YMA – 109

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Uh… … . His Majesty is jealous.

Seira had to confront the jealousy of a man for the first time in her life. And was contemplating how to deal with this.

She looked at Medea, begging for help. So she, in turn, asked Lyle to retreat to her palace. Upon hearing his affirmation, Seira was relieved.

‘I should be more careful.’

Until now, she never thought that he would get jealous because she had only hung out with men. But what terrifying, dreadful gaze the Emperor had.

‘It was true that I care for the Empress. But it’s not like that.’

Seira, who had dreamed of a future where she could become close friends with Medea, became depressed.

Even though she served the Empress, ultimately, all knights were required to be loyal to the Emperor. So it was not a good thing that Medea’s husband, whom she served, hated her.

‘As it stands I’m already on his blacklist, won’t I be screwed when he finds out my identity later on in an hour of need?’

When he discovers that she is a woman, the Emperor’s jealousy would subside.

‘You just have to be careful going forward… … .’

Seira was disappointed at the fact that she had to keep her distance from Medea.


Somehow, as Lyle looked depressed, Medea kept watching his mood

He was a handsome face, no matter how she looked at it. She thought it was the first time she had seen him looking down and so completely dead inside… … He was still attractive too.

‘It has a different taste.’

Reason was warning her that it was not the time to appreciate Lyle’s looks, but usually, it was difficult to admire him because he did not leave her alone.

Since Medea seemed to be focused solely on him, Lyle’s mood improved vastly. He glanced at her, looking troubled.

“Your Majesty, are you still in a bad mood?”

“Seeing the Empress’s face makes me feel better.”

He spoke as if Baron Hestia had not offended him. Thus, Medea concluded he must have been in a bad mood from before, at work.

Lyle dismissed the maids and seated her on the couch. The maids quietly left the bedroom and closed the door.

“As the Empress wished, Baron Hestia was hired as an escort knight… … .”

I’m not jealous… … . I’m not jealous. Because I am is just asking how the Empress feels.

“Do …… like him?” [t1v: he’s trying to ask, “Do you like him?” But in Korean, he’s asking without “you,” so to Medea, it sounds like he’s asking, “Does everyone like him?” Or “Is he liked/getting along?”]

“Of course. He’s handsome so all the maids like him.”

Tak [sfx of something falling]

Lyle’s ears were already buzzing by the time the word ‘maids’ fell out, and all he heard was that Medea liked him.

Lyle asked again,

“You said Baron Hestia was handsome?”

“He’s pretty. There are also boyish angles.”

“… … .”

The mood that had barely been alleviated had dropped down again. With a sullen disposition, Lyle looked at Medea. He forgot that he desperately denied that he was jealous just seconds before.

“Is that why you asked me to appoint Baron Hestia as your guard?”

Medea’s eyes widened at his awkward words. This was obviously jealousy?

She was about to reveal that Seira was a woman for a moment, but then she remembered that Lyle was originally the male lead.

‘Lyle already likes me. Why are you worrying about this all over again?’

She knew he had Lyle’s heart, but she felt she didn’t want to reveal to him that Seira was a woman. She wanted to hide it at least until Seira’s heart was completely Luke’s.

‘Am I being stupid?’

Since he was the hero, his heart would not change. But, like Romeo in ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ he had had a different love until he met Juliet.

If Lyle’s heart changed when he found out that Seira was a woman… … then what should she do?

‘Nope. Lyle’s mind won’t change. You left Seira in the capital, convinced he wouldn’t change.’

Lyle is the male lead. So his heart can’t change.

But the heroine was Seira, and Medea was a dead Empress who only passed by Lyle for a moment. Was this the right place for her?

“Your Majesty, are you jealous?”

Lyle blushed at her question. He bit his lip in anger and looked at Medea indignantly.


Lyle, who admitted to being jealous, was lovely. She liked to receive his affection. Medea stared at him with genuine joy.

“Even though we have our child in my womb?”

Grimacing, Lyle’s wrinkled expression softened at the word ‘we.’


“That your Majesty is green-eyed because of me… … . I am so happy.”

As Medea spoke with a grin, Lyle, who sat next to her, impatiently held her in his arms. Medea gladly opened her mouth to his rush to overlap their lips. His tongue, coveting her mouth, was hotter and more impetuous than usual. She was exhilarated.

“Millie… … .”

After a long kiss, Lyle sighed her nickname in satisfaction. Medea smiled happily, still in his arms.

“Sir Hestia is handsome, but not as handsome as your Majesty. When I see your Majesty’s face every day, how can I see Baron Hestia’s face?”

She smiled and pecked him lightly on the lips, gazing into his face.

“I don’t need a little brother, I need a man… … . I am not satisfied with Sir Hestia.”

The only person that can please me and make me happy is your Majesty.

She was sweet. Even though he knew she wasn’t trying to seduce him, Lyle wanted to prove he was the only one who could satisfy and please Medea. He wanted to love her right away.

“… … Can you take responsibility for that?”

What do you mean by responsibility?


She looked up at him with a puzzled look. Lyle’s cheeks grew red as he confessed,

“I want to, Medea.”

“W-we can do it as usual.”

“Not that. Millie… . I can’t take it anymore.”

In an instant, the blood drained from her face. Was he talking about anal sex? They would have to wait more than ten days to get to do it right… … .

“Y-your Majesty… … .”

“I’ll make you feel good. Please, Millie… … . I feel like I’m going crazy because I can’t hold you.”

Medea was about to shout, ‘You’ve done enough on a regular basis!’ Lyle also masturbated and got off to Medea’s body several times, but it must have been different from inserting it.

What is this? Seeing him staring at her with ravenous eyes shook her heart. No one was to blame but Lyle.

‘Don’t fall for it! Don’t fall for it! This is the beginning of suffering!’

Medea, recalling the size of his penis, tried to refuse…. But hadn’t he endured for several weeks?

“Not really… … It won’t hurt much.”

Still, it seemed that he could not say with a clear conscience that it would never hurt.

Lyle’s hands had not yet taken off Medea’s dress, asking for permission. She turned her red face towards him as he looked at her with a desperate expression.

“Uh… … . I-instead.”


“Later… … Even if you know that I have done something big—will you forgive me once?”

Did that mean that she had already done something wrong?

He was immediately suspicious, but his lust for Medea did not subside to that extent. Doubts could be cleared up later but now he was going insane with the desire to feel Medea deeply.


When Lyle agreed with a solemn look, Medea blushed to her hairline.

“Well then… … You can’t be too harsh.”

“I understand, my Empress.”

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