DVS [6]

TW/CW – in this chapter there is part that talk about rape and violence. (it is started from paragraph with * at the start).


No matter how much she tried to hold back, her moans, which ignited Carr’s desire more, leaked out as pleasure took over her body. Each thrust was deeper, stronger, and rougher chasing after the orgasm that both needed. The obscene sound coming from where their bodies were connected was the only sound beside their groans and moans that filled the forest. 

It was wrong to take their pleasure out in the open, while the sky was watching them, and it pushed Senia to the edge faster.

“C-Carr…. I… I’m c-close….”

Senia’s whole body was shaking, so close to her orgasm that she was losing her strength to support herself. Carr leaned, biting down the juncture of her neck, as he continued to fuck her pussy that triggered Senia’s orgasm.

The wanton cry coming out of Senia’s mouth could only be described as sinful as her body trembling at the force of it. She was completely spent, no strength left in her that she’s leaning on Carr’s body like a broken doll as the man filled her with his seed, triggering a trail of mini orgasm.


While Carr was gathering his thoughts after a mind-blowing orgasm, there was buzz nearby and the time to enjoy his afterglow was shortened.

“Did you say that the strange noise came from this side?”

“I’m telling you. The villagers aren’t armed, are they?”

“They don’t have any guts, you saw them in the village earlier and even if they came here, we could just catch them as another hostage.”

“Hahaha. That’s true… wait, who’s there?”

It was a split-seconds difference, dressing in a hurry before the two of them were caught by the bandits. It was hard pretending to be calm when their heart was pounding inwardly.

Fortunately, the bandits didn’t notice any strange signs and just laughed at Carr and Senia.

“What are you guys? Traveller? Huh, even one of you look like some sort of priest?”

“You came to the wrong place. We’re in control around here, so you can’t get past without permission.”

The two bandits held a sharp long sword, but it didn’t concern Carr at all. However, when he was trying not to move hastily, Senia took a careful step.

“I came here after hearing the story from the villager. I need you to let go of the hostages that you took.”


The calm, carefree speech made the bandits as well as Carr loss of words at the request. There was no way, such a sweet word could persuade the bandits. They weren’t that of a fool. And sure enough, the bandits laughed at Senia for suggesting such a ridiculous thing.

“I’ll consider it if the beautiful lady is willing to give herself to us.”

“That’s right! If the beautiful lady did that, we will let go of all the villagers that we took earlier.”

For Senia who believed that there was no evil person, the blatant hostility just made her disappointed in humanity. She understood that there are people who commit crimes for their own desires, but she never condones it. It was in her nature to not hurt others but instead tried to persuade others to see her way. However, it didn’t work.

“Sir Carr. I…” Senia turned slightly speaking to Carr. 

In an instant, he knew that he needed to restraint the two bandits, taking their weapons away to protect Senia. However, before he could act, Senia spoke again.

“Now that I’ve got my power back, I will handle the matter. Please understand that I didn’t want to attract attention, but this must be done.”


A bitter smile graced her face before there was a flash of white light blinding him followed by a thunder sound. Carr reflexively raised his arms to cover his eyes and only when the light down that he uncovered himself. The two bandits, who were caught by the light, were laying on the floor. There was nothing amiss in their surroundings.

“May the sun will judge your sins,” Senia mumbled, hands clasped together around her pendant.

‘…what’s this woman? Wasn’t she said that she needs an escort to protect her?’

Carr swallowed nervously as he looked between Senia and the two bodies. He slowly approached them, expecting them to die instantly because of the light but the two were still breathing albeit in pain. Their skin was badly burned, it was only a minor injury to what he was expecting.

“It’s a prayer which heaven’s punishment is given base on the weight of their sin. Although, even in the worst case, it won’t take your life.” Senia explained seeing the puzzled expression on Carr, “I… I will be able to fight with you.”’

The blush was creeping on her face as she remembered that the only reason, she was able to do this was because she had gained her power back from taking Carr inside her.

Carr nodded at her explanation, brushing off his knee as he got up from examining the bandits’ wounds.

‘As much as the weight of the sin… so, she could pray upon divine invocation too.’

Heaven is not omnipotent and as much as Carr believed in the existence of Gods, he didn’t trust them. The dark thoughts reflected on his expression as Senia gave him a wry smile but for now, they had another important thing to worry about. Such as the rest of the bandits.

The two bandits that they encountered must be on their patrol, not far from their camp, and just as Senia feared, they spotted the rest of the bandits guarding around the main camp after they heard the thundering sound from the bright sky.

The two did not hesitate as Senia’s prayer was used to subdue the rest of them and Carr was attacking them as swift as he could before any of them could touch Senia. His sword, which could break a bone with a single blow, was a beast against the bandits’ and people would have thought that Carr was only succeeding solely on it.

However, he had developed his swordsmanship after years of living in a run and he was simply so powerful that he was no match for others.

“Don’t kill people,” Senia muttered tearfully as she revived the dying bandit that clashed against the raw power of Carr’s sword. He didn’t understand the need to keep the bandits alive after all this was a matter of survival and so he ignored Senia’s request.

The boss of the bandit also collapsed in front of them and it only took less than an hour for Senia and Carr to take care of them. It was a short fight, and it was natural after all one of them was a saint loved by a God and the other was a demon who was born from a human.

However, the next part was what worried Senia. They could hear sobbing and prayer coming from behind the door of the warehouse. Carr knew what’s the origin of the sound was and yet he still stood in front of Senia, protecting her.

He opened the door, revealing women with their hands tied behind them and blindfolded. Their age range varied from young, elderly women to little girls.

The sound of the door opening only heightened the women’s distress and Senia who noticed that quickly released them. She gave each one of them reassuring smile.

“You don’t have to worry anymore. Everyone back in the village is fine.”

“Ah… thank you. Thank you very much…!”

Everyone was crying with joy, a sense of relief after knowing that they were freed and there was no need to fight anymore.

*Senia slowly stood up after the last of the women walked out of the warehouse and move to the second door. However, what lied behind the door only hardened her expression and Carr was too stunned to avert his gaze from the sight that greeted them.

Young women lying naked on an old, dirty bed. The sheets were stained with blood and dirt, giving off a rusty smell that made him sick. He couldn’t even tell if the women were alive or dead with how lifeless they look. Their body was covered in bruises and wounds.

The light and sounds of footsteps entering the room were enough to send the young women flinched and cowering in fear, trying to wrap the dirty sheet around their bodies. In this small dingy room, they could tell what had happened in the dirty bed without the need for explanation.

“I expected it… but it’s worse to see it in person.” Senia frowned at the sight and slowly approached the women however, her shadow approaching was almost made them scream in terror.

“…. It’s fine. It’s over now.” Senia gingerly climbed to the bed, covering her pristine robe with blood and dust.

“You don’t have to suffer anymore.” She said gently with a wavering voice, trying to calm the scared women, “I’m sorry I’m late.”

“Ah… Ah…!”

One of the women who was groaning in pain edged closer toward Senia before hugging the saint sobbing into the saint’s shoulder. Senia cried together, understood how scary it must be for the women to be abducted, abused, humiliated, and then left to die. There was no sound of their cry, there was no need for it.

Carr, who was watching from the doorway, couldn’t take his eyes away from Senia. He had never seen her cry before, not even when he took her virginity. But there she was, hugging and crying for someone who she just met today.

She’s clearly a saint. She cried for someone that she couldn’t save sooner. She dirtied her pure white robe to comfort the victims. She was indeed a saint, everything that she has done was holy and Carr couldn’t erase the beautiful sight, despite it being heartbreaking, from his mind.

Five women were raped in that small room and the moment they walked out of the room, after calming themselves, the rest of the villagers who were rescued cried. They could tell what the five women had gone through and quickly gathered them for a comforting hug.

Senia, who was watching the scene not far away, was filled with grief.

“Even God’s power…. can’t do everything.” The words were uttered quietly in lamentation. It was so quiet that Carr who was standing next to her had to take a double glance at her.

“I have the power to punish the wicked, to cure diseases, to attach severed arms and legs together, to bring back the dead, but…” Senia was gripping her dirtied robe, her expression had turned dark making it hard to read, “…no blessings or prayers can cure a wound in your heart.”

An injured body can be cured. She could fix a broken thing. However, she could never heal a broken heart that had undergone trauma. It’s because the memory will always remain, it did not disappear completely.

Out of tens of thousands of diseases that are known and unknown, Senia could never heal the ‘disease’ of the heart.

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