CAM – 22

Just as the kind and caring Master anticipated, Shada ran out of Count’s room and fled to her dorm room. 

She sat idly for a long time, dumb and numb— and stayed up all night with her eyes open, but as soon as the morning appeared, she jumped up and packed her luggage. 

Things were happening that she couldn’t handle, and Shada wasn’t confident of holding on to it or her ability to take responsibility for her actions. 

So the first tempting option that came to mind was to run away.

After all, they were an employee-employer relationship, and it would be over if she quit her job. 

Even while I thought about it, it hurt deeply, and I felt the beginnings of heartbrokenness. I tried hard to capture the fissure and hold the pieces together, but it was already too far and deep. 

More than that was overwhelming and too much to bear. 

It was not easy to quit work. When she said she would leave the mansion, the butler Fran pulled up his glasses and stared at Shada. 

As if he knew everything — and perhaps he did indeed — she shriveled up under Franc’s deep blue gaze. 

“This is quite sudden. Why? What is the reason?” 

“It’s a personal matter. I’m sorry.” 

Shada said, bowing deeply at her waist, making a perfect right angle. 

Franc seemed to think deeply for a moment. “Does the Master know of Miss Shada’s resignation?” 

“… not yet.” 

Shada closed her eyes as she felt an even stronger gaze that seemed to be piercing her. 

She felt as if she was sitting on a cushion made of thorns. 

Shada’s fingers twisted with anxiety but plucked up her courage. Although her voice got smaller, she still said something to say. 

“I don’t think the Count’s permission would matter if I quit my job. I mean, I haven’t been paid this month yet.” 

She spoke quietly, but her heart was pounding. Her thumb was crushed like a rat in a mousetrap between her fingers. 

It was correct, and it was reasonable enough. 

Although she lived in the era of kings, she had the personal freedom to quit a job in a country that was once a republican. 

Franc unexpectedly affirmed her statement.

“That’s true.” 


“But Miss Shada, what about moral responsibility?” 

“Moral… Responsibility?” 

Her pink eyes opened wide like circles. 

Then the butler with a stern impression, who seemed to have prepared for such a situation, eloquently elaborated, 

“If Ms. Shada suddenly quits, it will be difficult to find someone to fill the vacancy. If you can’t, you have to do the right thing and quit. If you leave, you will stop, but the rest of you have to fill that share and work more.” [man give this manipulative wingman butler a raise, he’s just as shrewd as his boss]


This was also true. Suddenly, Shada seemed to have become a big nuisance. 

She wasn’t offended but very embarrassed. 

The butler was correct. From the standpoint of the butlers, maids, and servants, Shada’s complicated personal circumstances made their work more difficult.

She felt sorry for being self-centered and not considerate of her colleagues. [*bangs head against the wall*]

“I’m sorry.” 

“No. You just have to work hard for about a month until we hire a new maid. What do you think? Wouldn’t it be better to get paid as well? From your resume, I know you have no immediate family members to rely on. Wouldn’t it be better to have a little more money until you get your next job?” 

Shada flinched at the advice Franc had offered so freely and unfeelingly. 

As he had said, Shada’s parents died in an accident, and Shada was left alone in this world. 

Fortunately, she was a maid in the royal palace, so she didn’t have to find a place to stay, but at that time, she sobbed every night until her pillow was soaked with salty water. 

Being left alone was so scary and lonely. 

She had been working as a maid from a poor family since childhood. She had never seen them often, but Shada missed her mother and father. Working at the palace was never easy. 

Certainly, Shada had never been unemployed before, she had always been working as a maid, and she had never lived alone.

Her vague preparedness was pointed out, and her anxiety that Franc dexterously pressed on started to fill her mind with doubts.

Franc gently added, watching her darkened expression: 

“In fact, it’s best for Ms. Shada to work long hours. A meticulous and capable maid is always welcome.” 

Suddenly her nose was tingling.

Shada was forced to return to her dorm room, red-faced reddened and courageously holding her cheap bundle. 

A sigh burst forward.

One month. Can I hold out that long?

And from that very day, the meaning of the Master’s warning was immediately revealed. 

“Ah!” Shady bit her lips and bowed her head to resist a nasal moan. 

He broke through the dark hair flowing in front of him and buried his lips on her white neck. 

In the meantime, gentle and intense caresses of her waist followed, one after another; although it was affectionate like one pets a dog Shada struggled with her growing arousal and his sensual stimulation because he got lower and lower. 


She was getting rid of his messy desk and tea set. As always, the Count smiled and focused on the papers, and Shada carefully lifted the teapot so as not to disturb him. 

Then Shada had jumped in surprise when a hand gripped her ass. 

‘I almost broke an expensive teapot— no!’ 

Suprised, Shada looked back at her damn owner, her mouth open.

He was calmly signing the papers. His green eyes met her startled pink ones—making her blush.

Unlike his neat, composed, and refined face, she felt a faint mischievous desire there. It wasn’t surprising; they had given into their lust for each other before. 

He laughed seductively, squeezing her bouncy butt

“What’s wrong, Miss Shada?” 

“Come on, don’t do this.” 

There were a lot of things to say, but what came out of her mouth was a common coy, timid rebellion. 

Huey stared at her pink eyes, shaking helplessly—at a loss at what to do—through his half-hooded eyes heavy with lust.

He licked his lips. 

“Let me tell you a secret.” 


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  1. [man give this manipulative wingman butler a raise, he’s just as shrewd as his boss]
    Gosh. I agree.

    Poor Shada. She’s a really nice kid to still be thinking about her coworkers though.

  2. Butler saves the day! Just imagining her out in the wild sounds like a recipe for disaster. Evil princess still looking to murder her and no way the count is gonna let her leave.

    Snu snu train arriving in next station (chapter). All aboard!! Toot toot!!

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