YSR – 17

“I called in my doctor last night and found out that partial amnesia is surprisingly easily treated. Maybe it’s because it’s not a complete memory loss.”

Enrique’s words weren’t over yet. However, his introductory remarks were already setting off alarms.

Lillian felt a sudden ominous foreboding and fastened her sight to his fascinating lips. Somehow those angelic lips seemed to be spitting out hellish bullshit.

And her ominous premonition, as always, became a reality.

“I also feel uneasy about throwing out a faithful and sincere person like you. So, why don’t you try for a month?”

“……Yes? Sorry, but I don’t understand,” asked Lillian, feigning a vaguely puzzled look.

But her innermost thoughts were already blazing down on the table, crying, “I’m doomed.”

Sure enough, Enrique’s scary proposal fell from his mouth:

“It just so happens that my aide Lord Kale is getting married. While he’s on leave, he’ll be gone for a while for his honeymoon, I’ll appoint you out as my temporary assistant. So during his honeymoon, before work, you’ll train with me for an hour and help me with my work during the day.”

“Your ······ be your aide? “

“Yes. You’ve been training with the sword all your life. Your mind can’t remember now, but your body is bound to remember. So if you learn fencing from me for an hour every day, your memories will soon come back.”

No! I’ve already tested that theory ad nauseum. What’s the point of practicing with swords when it’s a different soul? There’s no way I’ll remember it even if I practice for a 100 days!

Lillian despaired inwardly.

It seemed she had made too much of a favorable impression on Enrique.

He felt sorry for Lillian and was anxious to help her with anything. He had been deeply impressed by Lillian’s courage to throw herself in harm’s way for a commoner girl. There was even a corner of his heart that overlapped his dead sister’s image with Lillian so that he couldn’t regard her as a stranger.

“Think about it. If you were to learn fencing from me, it would be a great deal for you.”

It was a problem; he was overflowing with enthusiasm.

Lillian nodded reluctantly with a pale face. She was making a case for her “unavoidable resignation” so she could move on, but if she rejected Enrique’s proposal, he would be suspicious and whatever plans she made in the future, she wanted to capitalise on her knowledge of the main characters and future events.

“Good. Then come to work next week. Though it’s a short time, I’ll look after you, Dame Lillian.”

Enrique laughed broadly after getting Lillian’s consent.

His face shone like a little boy. She couldn’t spit on a smiling face and certainly not on a handsome smiling face.

Lillian gladly laughed along while she shook her fists secretly.

‘My plan is to buy some time until I find something else, and then resign from the knighthood…··!!’

Now that it has come to this, I had to make a new plan. 

Even though I was upset, breakfast was delicious.

The hot ham and bacon were so juicy that the flavor was excellent. The eggs boasted a soft texture; Salad was sprinkled with sour citron juice, and a small soup with broccoli was also fantastic.

Usually, because of Lillian’s well-trained body, and her rapid metabolism, the amount of food she consumed was no joke. But additional, her appetite was carried over from yesterday’s hunger.

Enrique smiled again after seeing Lillian attacking breakfast.

“You seem to like it. I’m glad, eat a lot, so you’ll be healthy.”

“…Yes. Thank you, Enrique,” laughed Lillian, gave up hope while swallowing her tears.

In the meantime, her fork and knife were busy with food.

Yes, my problems will still be there whether I eat or not, so let’s first fill my stomach.


“Well, then, treat my house as your own and take a rest.”

After breakfast, Enrique went straight to work. He generously ordered his butler to let Lillian get as much rest as she wanted, but after shaking her head at the offer, Lillian took off the clothes that were loaned to her and left the Marquis’ estate.

‘What’s the point of staying if the Lord isn’t in?’

She strolled back home.

The Marquis of Evans offered to send her off in a carriage, but she also refused.

In order to receive Enrique’s special training next week, she had to maintain her physical strength. As she walked, she quietly pulled at her hair in distress.

‘Is there a way I can hide the fact that I’m a different person? It’s too much to ask, isn’t it?’

She didn’t even know the first thing about fencing and felt intimidated to receive Enquire’s training.


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  1. Ahaha poor Lillian couldn’t catch a break! This novel is really funny in a tragic way, or should I say really tragic in a funny way. Either way, it’s such a fun read that I almost forget it’s smutty hehe thanks for the update!!

  2. I love how real the FL’s mind is. Her remarks are noteworthy hahaha. She’s so unlucky but we all know she can handle things well.

    Ps. thank you for the updates 💖😁

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