia, who stood face to face against him, clinging to him, looked like a small baby animal. It was a lovely sight of her hanging on to him and Carr didn’t hesitate to fuck her, grabbing her buttocks.

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