YMA – 49

The fact of the matter was that Lyle came to the Empress’ Palace to sleep, and Medea was hiding… but…

‘Oh— Why! We slept together! And it’s not just that—it was fun. We did it so much! Jerk!’

Lyle trapped her in his palace under this pretext, but Medea couldn’t even dream that Lyle liked her and didn’t want to lose her.

‘What was the reason? [cue: cardi b] If I promise “I won’t create a commotion from now on,” would you release me?’

He said that, but Medea had an inkling that Lyle wasn’t transparent with his real purpose.

If it’s like that, why wasn’t he forthcoming instead of locking her in his bedroom?


Was it about my body?

She thought about it, and no other reason came up.

He insisted on using the same bed, and when they did sleep together, he always tried to snuggle up…….

‘It’s not bad sleeping with Lyle, but……’

Medea was put in a bad mood, thinking she was being used for only her body.

‘If I said that I’d be obedient and sleep with you often, would you let me go?’

Ian’s life was in danger right now, so Medea was desperate. Even if she met Luke, there is no guarantee that he would listen to her right away…….

To persuade or prepare? Time was running out.

‘If you don’t relieve Lyle’s feelings……’

In the morning, Medea had slapped Lyle and then proceeded to ignore him for hours afterward. Would Lyle be happy to see her sudden change in attitude now?

‘Maybe he’s still angry right now…’

It had been a long while since she had dismissed Vicky. Medea, who had escaped from the parlor, beckoned her maids and sneaked up to the bedroom—where she found the door was open.

Lyle was sitting by the window alone.

As he sensed a presence approaching the door, he blinked out of his reverie and looked around.


Surprised, Medea sensed the strange mood.

It was like…… it looked like he was lonely and sweetly waiting for her.

Medea meandered into the bedroom. She shut the door in case any embarrassing words would be exchanged. She didn’t want to worry about eavesdropping servants.

Medea wasn’t sure if it was her wishful imagination, but Lyle seemed a little nervous when she closed the door.

Medea peeked at Lyle’s apprehensive glances.

“In the morning…… the slap in the morning was too much. I’m sorry, Your Majesty,”

As she spoke, Lyle’s face relaxed.

“No. It was a mistake, so it’s okay. The handprint is almost gone……”

When Medea didn’t continue, and they just stared at each other. Lyle eagerly approached her.

He took her hand.

And felt relieved to see Medea didn’t shake him off.

“Come this way and sit down.”


As they sat side by side on the long sofa and staring at each other, a laugh of joy was seized in Lyle’s mouth.

Just by looking at Medea’s face, it seemed that his feelings would burst forward.

“Shall I bring the tea out?”

“No. Everyone keeps only recommending snacks……”

It is the same with the maids who didn’t know any other way to relieve Medea’s stresses, so they often recommend tea and sweets.

At first, Medea liked it, so she ate it, but after a while, she got sick and tired of it.

After all, it would be best if you only ate something delicious sparingly.

“Your Majesty told me to keep my manners and act appropriately. Then you would release me……. Just, what manners should I specifically keep?”


Lyle looked up at Medea in surprise at her inquiry.

So you’re trying to make me relax, unguarded so that you can look at my feelings?

“Stay with me?”

When Lyle simply said the first thing that came to mind, it sounded like a confession.

“–I mean ‘behave’ by my side.”

“So I just need to sit there and be by your side?”

How boring.

But it was possible if she had a romance novel in her hand.

Medea nodded. That’s about it!

“How long?”

“How long…….”

Lyle didn’t think that Medea would be so calm. And he was thinking of keeping her by his side with an excuse. So he couldn’t clearly state a time.

“Until I feel better……”

Medea started to get upset that there wasn’t an exact duration.

Lyle saw Medea frown as he spoke.

“How long exactly is that? Last time, after you slept with me, you definitely felt better and told me to stay here! What should I do to make you feel better?”

“Is the Main Palace uncomfortable?”

“I don’t mind living in the Main Palace. I care about being restricted from going out and not being allowed to meet other people.”

“Are you talking about wanting to meet with the Little Duke again? Why do you want to meet him when you don’t remember anything?”

As soon as she spoke about wanting to meet other people, Lyle’s face reflected his displeasure.

Medea couldn’t understand Lyle.

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