YMA – 44


Although he expected it, Lyle saw a much angrier face than he was prepared for.

Even when the former Emperor was still alive, he had never felt so troubled. Lyle entered the parlor where Medea was sitting. Medea, who was sitting in front of the tea table, turned his head and glared.

His back began to sweat while, on the other hand, a treacherous whispered in the back of his mind: She’s so cute……

‘Ugh, you’re so crazy.’


Lyle called Medea and glanced at the maid and attendants. They noticed and quickly left the drawing-room.

“… Give it to me.”


“The letter from my brother.”

As soon as he heard her request, Lyle turned to Medea who asked for her letter from Luke.

Why did you write a letter to the Little Duke now? What are you asking the Little Duke for?

Medea needed Luke’s help to save Seira and her brothers, but Lyle, who didn’t know this, suspected Medea was planning her divorce.

“Do you remember your brother?”

“No, but it might come back to me if we meet.”

“You weren’t close to him. You were annoyed if he sent a letter and didn’t bother to write back.”

Lyle was indifferent to the past Medea but paid close attention to her relationship with the Duke’s household.

“Just because I did something in the past doesn’t mean I still have to do the same thing in the future. I am curious about my letter, so return it.”


Which option would make her less angry? Lyle took out the letter from his pocket. He tore the wax seal, opened the envelope in front of Medea, and read the contents before handing it to her.

Medea looked at Lyle with a captious face.

Inwardly, Lyle was ashamed but faced Medea with a brazen countenance.

“It won’t be useful to write back.”

“Why are you reading someone else’s letter?”

“Because it’s not ‘someone else’s.'”

“You shouldn’t even if it’s not ‘someone else’s!'”

It was Lyle—not a stranger. The betrayal and anger Medea felt was great because she had never expected him to act like this.

Of course, the betrayal was not because she trusted Lyle, but rather how disappointingly far his actions were from his label of ‘hero.’

This isn’t the action of the male lead of a novel. No, didn’t this happen when the Emperor felt jealous of Luke for a while? But she was not Seira.

Medea hurriedly opened the letter with many thoughts. The reply from Luke wasn’t much.

He was touched that his sister had contacted him first and asked to call him at any time when she was comfortable.

“Would you like to call on the small Duke Card?”

“I will.”

Medea said coldly as she glared at Lyle.

He said with a look that he wouldn’t have a scratch on his face.

“You can’t meet him regardless.”


“Did you forget you are on probation?” Lyle stepped towards Medea. “I forbid you from correspondence, escaping from my place, or meeting with others.”

Medea frowned at Lyle, not able to understand.

He was much taller than her, with good posture and a superior build, so she had to look up.

“And your probation will continue until I forgive you.”

“How dare you! What did I do wrong!? Yesterday wasn’t even a union day! Besides…… we did, do it!”

Shouldn’t the Empress have some power? Why can you unilaterally lock me up and drag me around at will? Where is my power! I thought you said I was the Empress! Medea protested, but Lyle was unrelenting until the end.

“I made my decision, and that’s final. Accept it already, Medea.”


It was nice to be together, but I didn’t know that Medea’s screaming silence and fierce eyes would make me feel so distressed.

Lyle glanced across the street and glanced at Medea reading a book. Lyle had ordered that book to be delivered to her and brought to his place, but because she was imprisoned here in the first place by him, she didn’t seem to appreciate the gesture.



Medea, who was sitting on the sofa, turned away from him, showing her back as if she didn’t want to hear it.

Her eyes were glued to the book. Lyle couldn’t tell whether Medea was actually reading the book or if she was pretending to read because she hated looking at him.

“I’m going to sleep now. I’m going to turn off the lights.”

Both Lyle and Medea were already wearing pajamas. The maids couldn’t even advise her to wear a negligee because of Medea’s frosty face.

Medea still had that same expression, but Lyle pretended not to know.

“Turn off the light,” he said, and he turned off the lights even though Medea was still sitting on the couch.

The darkness settled in the Emperor’s spacious bedroom. Still, it wasn’t completely dark because there was a magical flame in one side of the bedroom, spreading a dim light; Lyle glanced at Medea and went up to bed first.

He wanted to go and embrace her right away but thought Medea would be angry.

‘I’m dying.’

I want to hug and soothe you no matter what you are upset about.

He had an intuitive feeling that she was really furious.

The livid glare of twin blue suns was something he hadn’t witnessed before in Medea, even though the former Milledia had also glared at Lyle.

But even though the same person was staring, the feeling and expression were utterly different.


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  1. [The maids couldn’t even advise her to wear a negligee because of Medea’s frosty face.]

    I support this development. Werk dat glare Millie!

  2. He deserves it, wtf. I also felt hella annoyed at this, mainly because I thought about women’s lives during those times.

    Like, ew, what is he? His father?! Now he has the power to do as much as this? I get he’s the Emperor and whatever, but I wouldn’t like to feel like a slave without rights. She’s already the Empress, c’mon! 😤💢

  3. He rly deserves it. It’s annoying to not have any power to protest or even meet ppl you want when you are empress!!

  4. 🤔🤔.I thought it was only me 🤣..most of the readers here read it at early dawn or as early as 5 am in the morning😅
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  5. you deserve it tho, how can you imprison her like that it’s as if you’re caging her. if I’m her I would also be furious if you read my letter without my consent even tho you’re my husband

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