YMA – 42

Lyle clenched his teeth because her moans from his harsh kiss melted him. 

Damn it. I’m really possessed. 

“As punishment, I won’t let you out of the bedroom……. Stay here until you are forgiven…… and serve me…… !” 

declared Lyle, raising his head and hurriedly took off her clothes. 

Whether or not Medea bothered listening to Lyle was a different matter. She was still breathing heavily from his deep kiss. 

Because Lyle had promised to visit the Empress’s Palace that night, the garments Medea had on were simple. 

There was no corset, so as soon as he pulled down the dress, her breasts were exposed. Lyle grasped her fluttering, jiggling white breasts and rubbed her rose-colored bumps, and they quickly stood up.


I waited too long. I felt impatient since I had been waiting since day for the night to come.

He roughly pulled off her petticoat and threw it out of the bed, and tore the small piece of cloth that covered Medea’s pussy. 

Medea seemed embarrassed when Lyle reached between her legs and impatiently touched her lower lips. 

“Open your legs. I don’t want to hurt you.” 

Lyle opened her knees and buried his face into her core before Medea could spread her legs. 


A shocked breath erupted from her mouth. She was surprised that the most powerful man, namely the Emperor, started to lick her underneath without hesitation. This isn’t even the first time. 

Feeling the titillating thrill of doing something taboo, Lyle felt even lewder and spread Medea’s legs wider. 

His fingers parted her soft, red, wet lower lips, completely exposing her entrance and her stiff aroused clit. When Lyle tasted it with his tongue, Medea’s thighs trembled. 

She’s so cute. 

With a hot inhale, Lyle breathed deeply into his rising excitement. 

I could tell that this passion wouldn’t subside easily. 

To my annoyance. 


Throughout penetration and pistoning her, Lyle repeatedly kissed Medea. The constant wet, lewd clapping and squeaking noises from going up and down her slit made Medea bashful. 

Lyle kissed, licked, and bit her soft lips for a long time as he twisted his member into her core. Medea twitched under Lyle, tasting peaks and climaxes again and again… and again. Four times, five times… … . As the eighth time passed, Medea started to think that counting was meaningless. 

“Oooh… ! Haaa, aaahhh……. Ha—Oooh……. Ah…….” 

There was no escape. 

She was crushed and trapped between the mattress and Lyle’s hard body. Lifting her with ease, Lyle wrapped his sturdy arms around Medea’s back and grabbed her ass with the other hand.

“Hnnnngh, huu… … . Ahhh…… ! Ah!” 

I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I don’t have any complaints because I have been tasting exquisite peaks several times. But I am starting to feel dizzy from feeling it too much. [t1v: Medea’s thoughts]

Saliva started to leak from Medea’s mouth—unable to close it, as she breathed hard and hot. As if he was happy to see it, Lyle kissed her opened mouth without taking his eyes off Medea. 

“Oooh uhnngh….” 

Their tongues tangled, and saliva mixed. A sticky sound rang around their ears. 

Medea twisted, feeling the tightness of his arms. Lyle’s waist moved in deeply, as if afraid as if she would run away.

“Hek! Ahhh! Oh, uh huh… … . Ahhh… … !” 

Her vision flashed white with an intense orgasm because Lyle was able to stroke and rub precisely where she was sensitive. Medea looked blankly at Lyle, swayed by pleasure. 

Something about him looked wild and despairing at the same time, but she didn’t know why. All she could register was that there was something painfully sad in his gaze.

“Ohh, umm…….” 

Medea sighed sweetly as he quickly kissed her trembling lips again. 

I thought it was going to be quite a long night tonight. 


…… Did I go too far? 

Lyle sighed as he watched Medea, who had fallen asleep as if she had lost her mind. 

He was self-conscious for pushing her too hard. 

Fortunately, Medea didn’t seem to dislike it. She only looked at Lyle, a bit puzzled. 

Lyle was torn between feeling heartbroken and relieved that Medea couldn’t notice his feelings at all. It was harsh but rather fortunate. If Medea saw his emotions, she would not be able to endure them.

He didn’t want to forgive her yet. Even Medea would hate her if she felt that he had to forgive her.

“Medea ….. Millie……. I love you.” 

Lyle had quietly whispered after confirming that she had fallen into a deep sleep. Smiling bitterly at his confession that would never reach her, Lyle held a sleeping Medea asleep in his arms. 

She was still in his arms. So she couldn’t go anywhere. Lyle closed his eyes and went to sleep, thinking that would be enough for now.


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    1. It’s really a lot more complicated than instances of male ej*culation, though, right? One must also count staying power and recovery time. Though it may sound selfish, I tried to count by my own orgasms rather than my partner’s. Maybe it is selfish. But most men don’t have any trouble orgasming every time if they want. Once I had the courage to have standards, my own enjoyment was a priority.

  1. Someone’s going to need to call the royal tailor cuz we need 100 more pairs of panties for the empress at the rate that Lyle keeps going and tearing them all to pieces.

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